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  1. Thank you ladies for your replies and encouragement. I was thinking about a cruise to Canada/New England early fall. Boston, St. John, Portland and Halifax.
  2. Since my husband doesn't like cruising and my small circle of friends can't go this time, I'm thinking about going alone. I know I will be just fine while on the ship, but my biggest concern is being alone and safe in ports. Need some experiences to help me decide.
  3. All the Cove Balconies are on deck 2 so no upgrades would be available. The past passenger rate is higher than the ES rate because it is refundable up until your payment in full date.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'll probably try again next year in the spring. Wishing everyone smooth Pride sailings.
  5. My husband has been on two cruises. While he did ok, he does not like to be on the water in any circumstance. Not even a fishing boat in our local river. So it's a mutual decision that I will cruise with friends and he will enjoy being at home with our cat. My situation now is that my cruising friends have health issues and can't cruise any longer, so going solo will be my next big step.
  6. Didn't even think of this.....thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I know the actual ship didn't make anyone sick. I guess I just feel slightly doomed sailing the Pride and need some reassurance that things will be okay the next time. I take motion sickness meds and wasn't sea sick on any of the cruises. Friends were sea sick on one, and stomach issues on the other. I was the only healthy one until the last cruise. Hmmmmm, I think you all made it clear to me what's been wrong with my Pride cruises......maybe I should cruise without them? lol Anyway, thanks for you responses and help.
  8. Thanks ladies. I am also tempted to just ask a friend who can't afford to go and I'll pay the cabin/tax/port fees only since I will be paying for two people anyways. But being solo would be an experience since I can spend my time doing what I want to do.
  9. Thinking about cruising Carnival Pride for the fourth time. But my experiences so far haven't been good to say the least. 1st cruise - Terrible, terrible storm on the way back to Baltimore in Oct/Nov. Theatre was damaged; we slept in chairs on the main deck to keep from being sea sick. We sailed for 24 hrs. using emergency lighting. Back to Baltimore 1 day late. Everyone was safe and I'm not complaining, it was just very scary. 2nd cruise - Sailed with 3 friends. Three of them were sick midway to end of cruise. Even had to cancel an excursion in Freeport. Home safely again. 3rd cruise - My granddaughter and myself got a lung infection after snorkeling at the first port. I did a review of this on the Grand Turk site. We had to visit the medical center sick. Couldn't wait to get home and we both were sick for 2 more weeks. So what do you all think. ..... One more time or not? The biggest draw to Pride is I can drive there in 4 hours.
  10. I am considering a solo cruise also. My only concern is safety being alone at the different ports. Example: Being in a taxi by myself in Cozumel going to Mr. Sanchos for the day. Any advice on this?
  11. Yeah! Maybe after reading all these posts and clarifications, I'll get to use my FCC after Feb. 2019 after all. Fingers crossed.(yn)
  12. My FCC states the cruise must be taken by 2/13/2019, which is exactly one year from when I cancelled. Since my cruise partner will not be able to go before then we will probably just say goodbye to our FCC. My first time booking a nonrefundable deposit cruise and I only booked because it was an excellent Cyber Monday deal. I am thinking of waiting closer to 2/2019 and calling again to see if I get a customer service person who will work with me.
  13. I'm happy you were able to do this with your FCC. I had to cancel a cruise scheduled in May this year and my certificate from RCI states a cruise must be taken within a year of the cancellation date. I called RCI for clarification and was told I need to book and complete a cruise before my year expired. So how were you able to do this please?
  14. Just back from Pride last week. My granddaughter and I went on this excursion and had a wonderful time. I just want to make everyone aware of a potential problem. Please take your own snorkeling mask and snorkel. After passing out the mask and tube, they spray your mask with an anti defogger (their words not mine). Then dip and swish the mask and snorkel into a 5 gallon bucket filled with water and bleach and hand it back to you. In the water you go. Later than evening, both of us came down with a severe sore throat. Next morning sore throat, coughing up green mucus, breathing problems, and very chapped lips. The medical center gave us 3 prescriptions for sinus infections. We both are still sick and went to our family dr. Monday. We are both suffering from a chemical reaction in our lungs from too much bleach. Nasty, nasty stuff to have. This might not happen to everyone, but did to us. So please be aware of this situation.
  15. After reading a post on another site, I think I have been misunderstanding the policy about bringing soda & wine on board. I thought either a 12 pack of soda cans or a bottle of wine per person all these years. Not both per person. Looking at Carnival's F&Q page, I am reading it as each person can bring on both. Is this correct?:confused:
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