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  1. it was definitely Princess , as they posted it as FCC...funny thing is that it was posted in my Personalizer for about a week and disappeared.
  2. I agree..doesn't sound right. My TA suggested I write to Princess and appeal, as they did all they could on our behalf , which I have done. We cancelled because of the Covid concerns. I dont expect anything from my appeal. so, I should start looking at future cruises if and when the industry recovers....ok, when the industry recovers. The good news from all this is that I have a travel insurance voucher from Travel Guard when we do cruise again
  3. It was refundable, not fcc. They refunded the deposit minus a cancellation fee
  4. I have a question . We cancelled our our June cruise a few days prior to the final payment. Princess kept the cancellation fee of $200 and put it as a FCC. Princess has officially cancelled our cruise. Not knowing if or when we will cruise again, is it unreasonable for me to request that the $200 to be refunded to me rather than kept as an FCC? Opinions appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thank you. I did not know that this board was here. I will certainly read up over there!
  6. Thank you. With at least 2 international trips next year ( one land and one TA cruise), It may be best for me to look into this type of an annual plan.
  7. We did a recent New England/Canada cruise and booked it last minute. We decided against buying a medical plan for the same reason...we would be close enough to a port and our supplemental insurance provides some international medical benefit. We will probably do the same on our next last minute cruise to Canada from our summer home port of Boston. But with a TA coming up next year, we will choose a full package medical.
  8. Thank you, I will check out the plans.
  9. Sorry to read your husband became ill but glad that it wasn't as serious an outcome as it could have been. I am curious about your choice using the Platinum plan on your 6 week cruise...I would think that after needing to use insurance on an international trip that you would opt for more medical benefit. Do you have another policy for enhanced medical coverage?
  10. I agree with this. and actually, the Blue Lagoon is man made and a tourist trap IMO, where as the Myvatn baths are natural springs and not man made. Too many people overlook this area and Dettifoss. On our last cruise we rented a car and drove to both of these areas. So worth it!
  11. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts. I have heard good things about USAA but we are not eligible. Has anyone had any experience with Nationwide cruise specific insurance? One thing I did learn about insurance is to book independent insurance on our own and not through the TA. I found out that if we want to change travel agents to another agency, we were stuck, because the travel insurance plan was made for that agency. learned that lesson. Curious if anyone waits to book their Insurance at final payment if your deposit is refundable. Than
  12. Agreed. Unfortunately we are not eligible for USAA, but we have friends who have been very happy with them.
  13. We trying to decide which travel insurance is best for our 26 day European/TA cruise. We are currently healthy retirees . Cancel for any reason is something we will get, BUT torn between HAL CPP platinum or a private insurer. The medical piece is important, especially in the event of any major event (especially while TA for 5 days). We do have some travel medical on our supplemental insurance but not enough to cover evacuation...I was on Insure my Trip and found specific cruise insurance. I am curious how many here purchase insurance privately vs HAL . If private insur
  14. If the comedian and puppet is Mike Robinson, he is hilarious. we have seen him on the Maasdam and the Veendam and never stopped laughing.
  15. Thanks for sharing that. Good to know, especially since we sometimes book last minute cruises.
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