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  1. The following is from this link: https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/first-responder-medical-offer/ I highlighted in yellow why we cannot get the 50% off…yet. Have to wait until the first week in November for an email. I also see that using the 50% off won’t allow getting the military OBC. If you look at the full details via the link, you’ll also see mini-suites are not part of the 50% off either. After You're Verified Your successful verification will count as an entry into the sweepstakes to win a free cruise for two. The grand prize value of the sweepstakes is $2,500, based on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise, balcony stateroom for two with drinks, wifi and crew incentive included with Princess Plus. One grand-prize winner will be randomly drawn and notified on November 1, 2021, after the entry period has closed. If you did not win the sweepstakes you will be notified via email within the fist week of November with an offer for 50% off your next cruise. Princess offers MedallionClass® vacations, delivering the ultimate in effortless, personalized cruising. Take a REAL vacation with Princess to exciting destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, the California Coast and more! Princess Cruises sailings are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise and have proof of vaccination. All fully vaccinated guests must also produce a negative, medically-observed COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within two days of their embarkation on all Princess sailings. Crew vaccinations are in accordance with CDC guidelines. For the latest Princess COVID-19 health protocols, please visit CruiseHealth™ Health Protocols. Restrictions on 50% Discount This offer is non-transferable. This offer is capacity controlled. There may be some cruises that will be closed or limited capacity for application of this offer. This offer is not combinable with military offer onboard credits. This offer cannot be used for casino credits/charges. This offer is based on a 50% discount to Princess Savers fares. If you wish to book Princess Plus an additional $40 per person per day will apply. Applications to receive this offer must be made no later than October 31, 2021. Bookings must be made by December 31, 2021, and sail by February 2022. For questions regarding this offer call: 1-800-774-6237
  2. Views from Doubletree Biscayne: panoramic then zoomed in; our room view as we were leaving to head to the pier.
  3. I think motion sickness relief can be rather subjective. I have tried all of the remedies mentioned…some work, others not so much. I get drowsy even from the “non-drowsy” meds but I keep some in my purse or pocket at all times when cruising. Patches made me dizzy so I haven’t tried them again. Wrist bands had a marginal effect but they have to remain on the exact pressure point and be tight enough to press it. What has helped me the most is an electronic wrist band called ReliefBand. It sits on that wrist pressure point but the band only needs to be snug enough to keep it in place. The current level is adjustable so higher when you need it and very low (or off) when you’re fine. I have the one that looks like a fitness tracker so it looks acceptable in formal wear but there are 2 other versions. I want to stay ahead of motion sickness so having chewable pills as back-up to the ReliefBand works for me. And if I think I might want the medicine, I’ll often break the tablet into pieces and only take 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2. Having peppermints, like a few Altoids, is also helpful to me as it’s distracting from the motion.
  4. Princess has the computer rooms, but I’m not certain if you’d have access to an Ethernet cable. When we sailed MSC Seaside, we wanted to use a computer for a few minutes and asked where the computer area was. We were told there wasn’t one because those who want to use a computer bring their own device(s) and get internet access.
  5. Thanks for this information. I was fortunate enough to have bought 3 Princess ship charms back in the 1980s/90s. They are sterling and are replicas of the ship I was sailing. Each ship sold only its “twin” charm. The name of the ship is on each charm. Many times I have inquired if they might ever carry them again…sadly, the answer is always ‘no’.
  6. I do the “wish list” as a way to compile the excursions I may want to do so I don’t have to repeatedly look through all possible excursions when I’m ready to book. I have my DH do the same and then compare our selections to help with decision making. Book when you are ready and periodically check to see if the price drops (I’ve had that happen). More often, I’ve seen pricing increase as the sailing date approaches. I’ve never been notified of either price changes or that excursion availability is becoming limited. What is unfortunate about the wish-list, is that it’s not in a concise, printable format. It used to be.
  7. Check the little “wheel” thermostat in the cooler and make sure it’s on the coolest setting (at the number furthest from ‘off’). Leaving the cabinet door open as much as possible also helps with cooling. My guess is all the coolers are the same and they may not have something different to replace the existing cabin unit. If they did, that would be an item that would be noted pre-cruise as a medical need…but I couldn’t find anything about this (someone else might have other thoughts on this for you).
  8. @rabin1 You are most welcome! I wish I could remember who it is on CC who has crafted a detailed spreadsheet comparing Princess wine pricing to Total Wine’s prices so it can be determined if the value is better to bring aboard + corkage + dealing with carrying the bottle(s) vs. just buying on the ship. If I may ask, which NYE cruise are you on this year? We’re on Enchanted.
  9. @rabin1 Try this link from the Princess website. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/beverages/Wine-Menu.pdf It’s the complete wine list; apologies if it’s something you’ve already reviewed. You might ask if someone on one of the live-from threads would snap a picture of the sparkling wines for you too.
  10. This NYE might be very different that the most recent last two we were on as they may not allow folks to gather in the piazza for the countdown. (There was also an outdoor party on the pool decks). When we were in the piazza, it was so crowded that having your own bottle of champagne wouldn’t even be noticed. But in a lounge or bar, it probably would incur the corkage. We’re sailing NYE this year and probably will just enjoy Prosecco by the glass (unless we decide on a quick trip to Total Wine pre-cruise!!)
