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  1. I am almost sure you could get it from the machines in the library.
  2. We, too, enjoyed our cruise on SoD last year and have. booked on SofA to go round the British Isles in September. I am curious to see what the new ship is like and whether the chairs are more comfortable!
  3. Yes, I agree there are only three ports, but I suppose it is because one day is spent joining the flotilla of “little ships” commemorating Dunkirk.
  4. In case anyone is interested, there is a new 7 day cruise announced for 19th May 2020 on the Spirit of Discovery. https://travel.saga.co.uk/cruises/ocean/where-we-go/norway-cruises/norwegian-trilogy.aspx. It is in place of the one which was called Scenes of Dunkirk, which didn’t seem to very popular.
  5. They didn’t worry us, but we are always awake early, so it wouldn’t put us off sailing with Saga in the future. I do understand, however, that not everyone appreciates being disturbed by announcements when they are on holiday. I would not have thought it would be difficult to have the non-crucial announcements on one of the tv channels as well as in the public spaces.
  6. Just wondering if the problem was with the ship pitching or rolling? It is the rolling I have a problem with, but usually the stabilisers deal with that nowadays.
  7. That is extraordinary, because I am very conscious of the ship moving; we had no problem at all when crossing the Bay of Biscay in August, when there was a bit of a swell.
  8. Oh dear, that sounds very worrying. Was the sea particularly rough?
  9. Thank you very much for the warning about guarantee cabins. I am prone to seasickness, so I think I will take your advice. We had a guarantee cabin on the Spirit of Discovery and all was fine, because all cabins have a balcony and the ship seems very stable.
  10. Thank you very much, Glendale. I appreciate your view as I recall that you have sailed on both Oceania and Azamara as well, and therefore will be aware of the sort of thing we like. We are contemplating a guaranteed cabin on Sapphire and are a bit nervous about it, but your post has reassured me. I certainly don’t think we will be looking at a suite, unfortunately!
  11. We thoroughly enjoyed our first Saga cruise on board Spirit of Discovery in August and are looking at other possibilities. We have also enjoyed cruises with Oceania and Azamara, but they are becoming too expensive for us, unless we spot a last minute deal. I was just wondering how any of you who have been on Sapphire would compare it with Spirit of Discovery. I appreciate that it is just about to leave Saga, so would that mean it is getting a bit worn looking? Is the food the same standard? Does it cope with rough seas well? Is there enough space both on deck and inside? Any views would be
  12. Glendale, it sounds as if you have got a good deal! It seems that Oceania are offering several cruises with their O Life Ultimate perks for next year, but I haven’t seen any for ex -UK cruises yet. Today I received notification of a couple of Mediterranean cruises which work out at about £320 per day with O Life Ultimate. You are quite right that comparisons are difficult as there are a limited number of Azamara and Oceania cruises departing from UK ports. As we are still happy to fly to the Med., but no further, I will go on looking at Azamara and Oceania in case a good deal comes up, but
  13. No, you are quite right, I forgot about insurance and door to door travel, though perhaps that would be included with azamara if booked through Saga? I suppose the American lines are looking much more expensive now, with the current dollar to pound exchange rate.
  14. Glendale suggested that someone should compare the costs of similar cruises of the 3 lines. I thought I would have a go. It was difficult to find anything very similar, so I looked at cruises between May and September next year, all of which depart and return to either Southampton or Dover and were between 10 and 17 nights duration. Looking at the cheapest available balcony cabins on Azamara and Oceania and adding the cost of gratuities and all inclusive drinks to Oceania, the figures per day worked out as follows: Azamara between £309 and £350 per day. Oceania between £393 and £448 per day
  15. I do strongly agree with you about the suitability of some of the chairs on board the Spirit of Discovery. I do wonder how they are chosen. It seems extraordinarily to fit out a new ship with chairs that are not very comfortable, particularly bearing in mind the age of some of the passengers. I hope that the chairs on the new ship will be better.
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