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  1. Yes it is a hoot and a half. We are seniors and had a ball on it.
  2. Actually a Manhattan is made with a Rye or typically a Canadian, which is also conspicuously absent. It's a Boulevardier when made with a Bourbon. How do you make a seven and seven with no Seven? Or that Bourbon and Branch. All Bourbon is Sour Mash per se. The wort is fermented from a mash of grains, water and yeast 1. It must be made in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky, although 95 percent of the world’s supply is. 2. Aging must take place in a new, charred, oak barrel. Whiskey can be aged in used barrels and often is (Scotch). The bourbon must be aged for at least two years to be considered a straight bourbon. 3. The mash must be at least 51 percent corn. Rye, wheat and barley are typically the other grains 4. The whiskey cannot enter the barrel at higher than 125 proof. It cannot enter the bottle at a proof less than 80. 5. Nothing can be added but water and only to lessen the proof when necessary. Other whiskeys can add color and flavor. Not bourbon, it must be au-naturel. Note: Once the original aging is done it can be additionally aged in other new or used barrels e.g. Angel's Envy (Port) or Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  3. Dang it, No Bourbon. And yes JD is not sold as a bourbon even though it is technically one but filtered.
  4. Is it worth lugging my snorkel equipment to the island? is there anything worth seeing? We are going in May.
  5. Can anyone tell me about snorkeling on Coco Cay? Is there a spot worth lugging my snorkel set onto the island. The only thing we have paid for for the cruise is the jet ski tour.
  6. September 15-21 Empress 6 day change 6 night western caribbean cruise MIAMI, FLORIDA KEY WEST, FLORIDA PUERTO COSTA MAYA, MEXICO COZUMEL, MEXICO
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