  11. At home, I enjoy doing laundry so it’s a task I don’t mind doing when we cruise Princess. I will sort the clothes and start a load while DH is gathering some snacks…we then start a movie in the cabin while the washer works. Hit pause, clothes to dryer, and those that need hanging are brought back to cabin where the movie resumes while we hang up those damp clothes. Repeat the cycle (pun intended) for the dry clothes. We’d be watching the movie anyway so movie/laundry time works well for us; other folks avoid the laundry rooms at all costs when cruising and I understand that preference. As we’re entitled to free laundry on Princess, DH sends most all his clothes to the ship’s laundry service. But I won’t take the chance with my items so I’m happy to wash them myself. So yes, we’ll get home with a lot of clean clothes depending on the cruise schedule, as long as it’s a Princess cruise. On other cruise lines, there aren’t self-serve laundries so we’re unlikely to have much left that’s clean.
  12. It’s not a solid navy but a navy stripe. Maybe one of the other solid colors would work. https://www.landsend.com/products/womens-waterproof-packable-raincoat/id_348378?attributes=8867,43307,43326,43398,44256,44313,44937,44967,45134,46946
  13. Download the Medallion Class app. You can order the medallions now, which are free. If you order accessories, then there is a cost. Medallions do not arrive until a week or two before you sail.
  14. One time for sail away, we purchased a bottle of bubbly and got a lido deck bar to give us a plastic bucket full of ice to keep the bottle cold. We then could tool around all over the top deck, toasting the vacay all along the way!! If on a Grand class ship with your newbies, be sure to take them to the area on top of the bridge as part of your sail away!! They will love you forever for that experience (and if anyone has long hair, have them bring something to hold their hair back-lol) Don’t tell the group where you’re going, just go and either joy on their faces!!
  15. I’ve cruise with friends (anywhere from 6 to 43 of us!!) several times. The main 2 “rules” we had were to be together at sail away and to dine together in the evening. Beyond that, no one was obligated to be with the rest of the group. But we all did try to keep the others informed of our plans and would often split apart for various activities that were of interest to some but not others. Sometimes we took excursions together and sometimes not. There were occasions when some decided to dine in a specialty restaurant without the rest of the group but it was always encouraged to inform the group of this so the rest weren’t waiting for the AWOL. Having dinner together was a great way to catch up on the day’s activities when we weren’t together or relive the events of the day when we did things as a group. (NBliving: I live about an hour north of you…depending on the Austin traffic!!)
  16. As I’m one who has even gotten ill on a flat-calm sea (yet did well in rough weather…go figure!!), I’ve tried everything. I suggest looking at ReliefBands. They are FDA approved for many conditions that might produce tummy troubles. My DH has used my band to quell queasiness from a medication he had to take; (he doesn’t get seasick). We’ve also had the band at the ready post-surgery in case it was needed. It has worked very, very well for me for seasickness and I highly recommend it. It is pricey but there are different versions (I have the slick-looking one). They just came out with a waterproof version that my sister bought to have in addition to her dressier version. I used my FSA card to purchase.
  17. How do y’all think the new way of doing the safety drill went?
  18. For this tip, please double check the TSA rules to make sure things haven’t changed! I have a CPAP and it does not count as a carry-on item. It is in addition to what an airline allows. As the machine is a medical device, we add all our medical items to this bag. So our Rx and OTC meds, first aid kit, wrist brace, extra contact lenses, etc. Now our carry-on or roll-aboard bag has a little more space for other items. DO be aware that you still cannot put liquids into the CPAP/medical bag…those still have to go into your little baggie for TSA or checked luggage.
  19. I grab one of the cabin drinking glasses to use on the desk top to hold my makeup brushes, eye/lip liners, mascara, etc. The steward will replace the “missing” glass so we’ll still have two to use for beverages. Also use one of the bathroom glasses to hold the travel-size toothpaste and each of our toothbrushes. We bring our electric toothbrush so the actual brushes are short so they really don’t stick out from the top of the glass. We mark the brush-caps so we know which one is which. This keeps the steward from having to touch them or wipe around them. There are usually 3 shelves in the bathroom: DH takes the top and I take the middle. The bottom one holds items we both use like the toothbrush glass & handle, sunscreen, etc. It seems our luggage usually arrives at the cabin well before muster. Now that cruise lines are having a required video to watch regarding safety, we hope we be using our unpacking time to watch the video (will also stop at the muster station to check in, of course, as soon as we can). Beside tables usually have two drawers for each side (maybe 3 drawers…it’s been 18 mo. since on a ship!!). DH uses one for all things cords, camera chargers, etc. I’ll have one that is general medicines and first aid. We each use the top drawer one our own side as we wish. Zip lock bag or some sort of pouch to put wallets, car/house keys, passports in and a second one for jewelry pouches. Then those go in the safe. If we had to grab the valuables in a hurry, they aren’t all loose in the safe.
  20. If we are going to the main dining room or specialty dining, I will wear heels. I bring 1 pair and wear them with everything. I recently got these for our next cruise at the end of this year.
  21. I used the All Free & Clear pacs on the Sky. The pacs work in HE or regular washers. I put warm water into the washer first then add the pod; I swirl it around until the casing begins to dissolve then I let the washer fill a bit more with warm water before I switch to cold water and add the clothes. The washer instructions say to add clothes, then soap, then start the machine. I prefer to make certain the soap is distributed in the water (especially if I was using a powder) before I add the clothes.
  22. I’ve done this at a Hilton airport property in Austin: I used points for the room and paid extra to park. Before booking with points, I contacted the hotel and said I wanted to book with points and asked what the parking would be for a week. I think it was only about $50 (a lot less than the other parking establishments and still secured parking area). I name of who I spoke with along with date & time of the call. Had no problems with them following through with the rate they told me. Now it could be a different story elsewhere…
  23. Panorama view from our balcony then view of our room as we were getting ready to head to our cruise ship.
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