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  1. Thank you I got the same email about half an hour ago. I am not a happy camper. First they cancel my original Caribbean cruise. I understand about the Caymans they had no choice but I love Jamaica. I have been thinking about going back to land tours. I really want to go to Jordan and Israel and back to Africa as I have already been there twice and love it. This whole mess with Princess including the useless app may well have made my final decision. Thank you all for answering my thread. Kathy
  2. Hi to all Thanks for your updates. I am going on December 19 and they have not said a peep to us and we are scheduled for the Caymans. I knew they weren't permitting ships. Why they haven't told us anything is beyond me. Wait this is Princess..............I should not be surprised...............lol Kathy
  3. Hello The Cayman Islands have said they will not be permitting cruise ships thru January. I know the ships don;t dock but shuttle. I am on a cruise that is supposed to go there in December over the holidays. Does anyone have an update as to whether we will be going or not going? I asked my PVP and was told she would know when Princess tells her............ Thought maybe you guys might know more. Thank you Kathy
  4. I am going to ask tor a fridge that cools well. I need it to be cold for my insulin. Thanks again
  5. THANK YOU everyone for all your suggestions and ideas. Very much appreciated. Kathy
  6. I am on a cruise over the holidays to the Caymans. I read the same thing about Cayman Islands not permitting cruise ships to dock until January. I asked my Princess Planner and was told what I call one of their non answers. "you will know when Princess tells us". Ours also shows Turks and we are not scheduled to go there. So who the heck knows what they are doing if they even know................lol
  7. This just happened to me. What I did was call Princess. They cancelled the reservations I had for the two restaurants that like you I thought were my complimentary ones but they charged me when I made the reservations and put the 2 complimentary ones back into my account which I can see them on cruise personalizer. Now I have to wait for my credits to my CC. Being in a suite you like me in club class will get first choice of days and times in the specialty restaurants ENJIOY!
  8. Read my post I just posted on what to do on Christmas Day. You will love my suggestion Would be the same suggestion for you and is about 10 minutes to the port Enjoy
  9. Go to Las Olas Blvd. Walk up one side of the street and then down the other. Lots of great restaurants will be open including Cheesecake Factory. The street is full of awesome incredible boutiques of everything from expensive things to ice cream.. Personally and IMHO Jungle Queen and Carrie B are not worth the money too touristy. I never take anyone there that come to visit me here in Ft. Lauderdale. Where are you staying?. Enjoy! Kathy
  10. Thank you. I LOVE reading your and Steelers posts you always know so much..........thanks again Kathy
  11. I am on Caribbean 14 days.Yours lives here in Ft. Lauderdale where I live............lol. Pretty ship and new. I like your idea and just may buy by the glass since I am alone and don;t really need a whole bottle.......... Enjoy your cruise and thanks again Kathy
  12. Thank you for your kindness in sending. Thanks again appreciate it
  13. Hi Do you know what kind of champagne they have by the glass? Thank you
  14. I could care less about the charge and did not ask for it to be waved. I am asking can I take the whole bottle into whatever lounge I go into pay their corkage fee and sit there and drink it and enjoy the festivities
  15. So I can't take into the lounge or where ever I go for the 12 count down? Thanks
  16. Hello I have a question about Champagne I am going to be on the Caribbean on NYE. I looked up on the list of Champagnes and the only one I even heard of is about $233. My question is two parts: can I take a bottle on board with me and will the only charge if I can take it be a corkage fee? Thank you in advance Kathy
  17. You don’t owe anyone any kind of explaination . Just ENJOY! Period. Drop the mic!
  18. Did I say any where in my post I didn't have the plus fare? NO I did not. I thought maybe it would show up on the app. Clearly it did not & Thrak KINDLY pointed that out to me unlike your post. Thank you VolJeep.
  19. then I don;t know what to tell you. Sorry
  20. Is anyone showing they have the drink package on this stupid app? Mine keeps sending me to buy it and I already did. I really really really dislike this app. Wastes so much of my time.............lol
  21. UpgradeOffer@princesscruises.com I used this because I am willing to pay for it.
  22. I would not worry or care. You will never see most of these people ever again. Just GO and ENJOY!!!
  23. I emailed them with my booking number, my elite status and name and current cabin number. I heard back from them within an hour they would put me on the list for the sailing.
  24. HI I live here in Ft. Lauderdale and I decided to see if I could find a place besides CVS to get quick tests for you guys. I did find and here is the info 1. they have two locations within 7 to 10 minutes of the port they are Ft Lauderdale and Davie 2. they do drive up usually no wait so I guess you could go in a cab 3. they also make appointments 4. results in 30 minutes. 5. all great reviews I looked them up as well 6. Cost is $85 will not take insurance will give receipt for you to file with your carrier 7. Name of company is Synergy DX. I called them very very nice . I am going to use them In there Ft. Lauderdale location Good luck with the testing for everyone Kathy
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