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  1. Hi CruisinBarb and DocH20 It's been quite a while since I've posted on these boards for which I appologize. It has been an interesting time since we left the Flyer at Panama in November with some health challenges. Fortunately we are now beyond them. We shared the Barbados to Panama trip with DocH2O last fall and really enjoyed her's and Jeff's company. Her posts about the trip in December and also in January are very accurate and done far better than I could do. We had been on the transatlantic section prior to meeting them in Barbados and experiened the hurricane on the Flyer as we approached Barbados.....other than the intense rain my wife and I really enjoyed the experience. Regarding your question comparing the Flyer and Royal, we definately prefer the smaller ships (Star Flyer or Star Clipper which are essentially the same). We crossed on the Royal in October 2008 and had a wonderful cruise. We crossed on the Clipper in 2006 and on the Flyer in 2010. However we much prefer the intimacy offered on the Clipper or Flyer, mainly because of fewer passengers. The sailing flexability is also a positive consideration because of the rigging of the smaller vessals. On the other hand, the Royal is larger and has very luxiourious features. This comment comes down to personal preference.
  2. Thanks for the coaching. I plan to bring my little netbook computer for the explcit purpose of providing storage space for pictures. The camera I borrowed creates large files for each shot, not to mention the video so I can't imagine how many SD cards I would need. I probably won't try editing with the netbook, it doesn't really have the computing power for that......so maybe when we get home.....in spare time..??!! We leave in 2 weeks and are really excited....see you in Barbados.
  3. We too are really looking forward to the trip. Lots of preparation before being away 6 weeks. We start in about a month when we board the Flyer in France. Look forward to meeting you and your friends as well as Harriet and Geoff in Barbados. We will also see Pralientje who is booked from France on the transatlantic section. She plans to return home from Barbados. I already have lots of pictures and some video from previous trips....but one can never have enough so I have borrowed a newer camera from my son and am now practicing with great results......of course Harriet is the 'queen' of photography as evidenced by her published shows so I look forward to some expert coaching.
  4. Hello Cdubya and Pralientje We look forward to meeting you Cdubya and seeing you again Pralientje...you may recall we sailed with you on the Clipper crossing in 2004....a couple of months ago you confirmed yourself in a picture at the Captain's dinner that I had posted on a different thread. I am envious of your recent recent repositioning cruise and enjoyed reading a portion of your blog., I only saw the first part....remind me how to access it so I can catch up with more. Cdubya....you mentioned all your previous time cruising mostly as a crewmember....was that on a private vessel or perhaps with Star Clippers? Sounds like you're a real veteran and I look forward to hearing more. We board in Cannes and are really looking forward to an extended time on the Flyer.
  5. Hi Porcia Great to hear from you! I've had several medical issues since we sailed together but all seems well now. As a result we had to cancel, at the very last minute, our reservations on the Flyer crossing leading to the no frills trip you took. However tried to make up for it with a Royal crossing in 2008 followed by some additional medical issues which are now resolved. We have concluded that the smaller ships are more intimate so when we saw the Flyer was doing a crossing this year we signed up early, with a bonus 2 weeks beyond Barbados to Balboa (see thread referenced in my first post). We're really excited about the prospect of so much time sailing and also passing through the Panama Canal. Sure wish you would be with us again.....our crossing together is my hallmark for crossings, so far, so we will miss you. Hope all is well with both of you.
  6. Hi Harriet - I've started the promised new link for the October Flyer transatlantic and referenced this thread so others might choose to include you and John in their responses. You asked about posting single pictures as I did recently. I discovered how somewhat by accident. Click on "Go Advanced" under the Quick Reply box. Under 'Additional Options' there is a button for 'Managing Attachments'. There are some size limits but with your picture editing skills that will be a breeze. By the way, Captain Sergey was also our captain for both crossings, on the Clipper and later on the Royal. I agree that he was wonderful and would really enjoy being with him again. However, I don't expect we'll see him on the Flyer.
  7. We are booked on the Flyer for the transatlantic crossing beginning in Cannes on October 2, 2010. For a bonus, we will continue for 2 more weeks for the Barbados to the Panama through mid November. We can’t quite believe that we will be on the ship for 6 weeks………something to really look forward to. Like many, we are repeaters. Our most recent SC experiences were transatlantics on the Royal in 2008 and on the Clipper in 2004. Prior to these we had been on the Clipper in the Caribbean. We are obviously great fans of Star Clippers. We’d enjoy hearing from others who are planning to be on either or both legs. We’ve already made contact with ‘DocH2o’ and ‘Rimau’ who will board at Barbados for the 2 weeks across the Caribbean to Panama. See the thread “October Barbados to Panama” begun by ‘cruisingbarb’ in August 2009. Skip down to posts starting with DocH2o’s on January 9th this year to pickup the portion we’ve posted on.
