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  1. You touched on it but the drill was incredibly long. I have no idea what happened on this drill that caused it to take close to 45 minutes. I have sailed on the JotS before and do not recall the drill being this long. We had multiple "older" guests who were ushered away so they did not have to stand that long and a young lady who became faint while waiting for the drill. The to top it all off, our Steward came by the next day and told me we had to go to another drill, because they thought we missed it. Finally I signed a piece of paper and the Steward left. -F-
  2. Ugh, I almost forgot about the Muster Drill. Thanks for reminding me. :mad::mad::loudcry: -F-:mad:
  3. Well if you are going to have a short stay in a port, Martinique is the one to have it at. JMO -F-
  4. It sure beats the Carnival cruse I took last year, where they handed you bacon when you requested it (2 strips at a time). Enjoy -F- (Gold)
  5. 7 Pages and you are not even on the ship. LOL I was on that same sailing with you and will be looking to find myself in some of your pictures. With all of the detail that you provide, I think I will skip my puny review. Thanks for allowing me to relive our trip. Cheers -F-
  6. Fair enough. But since this was Jewell thread, I believe my comments based on my experience was worth noting. I sincerely hope that our dinner was an exception to the rule and other ships have better quality food and service. Cheers -F-
  7. During rush hour, it can take upto and hour. On Good Friday it took about 10 minutes. $22 for 2 people and 4 bags. -F-
  8. Folsom

    Free trolley

    Also, if you go into just about any bar in OSJ, they will have free maps, so you can see where the trolly is supposed to stop. Salud -F-
  9. Yup. It took us about 2 minutes to get through. Cheers -F-
  10. The beach (sand) at Rainbow was wonderful. Chairs and umbrellas were $10 each and the bar had good, strong, reasonable drinks. In the water, the bottom drops off quickly and is quite rocky. I highly recommend wearing water shoes. -F-
  11. Quick follow up. we did The Race and LOVED IT. So much fun. We were paired up with another couple and ended up making friends with them. As far as this being strenuous, if you decide to run then yea, you are running in the caribbean heat, but unless you are seriously trying to win, then it is just a lot of walking. Cheers -F-
  12. There was also a "farmers market" right outside of the terminal and we found a small bar down an ally across the street from the pier. The walk up to Fort George is one hell of a walk, but the views were nice. -f-
  13. We exchanged dollars for Euro's and then found that restaurants and bars in FdF mostly took both. -F-
  14. Book on your own. The ship excursion is a large catamaran with about 30 people on it. I went in with very high expectations for the cost, and have to say it may one of the best 3 tours we have ever done. Also for the person asking if they will enjoy this tour without snorkeling... It is a lovely cruise with great foot and plenty to drink and see. And lastly, I don't understand the post about husband not being able to swim. What is the expectation of the crew? Enjoy -F-
  15. Book. You never know if someone staying in Barbados will charter the boats for the whole day. -F-
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