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  1. Not sure if anybody suggested this but with each deluxe alcohol package they give you a soda cup which is exactly the same as the one you get with the soda package. Your kids can just use those.
  2. I think it is actually now 12. The website hasn't been updated. If you continue through the registration process it changes to 12. At least it does for Harmony coming up in a couple weeks. The cruise compass also says 12. Not sure how old your granddaughter is though.
  3. Yes, thank you for taking the time to post the pictures. Will be there in a few weeks. We got one of the beds and they look real nice in the pictures.
  4. Has anyone tried the float out bar off the beach?
  5. I had a similar problem. My son turns 12 on the ship. I was able to download the app for him on his iphone and create a user name and password. For his birth date I just entered one that was inconsistent with what RC has on our reservation. I was able to do it and our cruise showed up on his app. I am curious if the chat will work with him or not. I did buy him VOOM so it probably will not matter but since he has the app at least he can view our calendar, the daily activities, etc. Jamie
  6. Zip line, Abyss and Flowriders have limited availability on port days. Slides will be open though. I recommend looking at a previous cruise compass for your ship and look at the hours on a port day.
  7. I am not 100% sure but I would bet that there is not an organized escape room session for the teens. It seems like RC structured this more as an adult activity given the 12 year old age limit. Also since it is an activity that has an extra fee I don't believe they would plan something there.
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