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  1. P&O ARCADIA J102 13-Apr-21 (Tue)Southampton, England16:30 14-Apr-21 (Wed)At Sea 15-Apr-21 (Thu)At Sea 16-Apr-21 (Fri)At Sea 17-Apr-21 (Sat)08:00Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal18:00 18-Apr-21 (Sun)08:00Praia Da Vitoria, Portugal18:00 19-Apr-21 (Mon)At Sea 20-Apr-21 (Tue)At Sea 21-Apr-21 (Wed)08:00Madeira, Portugal17:00 22-Apr-21 (Thu)09:00Lanzarote17:00 23-Apr-21 (Fri)08:00Gran Canaria19:00 24-Apr-21 (Sat)08:00Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain17:00 25-Apr-21 (Sun)At Sea 26-Apr-21 (Mon)08:00Lisbon, Portugal18:00 27-Apr-21 (Tue)At Sea 28-Apr-21 (Wed)At Sea 29-Apr-21 (Thu)06:30Southampton, England J103 is a weird cruise it seems like a bug J104 18-May-21 (Tue)Southampton, England16:30 19-May-21 (Wed)08:00St Peter Port, Guernsey, Uk.18:00 20-May-21 (Thu)07:00Southampton, England J105 20-May-21 (Thu)Southampton, England16:30 21-May-21 (Fri)At Sea 22-May-21 (Sat)08:00La Coruna17:00 23-May-21 (Sun)At Sea 24-May-21 (Mon)08:00Gibraltar14:00 25-May-21 (Tue)At Sea 26-May-21 (Wed)08:00Propriano18:00 27-May-21 (Thu)07:00Rome, Civitavecchia, Italy19:00 28-May-21 (Fri)08:00Capri (Sorrento), Italy18:00 29-May-21 (Sat)07:00Palermo17:00 30-May-21 (Sun)08:00Valletta, Malta20:00 31-May-21 (Mon)At Sea 01-Jun-21 (Tue)At Sea 02-Jun-21 (Wed)08:00Alicante, Spain18:00 03-Jun-21 (Thu)At Sea 04-Jun-21 (Fri)08:00Lisbon, Portugal18:00 05-Jun-21 (Sat)At Sea 06-Jun-21 (Sun)At Sea 07-Jun-21 (Mon)06:30Southampton, England J106 07-Jun-21 (Mon)Southampton, England16:30 08-Jun-21 (Tue)11:00Ijmuiden 09-Jun-21 (Wed)Ijmuiden23:59 10-Jun-21 (Thu)At Sea 11-Jun-21 (Fri)07:00Southampton, England J107 11-Jun-21 (Fri)Southampton, England16:30 12-Jun-21 (Sat)At Sea 13-Jun-21 (Sun)At Sea 14-Jun-21 (Mon)08:00Skjolden18:00 14-Jun-21 (Mon)18:30Lustrafjorden, Norway20:30 14-Jun-21 (Mon)21:00Sognefjord No23:00 15-Jun-21 (Tue)08:00Alesund, Norway17:00 16-Jun-21 (Wed)At Sea 17-Jun-21 (Thu)08:00Akureyri, Iceland17:00 17-Jun-21 (Thu)17:30Eyjafjordur, Iceland18:30 17-Jun-21 (Thu)18:30Hrisey Cruise-By, Iceland19:30 18-Jun-21 (Fri)08:00Isafjordur18:00 19-Jun-21 (Sat)08:00Reykjavik, Iceland 20-Jun-21 (Sun)Reykjavik, Iceland17:00 21-Jun-21 (Mon)At Sea 22-Jun-21 (Tue)At Sea 23-Jun-21 (Wed)08:00Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom18:00 24-Jun-21 (Thu)At Sea 25-Jun-21 (Fri)06:30Southampton, England J108 25-Jun-21 (Fri)Southampton, England16:30 26-Jun-21 (Sat)At Sea 27-Jun-21 (Sun)08:00Stavanger17:00 28-Jun-21 (Mon)09:00Olden19:00 28-Jun-21 (Mon)19:30Innvikfjorden, Norway21:00 28-Jun-21 (Mon)21:00Nordfjord, Norway22:30 29-Jun-21 (Tue)At Sea 30-Jun-21 (Wed)07:00Lofoten Is.17:00 01-Jul-21 (Thu)09:00Tromso, Norway18:00 02-Jul-21 (Fri)At Sea 03-Jul-21 (Sat)? 