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  1. You buy them when you show up at Red Hook. Not sure if you can buy them in advance.
  2. Great review, thank you. I will use the theme from the Jefferson’s (moving on up to the top) to enter the Yacht club area. 😃
  3. You need to taxi from port(crown bay if using Celebrity or RCCL, other port a couple of dollars cheaper) to red hook. $9pp each way, then ferry over to Cruze bay $8.15pp each way the taxi to Trunk bay. $6pp each way. Currently ferries run every hour due to the hurricane recovery. Hopefully by summer or later they will go back to every 30 mins. Check ships excursions also. RCCL/Celebrity cut their tour time down 2 hours. So better to do on your own. Its pretty simple.
  4. At the time they had chair rentals, I do not recall umbrellas. Things can change by May, I know they were working on the food stand and shop while I was there.
  5. The French side is definitely behind the Dutch side, but I did see work going on in the Marigot and Orient beach area. From Marigot area down to Mullet bay hardly saw anyone working on those resorts till you got into the Mullet Bay Area. Definitely back ups on the roundabouts heading back to the port area, but I have actually seen it worst sometimes coming back in the afternoon, but we were the only ship in port that day.
  6. We got 3 sodas frys and 2 bbq chicken for $20, and gave a $5 tip. Very tasty chicken.
  7. I rented a jeep 2 weeks ago and the roads are drivable, I circled the whole island with no issues. The only construction ws the port area, but we didn't hit a ton of traffic there. Coming back about 2pm or so from Mullet bay was a good amount of traffic.
  8. Here is a website that gets updated on what’s open for restaurants. http://www.stmartinisland.org/st-martin-restaurants/restaurants-saint-martin.html I’m not sure how often they update this.
  9. There is a lot of damage in Marigot, they are was busy and places to shop are open, Serafinas pretty destroyed not sure if they are rebuilding. A lot of beach resorts from Marigot down to Maho from the main road along the coast are destroyed and need a lot of work.
  10. They are rebuilding and a few Lolos were open, just drove through the Main Street.
  11. I was there 2 weeks ago, it is gone. Don’t know if they will rebuild.
  12. Seen them both, mullet would be your best bet. If you are going within the next month or so, always check out YouTube as people have been posting updated video.
  13. No it has not, they were working on it. Also no showers, and only portable potties. You can change in the shower area, but no running water.
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