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  1. The last time we went to HMC my 4 teens got back on the ship to eat lunch and then tendered back over to hang with us on the beach once they were finished eating.
  2. Grand Turk, Belize, Curacao. I can't pick just one!
  3. We've cruised in Cloud 9 Spa cabins twice. Each time we got shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and pillow spray in the bathroom and a body scrub that you make in the spa. The dispensers in the shower were filled with the usual shampoo and body wash. I have even asked for an extra shampoo/conditioner with no issues.
  4. 14 is the youngest age allowed to zip line
  5. We are going to be sailing the Breeze for a 2nd time next August. I prefer it over the Magic and so do our 4 older teens. Conquest class are my actual favorite, but when the whole family goes the Breeze wins out. The 3D theater is worth the money and even my in-laws enjoy it. I also agree with another poster, go to tea time at least once!
  6. Our last cruise on the Breeze and Magic in spa rooms we were upstairs in the theater. We also had to wait as they called over and over for missing guest.
  7. Was it Pillory Beach by chance? Was there a fee for beach access and chairs? And how much was taxi per person? Thanks!
  8. No, I have planned the whole cruise for everyone including excursions. We intend to do most things together and some separate. That’s the way the group wanted it, and I don’t mind, but I also don’t want to be over stressed either.
  9. We have a group of 21 going on the Breeze out of Port Canaveral. Because we have 6 rooms booked we've decided against trying to get FTTF for each room. What time would you suggest checking in with that size of group? Over half are 1st time cruisers so I'm doing my best to keep everything as simple and smooth as possible. We have never cruised without FTTF and so I'm not sure about how long the wait is without it. Thanks for any helpful suggestions you have!
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