04-Jul-21 (Sun)08:00Andalsnes, Norway17:00 04-Jul-21 (Sun)17:30Romsdalsfjord19:30 05-Jul-21 (Mon)07:00Bergen, Norway15:00 06-Jul-21 (Tue)At Sea 07-Jul-21 (Wed)06:30Southampton, England J109 07-Jul-21 (Wed)Southampton, England16:30 08-Jul-21 (Thu)11:00Ijmuiden 09-Jul-21 (Fri)Ijmuiden23:59 10-Jul-21 (Sat)At Sea 11-Jul-21 (Sun)07:00Southampton, England J110 11-Jul-21 (Sun)Southampton, England16:30 12-Jul-21 (Mon)At Sea 13-Jul-21 (Tue)09:00Haugesund17:00 14-Jul-21 (Wed)08:00Skjolden18:00 14-Jul-21 (Wed)18:30Lustrafjorden, Norway20:30 14-Jul-21 (Wed)23:30Flaam, Norway 15-Jul-21 (Thu)Flaam, Norway17:45 15-Jul-21 (Thu)18:15Aurlandsfjord19:45 15-Jul-21 (Thu)19:45Sognefjord No21:15 16-Jul-21 (Fri)12:00Storfjorden, Norway14:00 16-Jul-21 (Fri)14:00Sunnylvsfjorden, Norway16:00 16-Jul-21 (Fri)16:00Hellesylt 17-Jul-21 (Sat)Hellesylt05:30 17-Jul-21 (Sat)08:00Geiranger, Norway18:00 17-Jul-21 (Sat)18:30Geirangerfjord, Norway19:30 18-Jul-21 (Sun)08:00Andalsnes, Norway18:00 18-Jul-21 (Sun)18:30Romsdalsfjord20:30 19-Jul-21 (Mon)08:00Nordfjordeid, Norway18:00 20-Jul-21 (Tue)At Sea 21-Jul-21 (Wed)08:00Stavanger17:00 22-Jul-21 (Thu)At Sea 23-Jul-21 (Fri)06:30Southampton, England J111 23-Jul-21 (Fri)Southampton, England16:30 24-Jul-21 (Sat)At Sea 25-Jul-21 (Sun)08:00Kirkwall, Scotland, (Orkney Islands)19:00 26-Jul-21 (Mon)08:00Inverness, Invergordon, Scotland18:00 27-Jul-21 (Tue)At Sea 28-Jul-21 (Wed)08:00Oban, United Kingdom18:00 29-Jul-21 (Thu)08:00Greenock, United Kingdom18:00 30-Jul-21 (Fri)08:00Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom18:00 31-Jul-21 (Sat)At Sea 01-Aug-21 (Sun)08:00Liverpool, England17:00 02-Aug-21 (Mon)At Sea 03-Aug-21 (Tue)08:00St Peter Port, Guernsey, Uk.18:00 04-Aug-21 (Wed)06:30Southampton, England J112 04-Aug-21 (Wed)Southampton, England17:00 05-Aug-21 (Thu)At Sea 06-Aug-21 (Fri)09:00Kirkwall, Scotland, (Orkney Islands)17:00 07-Aug-21 (Sat)? 08-Aug-21 (Sun)At Sea 09-Aug-21 (Mon)09:00Reykjavik, Iceland 10-Aug-21 (Tue)Reykjavik, Iceland17:00 11-Aug-21 (Wed)08:00Isafjordur18:00 12-Aug-21 (Thu)08:00Akureyri, Iceland18:00 12-Aug-21 (Thu)18:30Eyjafjordur, Iceland19:30 12-Aug-21 (Thu)19:30Hrisey Cruise-By, Iceland20:30 13-Aug-21 (Fri)At Sea 14-Aug-21 (Sat)At Sea 15-Aug-21 (Sun)At Sea 16-Aug-21 (Mon)08:00North Cape, Honningsvag, Norway17:00 16-Aug-21 (Mon)19:00North Cape20:00 17-Aug-21 (Tue)09:00Tromso, Norway17:00 18-Aug-21 (Wed)09:00Lofoten Is.19:00 19-Aug-21 (Thu)08:00Narvik18:00 20-Aug-21 (Fri)At Sea 21-Aug-21 (Sat)08:00Trondheim, Norway18:00 22-Aug-21 (Sun)? 