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  1. Hello, Is Uber (or taxis) available at the cruise ship terminal after disembarkation? We will need to go to a local neighborhood Avis rental station. Thank you
  2. Loving your trip report, thanks for sharing! We are waiting for the VOV 2021 dates to magically appear on the HAL website.
  3. I bet you will love it! Our longest cruise was 21 days. One thing I found was that after 2 weeks or so, we got a bit tired of the food . Not that the food wasn't wonderful, but we found that we really wanted to try the food in different ports. We found that this was important. Hard to explain why, but have lunches out when in port whenever you can. You not only support local economy but it kick-starts your taste buds when on a long cruise!
  4. I was able to use my confirmation codes for each individual flight that came from the Princess website. This was not the Princess confirmation code. 2 different airlines ( each leg) listed the classification and baggage allowance.
  5. Thanks, we are all set. We have our seating for Virgin Atlantic!
  6. Yes, success! I was able to book our seats from the airline website. The Princess website sent links to the 2 different airlines. SAS worked directly from Princess and we chose seats. But I had to go to the VA website to select seats from there. So far this is pretty easy! First time EZ air users. Luv it!
  7. I just reserved my unrestricted flights for our 2020 Baltic cruise...very early. It was a good rate in comparison to what the airlines are offering now on their websites.. We were able to select seats for our return trip to Boston on SAS but not on our outbound trip on Virgin Atlantic . I booked economy on both, but when I went to VA website, I see that there are 3 levels of economy, the lowest does not include checked baggage. How can I find out which level this is?
  8. I think this is what's happened. Checked too early, duh. thanks
  9. I tried the search engine to find this answer with no luck. My flights are available for my 2020 Baltic cruise on the Island. I see that I can only select fares the day before embarkation and the day of disembarkation. We want to stay a few days post cruise in Copenhagen. If I call Princess will they allow me to book my flight 3 days post cruise? Thanks
  10. Wow, Thank you so much for posting this! And thank you all for your input! For those who have sailed in and out of BA and Santiago, how did you find the airports as far as organization, timely immigration procedures, etc. I have read about some pretty chaotic experiences in this airports. Thank you again.
  11. Wow, that sounds awfully uncomfortable! May I ask what ocean you were sailing when this occurred? (just curious.)
  12. That’s awesome! The inside sail away ( ix)on the Gem that we are considering was not eligible for Free at Sea.
  13. Wow, that sounds awfully uncomfortable! May I ask what ocean you were sailing when this occurred? (just curious.)
  14. Yeah, anywhere...where is the worse placed interior rooms, do you know?
  15. Hello, we have never cruised on NCL but are considering a NE/Canada last minute deal in a sail away interior room on the GEM. this is a guarantee. Have you secured this category and if so, what locations did you end up with at room assignment? thanks
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