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  1. Not a stupid question at all! You ask the TA directly if the charge goes directly to the cruise line or does the charge go directly to the travel agency. Never go with an agency that does not directly charge your credit card to the cruise line. Within minutes of giving your CC# to the TA for deposit or payment, you should see it on your credit statement paid to the cruise line.
  2. Does anyone know the best place to pick up wine pre cruise either near the airport or near pier 27? thank you
  3. Regarding DIY touring....We went on the Coral to Alaska (Northbound)a few years ago. We went with 2 other couples. After disembarking in Whittier, all 3 couples went separate ways...my hubby and I rented a car in Anchorage and did a DIY tour for 10 days. The other 2 couples went on 2 different Princess land tours. it so happened that we all met up in Denali on the same day (coincidence for them , and we planned our trip to meet them) and took the NP bus into Eielson, a long but so worth it day, by the way. In the end, both couples were mostly happy with their land cruises but when they saw that we covered so much more territory with our car, they were a bit regretful because they were limited in what they could see and do.. The one thing they were happy with was that they didn't have to carry their own bags from lodging to lodging, which is a huge plus for most people, I get that. Case in point, when they were near Denali (the mountain) it was in clouds when they were there. we were able to stay another day in that area and see it in crystal clear skies.We even took a flight seeing tour over it ..also so worth it! I think the point is that DIY touring is not for everybody. It is for people who want to be on their own free time, who want to stop to take a photo when they want to stop and take a photo, want to take a second trip into Denali and not be confined to a schedule. It takes a lot of planning but ohh, so worth it!
  4. Question~ If we bring 4 bottles on board , pay the corkage for 2, can we have the ship hold the corkage paid bottles for use with dinner? We generally only have one glass with dinner and I would like to avoid carrying a bottle to and from our cabin. In other words, will they store our wine for dinner if we did not purchase it on the ship?
  5. Thank you all for your opinions. I do understand that different issues are very subjective but I also appreciate reading about others experiences. Since we have cruised Princess previously we do know the product...at least from back in 2012, we have decided to book our Baltic cruise with Princess. Perhaps we will try NCL another time. Thanks again.
  6. Regarding the Island Princess Aloha deck, I have a couple of questions. 1. if you have 2 adjacent BC category staterooms, can the divider on the balcony be removed? We were able to do this on the Coral Princess years ago. 2. As anyone who has stayed on the Aloha deck found the the rooms to be pretty soundproof from the Lido deck activities above? We are looking at a Baltic cruise, where I am guessing the average age will be a bit older, so hoping it won't be a problem. These particular cabins are closer to the Lotus pool. Thank you
  7. Just to clarify, never having had OBC until an upcoming cruise, can you use onboard credit for bar beverages or to use towards your final bill?
  8. Great responses and very helpful, thanks so much. How about customer service? What are your experiences with NCL's customer service? That was mentioned as poor on many reviews.
  9. I have sailed HAL , Princess and RCCL. Now looking at a Baltic cruise (adults , no kids) . Both NCL and Princess have similar itineraries, but I have read some pretty negative reviews about the NCL Jade.The Princess ship is the Island. Its been 7 years since my last Princess cruise on the Coral . We loved the Coral. Have you experienced both the Island Princess and the NCL Jade? Is there a comparison? Thanks
  10. KeithJenner, Thanks for this. i actually read about the beverage package in the " fine print", but glad to know . Thanks!
  11. Hi all, We have never cruised NCL but are thinking about a Baltic cruise on the Jade. They have their promotion going on with the free beverage page ( I know, nothing is really "free" ) etc, as well as free or reduced airfare. I have been reading some reviews and curious about the beverage package and airfare perk. i understand that the UBP does not include bottled water. That is crazy. Are there water stations for filling a water bottle when leaving the ship for ports? I also read in the fine print that you cannot use the beverage card in the restaurants. Does this include the MDR? I love a glass of wine with dinner. Regarding the airfare when booked through NCL.. has anyone done this? I realize it is booked economy and to upgrade that you must call the airline, but do they not assign seats? On domestic flights in the US "basic economy" can be limited to seats assigned at the gate the day of departure and no or cost added carryon storage space, as well as the back of the plane. We always book premium economy to avoid these scenarios but I wasn't sure if they do that on over seas flights. Is it worth the hassle to choose the free or reduced air perk? Thanks for your opinions.
  12. Thanks to you both for this information. I prefer to book myself .
  13. If I booked the cruise through via a TA and not directly from HAL, can I book flight ease with HAL or do I have to have my TA book it through HAL? Thanks
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