23-Aug-21 (Mon)08:00Alesund, Norway18:00 24-Aug-21 (Tue)08:00Skjolden18:00 24-Aug-21 (Tue)18:30Lustrafjorden, Norway20:30 24-Aug-21 (Tue)21:00Sognefjord No23:00 25-Aug-21 (Wed)At Sea 26-Aug-21 (Thu)At Sea 27-Aug-21 (Fri)06:00Southampton, England J113 27-Aug-21 (Fri)Southampton, England16:30 28-Aug-21 (Sat)At Sea 29-Aug-21 (Sun)At Sea 30-Aug-21 (Mon)At Sea 31-Aug-21 (Tue)08:00Gibraltar14:00 01-Sep-21 (Wed)At Sea 02-Sep-21 (Thu)At Sea 03-Sep-21 (Fri)At Sea 04-Sep-21 (Sat)08:00Venice, Italy18:00 05-Sep-21 (Sun)08:00Rijeka17:00 06-Sep-21 (Mon)08:00Split18:00 07-Sep-21 (Tue)08:00Dubrovnik, Croatia18:00 08-Sep-21 (Wed)At Sea 09-Sep-21 (Thu)At Sea 10-Sep-21 (Fri)08:00Mallorca (Palma), Spain18:00 11-Sep-21 (Sat)At Sea 12-Sep-21 (Sun)08:00Seville (Cadiz), Spain18:00 13-Sep-21 (Mon)At Sea 14-Sep-21 (Tue)At Sea 15-Sep-21 (Wed)06:30Southampton, England J114 15-Sep-21 (Wed)Southampton, England17:00 16-Sep-21 (Thu)At Sea 17-Sep-21 (Fri)At Sea 18-Sep-21 (Sat)At Sea 19-Sep-21 (Sun)At Sea 20-Sep-21 (Mon)08:00St. John's, Newfoundland18:00 21-Sep-21 (Tue)At Sea 22-Sep-21 (Wed)08:00Halifax, Nova Scotia18:00 23-Sep-21 (Thu)At Sea 24-Sep-21 (Fri)08:00Charlottown17:00 25-Sep-21 (Sat)At Sea 26-Sep-21 (Sun)08:00Quebec City, Quebec 27-Sep-21 (Mon)Quebec City, Quebec17:00 28-Sep-21 (Tue)08:00Saguenay, Canada17:00 29-Sep-21 (Wed)09:00Sept Iles, Canada17:00 30-Sep-21 (Thu)08:30Gaspe, Canada18:00 01-Oct-21 (Fri)At Sea 02-Oct-21 (Sat)08:00Corner Brook17:00 03-Oct-21 (Sun)08:00Sydney, Nova Scotia18:00 04-Oct-21 (Mon)At Sea 05-Oct-21 (Tue)At Sea 06-Oct-21 (Wed)At Sea 07-Oct-21 (Thu)At Sea 08-Oct-21 (Fri)At Sea 09-Oct-21 (Sat)06:00Southampton, England J115 09-Oct-21 (Sat)Southampton, England16:30 10-Oct-21 (Sun)At Sea 11-Oct-21 (Mon)At Sea 12-Oct-21 (Tue)09:00Seville (Cadiz), Spain20:00 13-Oct-21 (Wed)At Sea 14-Oct-21 (Thu)08:00Cartagena, Spain20:00 15-Oct-21 (Fri)08:00Valencia20:00 16-Oct-21 (Sat)08:00Barcelona, Spain23:59 17-Oct-21 (Sun)At Sea 18-Oct-21 (Mon)08:00Monte Carlo, Monaco18:00 19-Oct-21 (Tue)08:00Elba, Italy18:00 20-Oct-21 (Wed)07:00Rome, Civitavecchia, Italy19:00 21-Oct-21 (Thu)08:00Ajaccio, Corsica18:00 22-Oct-21 (Fri)At Sea 23-Oct-21 (Sat)At Sea 24-Oct-21 (Sun)08:00Gibraltar14:00 25-Oct-21 (Mon)09:00Lisbon, Portugal17:00 26-Oct-21 (Tue)At Sea 27-Oct-21 (Wed)At Sea 28-Oct-21 (Thu)06:30Southampton, England J116 28-Oct-21 (Thu)Southampton, England16:30 29-Oct-21 (Fri)At Sea 30-Oct-21 (Sat)At Sea 31-Oct-21 (Sun)08:00Andalsnes, Norway18:00 31-Oct-21 (Sun)18:30Romsdalsfjord20:30 01-Nov-21 (Mon)At Sea 02-Nov-21 (Tue)09:00Tromso, Norway23:59 