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  1. Ship: Melineum length of cruise. 7 days Alaska 9/24 Bid from Aqua to Celebrity Suite $720 pp not accepted
  2. Got the third shot. No side effects. Pfizer
  3. Bid on an upgrade from Aqua to CS. Departing 9/24. Hopeful someone may yet cancel a cs but not looking likely with only 8 on the ship. Bid a little more than the minimum but probably not enough. Got two emails asking if I wanted to bid.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that they do but it is limited
  5. My wife booked a 9:15 am flight as she needs to get home to go to a wedding. There is a good chance we don't make it but we have carry on luggage only. If we get off by 7:39 and can find acab right away we should be at the airport by 8-8:15. I know, stupid decision. Shoukd be interesting. If we dont make it we will try to get on the 11:15 flight to sfo.
  6. Been on 25 cruises never bought it. Have Kaiser. They will airlift you out and pay for hospital. At age 73 it is so expensive and most likely not covering covid. People have reported X paying for evacuation flight. F you dont buy it with initial booking you cant buy later with cruise line.
  7. My travel agent was on hold for 2.5 hours inquiring about military discount for me. They would not refare but gave me $100 onboard credit. Hard to understand unless they layed off most reps. Welcome to 2021, the year of poor service almost everywhere.
  8. Their web site says this test is at your cost. They dont pay for it.
  9. Is this normal? I am on a 9/24 alaska cruise. They cancelled my excursion of river rafting. When I go look at replacements in Juneau times are given. They don't dock until 2pm
  10. Why would anyone care who the Captain is? Little impact.
  11. I have the upgraded beverage package. While the wine list in the main dining room lists both classic and upgraded wines by the glass Blu does not. I would assume since you paid more you would have access to the expanded list in Blu, especially theFrench champagne at $15 per glass. Moutandon, I think.
  12. The wines by the glass in Luminae are much better than Blu. Can you get these wines in Blu?Blu seems to only have low end wines.
  13. They dont have a wine list in the restaurant?
  14. Travel agent also told me to ask the purser when boarding
  15. How does that work? My wife signs on and then signs off so I can use my defice? Or is thedevice you start with the only one you can use on the cruise.
  16. Gelato is usually higher density and less air. Very wonderful in Italy, not so much in other places. Princess has it and I limed their dining room ice cream better. If its betterI would pay. If not, no. I would try it once to see.
  17. Does the package limit you to one device and how many minutes?
  18. I noticed a military option on the front page before booking. Is there a military discount? If so how much?
  19. Whats the menu like in Lumiere? Lobster Thermidor?
  20. I am on a 7 day Alaska-on sept 24 . Booked in Blu. First cruise on Celebrity. Long time Princess cruiser. Anxious to try Blu dining. Offer is minimum $740 pp for Celebrity suite. Not interested in sky suite at $540.00 comments are appreciated. What would you do? maybe some are trying to upgrade to Blu and they are looking to move me to create space
  21. Anyone booked Mendenhall river raft trip in Juneau? It doesn't start until 5 pm. I have seen pictures of people wearing jeans. It is a pretty mild trip so I doubt you fall out. A bathing suit might be really cold. Any thoughts? I think it will be dark before
  22. They wont let you into the port until your boarding time. Maybe find a library or a restaurant where you can sit for a while. Or book a private tour, have them pick you up from the airport and then drive you to the ship.
  23. Everyone knew they were banning large cruise ships over a month ago. Why they took this long to change the cruise and notify you can only be speculated. Incompetence or not wanting people to cancel. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/venice-cruise-ship-ban-government/index.html
  24. I have a 7 day Alaska cruise in a few weeks. I never book that short of cruise but given a Covid and my unwillingness to go to Europe and I live in San Francisco area,mI booked it. Better than nothing at this point.
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