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  1. No. Only with itty bitty cameras and if you start recording them they get all flustered. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks! I never knew these were free there. Always wondered why they had the same pastries for a charge at coffee shop that were offered on lido or from room service at breakfast.
  3. How sweet of you to do something so nice for a friend :) We enjoy cruising and have only sailed CCL. If it's inferior to the rest, I wouldn't know. I can tell you we've never had a bad time. The shows are typical, Vegas style and, though some are better than others, they all make us smile. The comedy club is something we really enjoy and playing trivia after having a couple of drinks in always entertaining! I'm not a casino goer so I can't speak to that, but it's never hard for us to find something entertaining to do. I know you'll have a great time! I'll be waiting to hear about your trip when you get home. :)
  4. Ive stayed in a cove balcony with lifeboats overhead and they didn't bother is a bit. We actually enjoyed having the extra coverage because it rained three nights and we were still able to enjoy our balcony.
  5. Thanks for posting! We will be boarding the Dream 7 days from today!
  6. I see this was mentioned, but I wanted to expand: We always use cash for our S&S account. Before boarding, while getting your S&S card, they will ask you how you're setting up your account. Simply hand them the amount you want to add. If at any time during your cruise you spend it all, you can go to guest services and A.) give them more cash or B.) give them a card for the balance at the end. We have done this on all 7 cruises and have never incurred a hold on our card. We do still inform our bank that we will be out of the country just in case of emergency need for our card while in port. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Cheers includes only beverages. The food is for a charge, but I've found the prices to be excellent (50-60% less than your run of the mill pastry shops).
  8. We stayed in a spa cabin on Magic in 2013 and had a great time! We leave for the Dream in 10 days and have booked a spa balcony on this as well. It gives you access to the spa steam rooms and thalasso pool. The other "perks" and definitely not worth it imo (unless you plan to book 2 or more spa treatments of port days, the extras include hotel-size shampoo and conditioner in the room, some slippers and different robes) However, if you can book a regular cabin near the edge of the spa cabins and pay the weekly spa pass price for less than the spa cabin, you may want to do that.
  9. Check your S&S account, issues with S&S card (last cruise I lost one and the 2nd stopped swiping), get a free deck of cards, get envelopes for tipping on last night of cruise, close out your account... Seems like we were there a lot more than I thought! Never had to wait in line though with FTTF.
  10. I've been in a cove balcony once and standard balcony many times. For the view I absolutely recommend the cove balcony. There's something amazing about being so close to the water. However, with littles, you may want a regular balcony because they will be able to see through the glass and not try to see up and over the rail as much. For convenience, lido would outweigh the view for me. With kids playing at the pool it's a 2 minute trip for mom to grab a forgotten item from the stateroom while dad stays with the kids. Cove balcony is a 10 minute trip every time! Hope this helps :)
  11. I've purchased FTTF three times in the past: one about 6am, the second about 1:30pm and the last about 8pm. I think Carnival offers FTTF with no rhyme or reason, honestly. As you get closer to sail date check in multiple times a day. I've always booked in the last 2 weeks prior to leaving. Hope this helps!
  12. Water, tea, lemonade, hot chocolate, milk in AM or if you ask for it, and coffee. Oh, and all the melted soft-serve you can drink!
  13. A friend of mine used a small one in her stateroom shower last week with no problem. She tried to take it to the pool and they told her not allowed on decks. Hope this helps!
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