03-Nov-21 (Wed)At Sea 04-Nov-21 (Thu)08:00Narvik23:59 05-Nov-21 (Fri)At Sea 06-Nov-21 (Sat)At Sea 07-Nov-21 (Sun)08:00Stavanger17:00 08-Nov-21 (Mon)At Sea 09-Nov-21 (Tue)06:30Southampton, England J117 09-Nov-21 (Tue)Southampton, England17:00 10-Nov-21 (Wed)At Sea 11-Nov-21 (Thu)At Sea 12-Nov-21 (Fri)At Sea 13-Nov-21 (Sat)08:00Madeira, Portugal18:00 14-Nov-21 (Sun)At Sea 15-Nov-21 (Mon)At Sea 16-Nov-21 (Tue)At Sea 17-Nov-21 (Wed)At Sea 18-Nov-21 (Thu)At Sea 19-Nov-21 (Fri)At Sea 20-Nov-21 (Sat)07:00St. Maarten21:00 21-Nov-21 (Sun)07:00Antigua, Leeward Islands18:00 22-Nov-21 (Mon)07:00St. Kitts18:00 23-Nov-21 (Tue)07:00Guadeloupe18:00 24-Nov-21 (Wed)07:00St. Lucia18:00 25-Nov-21 (Thu)07:00Grenada18:00 26-Nov-21 (Fri)07:00Barbados21:30 27-Nov-21 (Sat)At Sea 28-Nov-21 (Sun)At Sea 29-Nov-21 (Mon)At Sea 30-Nov-21 (Tue)At Sea 01-Dec-21 (Wed)At Sea 02-Dec-21 (Thu)At Sea 03-Dec-21 (Fri)08:00Praia Da Vitoria, Portugal18:00 04-Dec-21 (Sat)At Sea 05-Dec-21 (Sun)At Sea 06-Dec-21 (Mon)At Sea 07-Dec-21 (Tue)06:00Southampton, England J118 07-Dec-21 (Tue)Southampton, England16:30 08-Dec-21 (Wed)At Sea 09-Dec-21 (Thu)08:00Brussels/Bruges (Zeebrugge), Belgium17:00 10-Dec-21 (Fri)07:00Southampton, England J119 10-Dec-21 (Fri)Southampton, England16:30 11-Dec-21 (Sat)At Sea 12-Dec-21 (Sun)At Sea 13-Dec-21 (Mon)08:00Andalsnes, Norway18:00 13-Dec-21 (Mon)18:30Romsdalsfjord20:30 14-Dec-21 (Tue)At Sea 15-Dec-21 (Wed)09:00Tromso, Norway23:59 16-Dec-21 (Thu)At Sea 17-Dec-21 (Fri)08:00Narvik23:59 18-Dec-21 (Sat)At Sea 19-Dec-21 (Sun)At Sea 20-Dec-21 (Mon)08:00Stavanger17:00 21-Dec-21 (Tue)At Sea 22-Dec-21 (Wed)06:30Southampton, England J120 22-Dec-21 (Wed)Southampton, England16:30 23-Dec-21 (Thu)At Sea 24-Dec-21 (Fri)08:00La Coruna17:00 25-Dec-21 (Sat)At Sea 26-Dec-21 (Sun)08:00Lisbon, Portugal17:00 27-Dec-21 (Mon)At Sea 28-Dec-21 (Tue)08:00Lanzarote18:00 29-Dec-21 (Wed)08:00Tenerife, Canary Islands18:00 30-Dec-21 (Thu)08:00La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain18:00 31-Dec-21 (Fri)22:00Madeira, Portugal 01-Jan-22 (Sat)Madeira, Portugal18:00 02-Jan-22 (Sun)At Sea 03-Jan-22 (Mon)At Sea 04-Jan-22 (Tue)08:00Vigo, Spain22:00 05-Jan-22 (Wed)At Sea 06-Jan-22 (Thu)At Sea 07-Jan-22 (Fri)06:30Southampton, England
  2. E = Oceana A= Azura B= Britannia N= Ventura
  3. Azura replaces Oceana and will sail 7 or 14 days from Valletta Britannia sails the same 14 days med cruises out of Southampton Oceana sails 2 days St Peter Port - 7 days Spain & Portugal - 12 days Canary Islands Iona sails exactly the same routes like 2020. 10 April 2021 till 18 September 2021 Norway and then 14 days Med and Canary Ventura replaces Azura and will sail 14 days Med and 14 days Baltic. Arcadia and Aurora aren't out yet.
