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  1. As other posters have written, connecting rooms is really the only option besides a larger room like a suite. I don’t see how on earth one would would possibly fit two cribs. Keep in mind with relatives joining you, you need to go on this cruise with no expectations of help. I have seen so many times where people write about how relatives were eager/willing to help out but once the cruise got into action they were m.i.a. So if you actually get help then great, but have the mind set that the relatives may decide differently how they want to enjoy their cruise later on. Also keep in mind the logistics of cleaning young children that take baths still. I would recommend taking an inflatable tub that you can blow up. Since you are are wanting to cruise with young children I’m assuming they are easy going. All the people who say how easy/fun their cruise cruise was with young children, must have chill children. If that’s the case go for it. Only you can judge if you or your children will enjoy their vacation. I would not subject neighbors in paper thin walls next to us to a child that regularly has meltdowns/wakes up crying during the night. Not all children are the same. Me on the other hand.... you would have to pay me to take my 2.5 year old. She is the very opposite of chilled. Since being born into this world she’s been a high demand child. She’s like a velociraptor testing the electric fence for weakness. No way I would want to be confined to such tight corners/on a boat with the possibility of her turning into something from the movie the exorcist. The ironic thing whenever we take her to out/meetup with people they can’t get over how cute and good she seems. I have to tell everyone it’s the “behind the scenes” tour.
  2. All this post does is show how people are ill equipped to handle changes/ things life throws at them. How to figure out new solutions or how to make the best of a situation. For Pete’s sake. My carnival European honeymoon cruise was cancelled something like 2 months beforehand. I pulled up my big girl pants and researched an alternative cruise with the refunded credit and discount carnival gave us generously. Had an amazing Alaskan cruise instead. I’ve also had a Western Caribbean cruise changed with whole new ports to eastern and had a great time. Found out at the dock due a hurricane.
  3. Thanks for your review. I was on the Norwegian Pearl for our babymoon. Must be a sister ship. Looks pretty much the same. The O’Sheehan’s experience must be fleet wide. Service was so-so the first time we went and absolutely horrible the second time. I don’t know if they just don’t staff it properly or put only their waiters in training. It holds so much promise. The mozeralla sticks were the same. We did a Carnival cruise for our honeymoon and we had a naturalist so seems very odd/cheap that Norwegian doesn’t. The park ranger joined us for the day we were in Glacier Bay National Park.
  4. Thanks for your review. By the way the frozen Costco hamburgers I get for large parties ... the instructions specify to cook on the grill frozen and to not thaw. Pretty sure that’s for any pre frozen hamburger. Sad that they are using frozen meat. Guess with that many people it’s not surprising.
  5. The simple solution is not use a straw or invest in reusable metal ones. Americans alone use 500 million straws a day. Plastic straws are absolutely horrible for the environment. The number of wildlife, especially marine and birds killed by straws each year are staggering just for the sake of convince and throw away once done.
  6. Thanks for taking the time post your review..... still living vicariously since my last cruise was a baby moon and I’m now pregnant with my second. Won’t be for awhile as the next cruise we take will be child free.....
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