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  1. Driveshaft

    New Orleans 2020

    Celebrity does two New Orleans cruises. I think you are chatting about the one that covers the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival first weekend. We were on that in 2017 and this year 2018. Celebrity Equinox both times RT Miami The other is timed to be at New Orleans leading up to Mardi Gras
  2. Here is what I did and it worked on the Equinox April 23/2018 cruise. We were listed as early dining (Concierge Cabin and Elite if it matters). I went on to the Celebrity website and "booked" select dining for 6:45 pm for all nights of the cruise. You go to the specialty dining site and at the bottom was a pick for select dining. You have to do each one separate. The cost is $0.00 but it goes through the motions like a paid order except no credit card involved. Then checked and printed the"calendar" showing my pre-purchased shore excursions and the Select dining purchased dining dates. I printed it out and took it to the Maitre 'D on first evening at 6pn early dining time instead of 6:45pm. They checked the computer and looked quizzical since I presume they saw both arrangements on their screen. Bottom line they honored the booked Select dining reservations for all the rest of the 11 nights
  3. Driveshaft

    motirized wheelchair rental?

    Scootaround did the rental for us
  4. Driveshaft

    How was Mast Grille?: Recent Equinox Cruises

    I wonder about the charges in the Gastropub too. Haven't seen any posts raving positive or negative on that per pay venue. It's got no real hook like other lines tying to a popular chain or chef.
  5. Driveshaft

    How was Mast Grille?: Recent Equinox Cruises

    Thanks Good to know that they are still gratis and still good eating. I love that grille during sea days.
  6. Driveshaft

    Celebrity perks

    No worries it is included in the perk. Normally 18% added if pay as you go, a purchased package or in the classis to Premium upgrade
  7. Did they change to per pay burgers etc or still fee free?
  8. Driveshaft

    Menu for the Evening Meal in the Ocean View Cafe

    Awesome photos thanks
  9. Driveshaft

    Turquoise or silver in Costa Maya

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  10. Driveshaft

    Menu for the Evening Meal in the Ocean View Cafe

    Are the steak grilles back aft near the rear bar area on most OV layouts? I assume they are because I never went back there and missed that gem
  11. Driveshaft

    Turquoise or silver in Costa Maya

    Last year we went to Tropicante and the owner Steve Uhl directed us to one of the local silversmiths. He is on the strand there near Tropicante. His work was intricate, some unique and high quality. I therefore suggest you try Tropicante and ask Steve for an introduction to the Silver place.I wear one of his pieces every day. It's over 3.5 oz of silver bracelet.
  12. Driveshaft

    Alaska Itineraries?

    We too are booked first time for Alaska in June 2019. My DW and Sister in law were the prime reason to try Alaska. It was a tough decision on cruise lines and itineraries. I used the CC Boards and Trip Advisor etc. for background in making the decision. We finally ended up with a mid June 19 RT from Vancouver going to Hubbard Glacier. . Here is the order of decision making we did: 1. When: June is considered dryer and still wildlife intensive. A little, very little, cheaper than July Aug too. 2. Cruise line: We opted for Celebrity because we were transferring from a booked Caribbean cruise primarily and were not opting for a land portion for this first trip. Alaskan cruises and shore excursions are pricy. We like the Eclipse too. 3. Itinerary: We opted for a RT with Hubbard with Icy Strait Point. It is the best compromise for wildlife which is what my Sis in law wants to see. Her fellow workmates gave her some scoops on their past experiences to nail this down. RT also provides better airfare pricing.
  13. Driveshaft

    Electronic Craps on Equinox

    On the contrary, our last Equinox cruise one night we casually walked over to the Craps table with only 2-3 people playing. I was quietly explaining some of the betting details to my DW when the closest player chided me for doing so and especially for breaking some sacred rule of never mentioning certain numbers near the table. I usually play a little which was why I was doing the explaining why it was better than slots, but I chose not to play any craps that cruise because of his rude behavior.
  14. Driveshaft

    Choice Air assistance

    They changed the name. It is now called Flights by Celebrity There is a link on the Celebrity main page Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Try Tropicante in Costa Maya. Steve Uhl is the expat that owns it and they do a good job. Not an all inclusive but you will eat and drink well for probably the same outlay.