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  1. I thought the first Caribbean cruise on Azura was not until the 10 Dec? Maybe I misunderstood.
  2. No not yet updated, it’s says 8.00 am from Manchester but I think that is a generic time as it has always been there! however, I have booked some excursions now they are live. Have been trying to visit Virgin Gorda for years but each time the sea was too rough and it was cancelled, so fingers crossed for this time. Have also booked St Barts which is an island we have never visited (it does warn you on the excursion that everything is very expensive!) Why not join the roll call I started for Azura, we are going on a special 28 day cruise but the roll call encompasses both 14 day cruises. Terri
  3. Looks like Xmas in Caribbean on Azura might just be on. recommences 10 December and we are due to go on 11 December. Fingers crossed yet again!
  4. Just had email from P and O to say that October 9th 2021 on Arcadia is cancelled.
  5. Yes, really enjoyed tonight’s programme, the Caribbean looked fabulous and I can concur that the Everglades are exciting. So sad for Jayne Macdonald, she has just within the last two weeks lost Ed her partner, she was always talking about him on these programmes. She deserved some happiness. Really, really sorry for her loss. Terri
  6. SOA. we were on Ventura Feb 2020 and booked Epicurian on 14th. It was fabulous, do go. But try and book as early as poss. We were on the 35 day New Orleans cruise which left on 11 Feb. But booked way before on board so was sure to get a table. Cannot recommend it enough. You can book it online on your cruise personaliser. Terri
  7. The EU Medical Committee have published their report on the correlation of the blood clots and AZ vaccine. They have stated categorIcally that all the clots are in the EU and all the vaccines are in the UK.
  8. Yes Majortom, that is what confused me, because I thought if the document is dated last year, how do they know I haven’t sold the shares! Nearer the time I will contact PandO share advice office to see what they will accept and take it from there. Terri
  9. Thank you all, that is so helpful, I had in fact already seen the FAQs but I was nonplussed as to what to send to them, I understand now that they are able to check the share register so that’s really clarified it for me. Thank you again. Just as a matter of interest , do you all recommend putting my shares with Equiniti or does it make no difference.
  10. I could do with some help re shares. Know nothing about shares! I bought 100 carnival shares last March when they were very low priced. Bought them through the Share Centre which has now been taken over by Interactive Investments. What do I actually need to prove to P and O or Princess that I have these shares? Everything was done online. I have found something called a Contract Note from March last year. Do I just print it out and email it to them? Or do you recommend transferring them to Equiniti which evidently, according to P and O , they will liaise with them for proof of ownership. We have three cruises this year and three next year so would really appreciate someone’s help with this. Thanks. Terri
  11. We’ve done two excursions to Berlin from Warnemunde. The first one around ten years ago with Princess cruises. It involved a train journey on a specially chartered fabulous old fashioned train (six to a compartment with corridor), fresh coffee/bottled water in each compartment. It took three hours, had early start and once there boarded a coach which took us around the city including war museum, checkpoint Charlie, time to wander on your own and a very good lunch at the Bristol Hotel. We arrived back very late, everyone else had dined but Princess kept open the dining rooms for us all. The train station is only about 100 yds from the ship. The second time was seven years ago with P and O. This time by coach. We visited the Brandenburg Gate , a concentration camp which has been kept and maintained so we don’t forget and then the usual city hot spots plus again a lovely lunch in the same hotel we visited previously. Plus a visit to the big glass domed German parliament. We enjoyed both visits tremendously, it was a very long day and quite expensive but worth every penny. Princess excursions are very pricey but they really look after you and would not hesitate to go again and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to go to do it.
  12. Yes, you are right, it is personal choice, I just love having the sofa instead of just one chair, love the bath tub plus shower and love the 2TVs!
  13. Always,always our favourite deck D on Azura. Not in the slightest concerned being overlooked. Big balcony plus big cabin, whats not to like. Hope you enjoy.
  14. Yes,we are also hoping that the Tattoo takes place, also that the Princess cruise taking us to the Tattoo during a UK cruise in August also takes place. Have booked the Tattoo tickets via Princess and have really good seats. However, there are a lot of US citizens on this cruise and I am doubting that Scotland would be happy for the influx.
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