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  1. Thanks so much. I googled this after I read your response. I like to visualize what is above and below!
  2. For the first time I am trying an interior cabin. It's just a 7 day cruise so I acquiesced . Just this once. I have a guarantee (K690 ) aft on the Main deck (5). the deck plans show nothing below on Deck 4. Does anyone know what is on the aft end of deck 4? Thanks
  3. Thanks..I found this on HAL as well after I posted. We got our guarantee assignment 2 days before sail so was able to print my luggage tags with cabin number.
  4. Thanks so much. We will be taking a cab or Uber to Avis car rental Metcalfe and St Catherine. Is this a long distance?
  5. Thanks, MaryAnn. i have visited CB but did not have the opportunity to attend a kitchen party. I have ancestral history in CB, really want to hear this music. Booked it!
  6. Thank you, all! I did realize the porters would have a list of rooms. This makes send se!
  7. I loved the app when I was on the Maasdam this summer. I was able to stay in touch with my traveling companions when on board, it notified me when I had a chat message. I made ship excursions reservations, dinner reservations, etc. The schedules always synced with the actual schedules.
  8. We have a guarantee and thus don’t have a cabin assigned yet. If we have to wait til embarkation day and there is no cabin number, do we keep our luggage with us upon arrival at the pier? or do they take it without a cabin number? This is is our first time with a guarantee. Thanks
  9. Has anyone attended the shore excursion "Spirit of the Fiddle Kitchen Party"? That is the HAL title but other ships might have a similar excursion? I am looking for feedback as I would love to experience some live Celtic music on my one day stop to Sydney on the Veendam.
  10. We were on the Maasdam in June/July and LOVED Adagio. What a wonderfully talented quartet of strings. They were 2 couples from Serbia and incredibly talented and personable. I think we were at one performance of theirs each day. We just booked Veendam for Boston-Montreal and looking forward to what I am expecting to be similar to the Maasdam experience (?)
  11. Thanks so much for everyones suggestions . We did move forward and book a week out on the Veendam. First time for a last minute cruise!
  12. St Martins caves are pretty cool BUT the tide needs to be low, just like Hopewell Rocks. So watch your tide chart. If its high tide, I would not bother.
  13. It looks like it might be the Interior guarantee, so not a specific category yet. Many port days out of 7 and our hours of light are dwindling up here in the northeast, so cabin type not so important. Will take our chances on cabin placement if we go for it. Thank you!
  14. Hi Ruth, This is on the Veendam and category N looks like what is available from what I can tell. We were mid-aft on the Maasdam in June on deck 4 (OV) and had no problems. I was afraid we would hear the engines but nothing.
  15. Funny, our second cruise was in an inside cabin..hubby and 2 "tweens". Yikes 4 people in the same cabin and I swore I would never do that again. However, this time it is an experiment of sorts, looking at a 7 night cruise, so we are thinking what the heck. My next booked cruise to the Baltic is a balcony and looking forward to that!
  16. We are thinking about booking a last minute cruise (one to two weeks out). We do not need airfare. On the cruise we are looking at there are both Interior (which we have never done) and OV left. If you have done this before, what has been your experience as to the type, location of the stateroom assigned, etc? How close to sailing date did you book? Did you book with a TA or directly from the cruise line? On our last cruise there were MANY people who booked last minute, so we thought it might be interesting to try this (we have never done it) Thanks
  17. Hello, Is Uber (or taxis) available at the cruise ship terminal after disembarkation? We will need to go to a local neighborhood Avis rental station. Thank you
  18. Loving your trip report, thanks for sharing! We are waiting for the VOV 2021 dates to magically appear on the HAL website.
  19. I bet you will love it! Our longest cruise was 21 days. One thing I found was that after 2 weeks or so, we got a bit tired of the food . Not that the food wasn't wonderful, but we found that we really wanted to try the food in different ports. We found that this was important. Hard to explain why, but have lunches out when in port whenever you can. You not only support local economy but it kick-starts your taste buds when on a long cruise!
  20. I was able to use my confirmation codes for each individual flight that came from the Princess website. This was not the Princess confirmation code. 2 different airlines ( each leg) listed the classification and baggage allowance.
  21. Thanks, we are all set. We have our seating for Virgin Atlantic!
  22. Yes, success! I was able to book our seats from the airline website. The Princess website sent links to the 2 different airlines. SAS worked directly from Princess and we chose seats. But I had to go to the VA website to select seats from there. So far this is pretty easy! First time EZ air users. Luv it!
  23. I just reserved my unrestricted flights for our 2020 Baltic cruise...very early. It was a good rate in comparison to what the airlines are offering now on their websites.. We were able to select seats for our return trip to Boston on SAS but not on our outbound trip on Virgin Atlantic . I booked economy on both, but when I went to VA website, I see that there are 3 levels of economy, the lowest does not include checked baggage. How can I find out which level this is?
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