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  1. Thank you... Wasn't really looking at stacking as opposed to using the new $600 for a different cruise. so, I take it by you answer, I have basicly lost my 1st $600 credit as soon as they cancled my cruise.
  2. I just got hit by the new round of cancelations, I was going to Hawaii on the Miracle Sept 16th out of SFO. but this was the sailing I had booked with my Credit and $600 OBC credit after the one in October was canceled earlier this year. Do I now loose it? or do they see that and move it, and I get another OBC for the cancelation of this cruise? Anyone already go through this?? Thank you.. Chuck
  3. I too bought shares during this from each of the 3 major cruise lines. 2k from CCL. 700 from RC and 500 from NCLH.. I have faith that all will eventually return to normal and people will start cruising again in the numbers they were at before all of this, maybe not by the end of the year..but within a year or two.. You have to keep in mind..everyone in the world does not cruise..its really a small overall percentage that does..but those that do, will continue, and will continue to introduce new people to cruising...
  4. How are you able to book without paying? I have never had to pay before, and now I can't seem to find a way to do it, just tried the HUB app and it wants me to pay..
  5. Cool..Thank you... Not sure why they wont let you buy it online anymore..
  6. I just went online to order some bottles of liquor for our stateroom, and can't find it anywhere.. Although I have not done it on our past couple cruises on NCL because of the UBP, I know I have done it in the past on NCL and each of the other Cruise lines. Did NCL stop this, or am I just missing it somewhere.. Also, I am in just a regular cabin, so I have no concierge :) Thank you.. Chuck
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