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  1. I am livid. I purchased a cruise on December 12 on the Island down the Panama Canal. I am so upset and think I am going to cancel this cruise. I questioned my PVP about this trip. It said up until tonight that the ship was going down the (NEW LOCKS). Because of the tours they were offering I did not think it was going down the new locks as the one tour actually is a tour on a tiny boat going down the OLD LOCKS. I knew this because I have been down the old locks which are the Miraflores Locks & did this tour before. After she questioned to the higher ups when I questioned her and she
  2. This is not a normal time They already said what I posted. READ
  3. YOU will be turned away and told to come at your boarding time. Might as well abide by the rules. If everyone tried to do what you just said it would defeat the purpose
  4. Because I am OCD, and want my people and not some mystery people I don't know messing with my acrylic nails and pedicure & my color. Also one person said it was only a week between cruises it is not. The first one is 10 days and the second one is 14. I go every week for blow out and every 3 weeks for color and every other week for nails and toes. I could not be that long without my people putting me back together. I would feel like Humpty Dumpty. Lastly my hair is down to my butt and I sure as heck don;t want someone I don;t know doing my color..................... Although I like you
  5. Thank you for all of your thoughts. I am going to try to get off real early because my appt is at 10. As I said in my original post when I got off & did this last time before the pandemic when I got back an hour before sailing no one asked or said anything to me. I walked right on. I just hope I can get off quick. I will find out who I can ask on the ship. Also I am Elite so that may work in my favor. thanks again Kathy
  6. Hello Thanks for everything Do you know or could you find out if they are doing any shared tables for solos in the dining rooms.............like cruises of old...........lol. Kathy
  7. Hopefully I am doing a B2B in December unless cancelled. I live in Ft. Lauderdale. It is the same ship for both cruises Island Princess. It arrives at Port Everglades at 7am and leaves again at 4pm. Do you think I will have time to go to my own salon get my hair done, and mani/pedi? Also what is the latest time you think I should be back on the ship?. I did this once before the Covid issue and when I got back to port it was one hour before sailing. No one checked me at all and I walked right back on the ship. I just am wondering this time about checks etc. Thank you in advance
  8. Hello Thank you for doing this thread. Do you know or could you ask if they are doing any shared tables for dining. I am traveling solo and they have me sitting at a table for 2 alone. Not real happy about that. Thank you in advance and hope you are having an awesome time and staying warm. Kathy
  9. They won’t talk to low life’s like us
  10. I dialed a number my planner told me to call. Then told them my questions & they asked Navigator who are idiots.
  11. I kinda sorta gave them a piece of my mind today. I asked them WHY would they put something into affect and then ask people to attempt to use the sucker if they knew there were glitches and it wasn't working properly? Told them before it was given to passengers it should have been tested and re-tested. I am not a guinea pig to be there test subjects and waste all kinds of my time. It was very ill planned and launched. They did not have an answer for me. Kathy
  12. Again thank you all but I must be explaining wrong because I am not getting the answers I need Blessings Kathy
  13. Maybe I am not explaining correctly 1. I got the security photo to upload 2. Where the passport is SUPPOSED to go I got a green checkmark saying done but on the actual page itself. there is a black square with no passport. is it there or not?? 3. where do I purchase specialty restaurants. I have been dealing with this s--t since 4;30 and I am done after this post. Tomorrow I am cancelling $50000 worth of cruises not my next two almost all paid. I am going back to RCCL none of this none sense and wasting my time. Thanks again to all of you Kathy
  14. Sorry I meant the passport. It says done but a black space and no picture. I got the security photo to load Thanks all of you. grrrrrrrrrrrr
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