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  1. Sailed on her twice! A great ship!! I agree about the aft Adults only pool, and bar!! GREAT spot!! AND, if it rains, the roof closes!!!! sometimes busy, but so much fun! Find the BBQ place and the coffee shop on day 1, it's trickier to navigate! If you have YTD, go behind the lobby bar to get to the entrance, it was confusing first time! The EA sports bar behind the casino is fun too, usually a good crown for games! there's a bunch of quieter areas on deck 10 and 11 you can usually get lounge chairs to soak up the sun! Have a blast!
  2. We've only sailed Carnival with the exception of a Royal cruise back in 1993 out of Tampa ( a 3 day to no where cruise) and were thinking about trying Royal or Norwegian. We have had very little issues with Carnival, so not brave enough to try YET!! We enjoy the casual atmosphere very much, and have always had great service! My list of "complaints"would be very small! Thanks for this review! Which line is your favorite? just wondering!
  3. sounds like you have a bit of PTSD! I can't imagine how scary that was! I've seen some videos out there with that happening! Maybe someone that has experienced similar and has sailed again with offer some wise words! I know this may sound stupid, but there's an old saying, "when you fall off the bike, get right back on" Maybe just confront your fears? Although a cruise is a LOT more expensive!! I wish you well in whatever decision you make!!
  4. Ha ha!! Yes. Blonde moment. We’ve been to Grand Caymen , but a while ago. Ant remember!! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. great ship, great ports!! So many things to consider!! Level of activity, ability, etc!! we Enjoy the port area in grand cayman, there's plenty to do at little cost, pool, beach etc!! If you go off to the right of the port, on the beach, there a place to rent Jet skis, our son and nephew did this, they had a blast!! If you walk up the beach area to the right of the beach, head up to Jacks'Shack, great food and fun!! Margaritaville is right there, and you can use their pool or head right to the beach! Roatan is great shopping, and fantasic beach area! Never did any excursions there. Cozumel we've only done a little exploring, a short guide tour and then shopping, cocktails!! Belize has some fantastic sights, I would book a carnival tour there, as it's Honduras (my opinion only) lol So many people we've cruised with have had so much fun in Belize, on excursions, rain forest tours and many others! We've been on the legend twice, had a blast both times, for sure an older ship, but we love the size! if you go to the port area of this site, there's a ton of threads on what to do, it depends on what you're looking for!! Have a blast!!!
  6. Question about football!! (sorry, not sorry LOL) I know there's no Sky Box sports bar, but one up in the sports area on a higher deck! We're football fans (fanatics), aside from the big screen-worthy games, is there another spot to catch some games? We'll be on this ship for a B2B in late Oct/Nov this year! Just wondering best place to watch games?? TIA Great style review!!
  7. thanks so much, great info all around!! Signed up, have tons of points, and ordered 3 gift cards!! yay!
  8. Sorry if this is a repeat question, just wayyyy too many pages! Is there a thread with Allstate codes? And WHERE on the site or the app do I put them? TIA Happy Sailing!
  9. Can you be more specific about the shopping area? does in have a name/ location?? thanks!!
  10. OH YES!! for sure we will, where is the best place to do that (first timer) and are the port area and shopping areas open? thanks!
  11. We are heading out on the Glory in 2 weeks! YAY Anyone been there since it re-opened? JUst wondering how it was, what to do, or NOT to do?? Thanks!
  12. Definitely being UNPLUGGED! We'll check in when we go to an island and get on WiFi, but that's it!! All of the above too! We just love being on or near the ocean the entire time! Meeting new people from all over is fun too!! Enjoy!
  13. We always get 2 decks below the lido deck so we take the stairs a lot! LOL Work off some of the food and drinks!! Usuallt aft, but closer to mid ship!
  14. Not really, she has aged a bit, I had a great time and the staff was excellent, but I probably won;t sail on her again! Heading out on the GLory in November, I've heard the same/similar about that ship too, but we wanted to check out NOLA! We make the best of it, but I get the not liking a ship!! Happy cruising!
  15. We've been on her twice, last fall was the last time! Sure she's a bit older, but was very clean, and had a great staff! We had no issues, had a great time! She's a good size for relaxing and yes, you could see the age in a few places, but it's still a great ship! I hope you enjoy if you decide to book!!
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