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  1. Thank you for all the very helpful information! Our travel plans to Norway were originally booked for September 2020. We moved our cruise to September 2021 last spring with the offer from hurtigruten to move forward due to Covid. We will be flying into fly Oslo and will spend a couple of nights and then take the train to Bergen. We are looking forward to this train journey. which brings me to another question....what ticket vendor do you recommend. We did not have a good experience with our chosen vendor last year...they would not refund or offer a credit for use in 202
  2. Hi, We are booked on a September 2021 Norway Coastal cruise. This will be our first experience with Hurtigruten and hope someone will be able to assist with our questions. The day we return to the port of Bergen, which I believe is a 2:30 PM arrival time, how long does it usually take for passengers to be able to leave the ship, collect luggage, etc? We only have experience with the mainstream cruise lines, where you do need to add in at least an hour+ after arrival to plan arrival at your next destination. Also, we will be flying from Bergen to Oslo on the day we return t
  3. We exited the ship 3/13 .. and we agree, the staff went above and beyond with sanitization. The staff was constantly cleaning, and doing so with smiles. We boarded 3/2 .. our ship, as far we we knew, was very healthy. As we were returning to port the final day we thought about what was ahead of us ... we were suppose to head to disney for 10 nights, but Disney had already announced they were closing and we decided we really need to head home. We did briefly consider to see if we could stay on board, as we felt very comfortable and safe. Hats off to Celebrity for their efforts to ke
  4. We are huge fans of chic night! We’ve been there, done that with formal nights and do not miss all the extra packing. Husband was thrilled to give up his tuxedo! what’s great about these evenings is anything goes...and people are smiling and having fun. Bring what you’re comfortable wearing. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Here’s my 2 cents on US vs NO pricing Thanks to this board I learned about the price differences. I asked my Hurtigruten representative (I believe based in Seattle) if there was another website I could book through due to the higher US prices. I received an immediate response advising I would be given a “Currency adjustment” and my US price dropped 25%. Traveling with a friend who had already booked at the US rate. She called her hurtigruten agent and was granted the same currency adjustment. I believe it never hurts to ask for a discount if We believe pricing for something
  6. Hi, We will be booking a 12 night Norway cruise for September 2020 on the MS Finnmarken. We have taken several ocean voyages to Alaska, Europe and Caribbean ..but we have never experienced the type of cruise Hurtigruten offers. Given our experience has been with the mainstream cruise lines, we have a few questions we hope you all will be able to answer. (Thank you! I've already learned a great deal reading the posts here!) Dining -- Understand breakfast and lunch are buffet and dinner is plated ... Will we be assigned to a specific table for dinner? Are they din
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