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  1. In these uncertain times I’ll keep my cash in my account and not Carnival’s. Who’s to say what’s coming down the pike. If they belly up (file for bankruptcy) your money disappears
  2. That pretty much sums myself up right there. Eight cruises and only been to the MDR three times (two times I was forced). I’m just not into spending all that time on a meal when it’s basically the same food at the buffet. To each there own.
  3. Your right, your comment does come across as rude. The question of what ship I will be on was asked in a prior post. Thank you for the effort of your snarky remark. Try a Snickers bar.
  4. I’ll be on the Pride. Sailed a few times on her in the past, just never paid attention to the scooter use.
  5. I’ve reached the point where I can no longer handle the walking involved with cruising. I was ready to give it up until the wife talked me into a scooter. I spend a lot of time in the casino on board. My question to those that used scooters is do you somehow maneuver up to the slots or is there some place you can park while in the casino? Found out the cruise I booked is a premier and know the casino can get awful crowded.
  6. The little purple pill "Nexium" will take care of the acid reflux. Best pill ever.
  7. I always get travel insurance through insuremytrip, won't sail without a policy. While surfing Barclays site I saw where if you book your trip using your Carnival MasterCard that they provide a policy included. Has anyone relied on this for thier travel insurance needs? I'm on the fence and would hate a surprise if it were ever needed.
  8. Pack a soft sided cooler in your checked luggage and have your cabin steward fill it every day.
  9. Get there when you want. You board after Weddings, Diamonds and Platinums with the FTTF.
  10. It's doable.......think you have to sacrifice a bottle of bubbly to Poseidon 😉
  11. Premier only covers early boarding. Your cabin is not ready unless you have FTTF also.
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