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  1. I would check with Daniel Johnson's. We did a tour with them and the snorkeling was good, even saw an octopus! I am thinking you could do 11 on their snorkel boat.
  2. It is different. They are building a new port stop, not too far from Amber Cove, from what I have read. NCL is listing it on their itineraries in the future too. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news-headlines/exclusive-costa-mayas-parent-develop-new-puerto-plata-cruise-port
  3. We did not request it, it was just the way it was. Maybe they have changed the way they do things?
  4. Sorry, it's been so long. We just walked and found a place. We ended up using Barefoot Rentals I think it was called. It was about $50 for 4 hours maybe? We felt safe the whole time, had a blast. If we go back I would probably go through Captain Jak though. I think theirs may go a little faster. LOL
  5. Morning! Yes, it was under excursions. Super easy! If I remember right we used a VISA to rent the golf cart and USD when we stopped at the grocery store/market. The place we had lunch we used one or the other, I honestly don't remember now. I know we did not get any special currency for our cruise.
  6. What this person said. I have all my excursions booked already and my cruise is after yours. The TA should have sent you the confirmation they got from Carnival with your booking info on it. If not, request it ASAP! This is what the top part of my email from my TA looks like, the rest has our information, the itinerary and cost/what has been paid.
  7. I use Alba sunscreen. It doesn't cake on and is easy to rub in. Some are very hard to rub in so you don't have white left over. I've gotten it and Kroger and Walmart. I have also heard good things about Badger sunscreen.
  8. Just took the ferry in March. When we did it it was $30pp, well worth it! The ferry runs multiple times per day and usually your return time is 3 hours after your ferry over. As crewsweeper said you book it on board, I believe you can also book it at the ferry dock, but I am not positive on that. I did ours through the TV in our room. We chose the 9am time and with that one when we checked in they gave us the latest return ferry. The person checking us in said it was because most people that take the 1st ferry over have an excursion so they don't impose the 3 hour return time. From what I have read if you do not make your return ferry at the specific time you have to wait until there is space available on the next one. I believe someone said they had to wait over an hour when they missed their designated time, because the return ferries were full. I believe our return was at 3:30? Maybe 2:30. I can't remember for sure.
  9. I am very surprised they let you take your sunglasses and hats in. When we went with Daniel Johnson's in March we had to leave everything outside except cameras. Cameras were fine because you are holding it in your hand. They will pick pockets! lol
  10. I don't have any experience with West Bay, but we booked directly with Daniel Johnson's and would 100% do it again! Such a fun time and the snorkeling was really good! Beautiful water, saw so many fish, lobsters and an octopus.
  11. We booked directly with Daniel Johnson's. We weren't there super early, but I don't remember the exact time. There were people getting there after us though. Highly recommend them!
  12. We did Punta Sur. The view from the lighthouse is gorgeous! We did not do snorkeling. That side of the island is very beautiful. You can customize your tour for what you want.
  13. We took an ATV tour and had a blast! Booked through NCL.
  14. We did a dune buggy tour with this company. http://cozumelcruiseexcursions.net/cozumel-excursions.html Not sure if it is what you are looking for? We had a great time.
  15. http://cozumelcruiseexcursions.net/cozumel-excursions.html We used this company. Did the dune buggy, but they have a private Jeep tour also. You can customize where you want to go, what you want to see. The guide just sits in the back and tells you directions based on where you want to go and can give you info on the island.
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