  8. Hi All.....we are 'Lo' and Jan from Cape Cod and look forward to meeting you in Barbados. As I've reported in earlier posts, we will be boarding the Flyer in Cannes for a transatlantic crossing before arriving in Barbados. I may start a new thread looking for people on the crossing portion of our trip and will try to reference this thread in case anyone I find is also continuing on to Panama. Harriet....you mentioned 'Pralientje' in an earlier posting. I'm pretty sure she was on board during our Star Clipper transatlantic in 2004.....we were all at the Captain's table for the final dinner....as I recall I think she is Dutch. I've attached a picture of that dinner. 'Pralientje' is sitting next to Captain Sergey on his right (Heidi is on his left)...we are in the foreground....She was an active passenger so I will check out her blog for the current transpacific trip.....her 66 days beats our 43 on the Flyer this fall and sounds really great.
  9. Wow!! Your picture shows are wonderful....great photography and editing. We did the same crossing in 2008 so they brought back so many great memories. I really look forward to seeing the Crossing portion when you get it completed. We particularly enjoyed hearing 'The Conquest of Paridise' in Lisbon. I have the recording and when I want to get into a Star Clipper mood I will listen to it. ...the sails rising on the smaller ships is also very impressive, in some ways even more so than the Royal because the sails seem more expansive as they go up. Have you discovered any other passengers on the Flyer this fall.....either for the Barbados to Panama leg or perhaps the Atlantic crossing? I will look into how I might share some of my Star Clipper pictures from our 2004 crossing. It won't be anywhere near as professional as what you've done, but they might help to get acquainted with the ship before you board.
  10. My wife has a serious allergic reaction to any tobacco smoke. Cigar smoke is especially troublesome. On numerous occasions we have had to leave activities in the area of the Tropical Bar because of tobacco smoke. Too bad we can't all enjoy the entertainment without being forced away because of a few. Banning all smoking at the Tropical Bar and the surrounding area would please us enormously. However, if you must smoke, wherever you are on the ship, please posistion yourself down-wind from your neighbors so they may also enjoy their cruise.
  11. DocH2O - Home for us is Cape Cod in Massachusetts, very near the water. I am writing this from Florida where we've spent 3 months in the winter for many years to keep warm.... but not this year when it has been cool to cold (for Florida) most of the time we've been here. I think I came across a place where you had posted a picture show of your crossing. I only looked for a short while and was very impressed. Can't remember where it is so perhaps you'd provide the site....I'd love to spend more time enjoying them. You obviously enjoyed the Royal as did we. We decided that we prefer the smaller ships, mainly because they are a bit more intimate with fewer passengers. I expect you will also enjoy your time on the Flyer. It's been a while since our early SC cruises in the Carribbean and it will be fun this time to have some water/beach opportunities that are pretty much unavailable during a crossing.
  12. We will be taking this cruise as a back to back with the transatlantic from Cannes to Barbados. Having done crossings on both the Royal and the Clipper we enjoyed the smaller ship and have been looking for an opportunity to do it again. Were booked on the last Flyer Atlantic crossing in 2007 but had to cancel at the last minute for medical reasons (48 hours before our flight)....huge disappointment!! When the new itinerary came out last year we jumped at the chance to take the Flyer crossing followed by the Barbados to Panama leg and have been booked since last summer. I see the ship is almost sold out so I'm glad we started early. Since our first time on the Clipper, about 2002, we have vowed never again to consider any other kind of cruising and we're so looking forward to 6 weeks. Are you planning on being aboard?
  13. Hi DocH2O My wife and I also will be on the Barbados to Balboa Star Flyer trip in Oct/Nov 2010. For us this will be following to the Flyer Transatlantic to Barbados leaving Cannes on October 2nd. This will be our third crossing, previously on the Clipper in 2004 and the Royal in 2008. Those were both wonderful experiences. We're really looking forward to being on the Flyer for about 6 weeks this time!! Sounds too good to be true. Prior to our 2004 crossing I had made contact with a fellow passenger via Cruise Critic. We enjoyed her company along with her husband during the cruise. It was fun to compare notes as the time approached.
  14. We have sailed three times on the Star Clipper and found the 110V cabin power to be totally compatable with our US battery chargers and electonic devices. We are now looking forward to sailing for the first time on the Royal next month (Rome to Barbados) and understand that the cabin voltage is 220V. Will we need any special adaptors or converters in order to operate our US electronic devices or charge batteries as long as they are rated at 220V?
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