  4. Yes. When you write the code IONA G109 you will be available to see their itineraries on a site. The next code would be G110 then G111...
  5. They will sail from april till end september 2021 the same 7 day cruises like 2020.
  6. You are completely right. I live also in Germany and this protest was just illegal and a shame!!
  7. Some people asked why it happened to HAL and no german ship. Sunday was pentecost and the activists took advantage of that because they knew that there are not much policemen working on that day. I am sure it would hit every other ship on Sunday.
  8. In Stavanger for example you can touch the hull of the ship with your hands. All ports have other rules I think there is no need to be worried.
  9. I hope HAL keeps visiting Kiel. I think it would be a bad signal from Hal because the protestants will then celebrate this action as a success.
  10. Celebrity Apex itineraries from Southampton: 05 April 2020: Southampton - 2 days at sea - Bilbao - Lisbon - Leixoes - Le Havre - At Sea - Southampton 13 & 23 April 2020: Southampton - At Sea - Oslo - Oslo - Copenhagen - Warnemunde - At Sea - Amsterdam - Zeebrugge - Le Havre - Southampton 03 May 2020: Southampton - At Sea - Bergen - Alesund - Geiranger - Stavanger - At Sea - Southampton 10 May 2020: Southampton - At Sea - Le Havre - Bilbao - La Coruna - At Sea - Lisbon - Gibraltar - At Sea - Cartagena - Barcelona
  11. Meyer Werft has 3 new buildings in 2020. The Iona in the spring, the Spirit of Adventure in the summer. So it is just logical that the Quantum 5 will be delivered sometimes in Oct/Nov if all goes well.
  12. P&O Iona: 337 metres 8,8 m depth 5.200 passengers Anthem: 347 metres 8,8 m depth 4.900 passengers Iona fits in all norwegian ports like Bergen, Stavanger, Olden, Geiranger. And she is doing this each week. I don't think the 10 metres would be a problem. Queen Mary 2 (345 metres and much deeper than Anthem) was also in Geiranger, Stavanger, Olden, Oslo, Trondheim.. She just can't sail through the Baltic because she is to high for the Storebelt Bridge. I think there are other reasons why Anthem is not sailing Baltic/Norway.
  13. Hmm maybe only Stockholm and Bergen would be a problem. But ports like Copenhagen, St.Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Oslo, Geiranger, Stavanger.. would be no problem for the Anthem. Even the bigger P&O Iona fits through several norwegian ports.
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