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  1. We used it when we brought the kids, you HAVE to check it constantly, it's not the same as texting, or messenger, but it's fine. Especially for $5 per person! When it's just the hubs and I, we don't usually get it! Enjoy!
  2. We bring cash, especially ones, to tip wait/bar staff. We give our room steward a little extra, and usually tip for drinks too! it's not necessary, we enjoy it! (I'm a bartender, so I couldn't skip it) Have a blast!
  3. We just ordered the reusable ones, but before that, packing tape and very small wire ties. I'd tape them up at home, punch a hole in the bottom, and wire tie before we got to the ship terminal. I ordered them this time just for the heck of it! I've never just used the paper print out, I have trust issues with that!! LOL Happy Cruising!
  4. as mentioned earlier, it get's applied to your account, if you don't spend much, it will probably cover gratuities. You can NOT specifically apply it toward your gratuities, but if your bill at the end is small, it WILL cover them! Have a BLAST!! 93 days for us!! WOOT WOOT!
  5. Only on the last 2 cruises did this happen! I'll have to bring zip ties and try that!! Not a big issue, still had a blast!
  6. Good for you, we dress nice, slacks and shirt on DH, and I wear Carpis and a nice top with sandals, causal, but nice. I've seen people in shorts and Tees, it doesn;t ruin my night!! The menu is usually very good on those elegant nights, don;t miss out!! Have a blast!!
  7. I lost my drivers license on the last day of my cruise in 2017, I didn;t realize until we were off the ship. It took over a month, but it was returned, I kept getting emails that they were still searching! Hopefully you'll get it back!!
  8. OMG!! I love this and you!! I really think you should cruise with us!! We could totally be cruise BFF's ! Well, except for a few things..... #1 My OCD would make me unpack as SOON as I get the suitcases (it's the main reason I purchase the FTTF) I'm nuts!! #2 "WORKOUT" What is this evil you speak of?? #3 Do you LOVE football??? asking for a friend..... THANKS, we're on the Breeze in 2020!! NOLA this year on the Glory!!
  9. we love the conquest, sailed on her twice and heading out on her sister ship, the GLory. this fall!! It's a great size ship and we love the layout! Enjoy!! All balconies are fun!! LOL
  10. we use the discounted AARP gift cards (many threads on here about these) save them up and purchase so we get a 10% discount on cheers (and cruises) FYI
  11. We have a B2B booked for next fall, I asked my PVP the same question. HE can see they are linked, but I can't! I found that odd, that they can't show us that on their site, but oh well!! Can't wait!! Have fun!!
  12. Ha! You’re probably right, but I’d most likely spend it on something else, so my way works for me!
  13. yeah! book another, low deposits and pay slowly!! I'ts always nice to have your next one booked when you get off the ship!! if not, I guess just keep an eye out for future cruises and start a savings toward one, maybe that will help? Good luck!!
  14. we put 2 ($100) on our account on day 1, then will add another if we need too. We usually carry a couple extra, in case we spend more. Whatever we have left, we apply toward our next cruise! You don't have to put the whole amount on the S&S card, so you don;t have to worry about a refund, FYI Have a blast!!
  15. Price was a big factor, but the fact that we've had so much fun each time, why switch? I guess at some point we may try another line, but we love carnival for the casual fun of it all!
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