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  1. How old is the child? Admission to the water park is based on age, not height. Ages 0-3 are free. If older, there's a fee.
  2. Royal Caribbean must be inconsistent about using this email address for My Time Dining table reservations. I sent an e-mail to rcldining@rccl.com for my cruise in June, requesting that my party of 16 be placed at two tables beside or near each other in MTD. Our reservations were all linked and I provided all of our names and numbers. I received an e-mail response, which stated that rcldining@rccl.com is only used to make arrangements/requests for Traditional Dining Reservations, and that I would have to go directly to the Maitre'D as soon as I got on the ship to take care of my request. Fortunately, we were able to have our request honored on the ship and it worked out fine.
  3. How many people were in the family? It's possible that they were in more than one cabin. My daughter's family of 6 people were in three different cabins and brought on a case of 24 water bottles and a six pack of soda, which did not exceed her limit.
  4. We did the same thing with our party of 16 on our Mariner cruise in June and it worked out fine. OP, if everybody booked through the same travel agent, ask the agent to link all of the reservations. Also check with him/her about your other questions. We made our MTD reservation for 6:15 every night in the cruise planner, but had to be flexible when we spoke to the maitre'd on board and changed it to 6:00 in order to get our tables together, with the same wait staff every night. It may be difficult to get a 7:00 reservation for a party of 22 since that time is midway between the two traditional times. They want to "turn the tables over" at least twice in the evening and not have them sit empty while holding them for such a large group.
  5. Yes, my granddaughters are vegetarians and were happy with choices at Coco Cay. There are veggie burgers, salads, a taco bar, rice and beans, fresh fruit, etc. Enjoy!
  6. How old are your kids? There are plenty of fun things to do without paying to go into the water park, including the beach, the awesome Oasis pool, Splash Away Bay and the pirate ship (forget it's name). If your kids are young, save the water park for when they are teenagers and you'll all have a better day as a family.
  7. There are no wrist bands. They scan your sea pass card, which has the excursion loaded on the card, when you enter the water park.
  8. Yes, you will be fine booking three cabins in a row for your family. This is exactly what my daughter did for her recent cruise with 2 adults and 4 siblings, 19, 18, 16, and 13.
  9. There are plenty of free activities for you and your kids to enjoy at Coco Cay without buying water park tickets. Here's a You Tube video:
  10. I just checked the Cruise Compass from my recent visit to Coco Cay on June 27, 2019 aboard Mariner of the Seas. The following times were listed for food on the Island: 10:30 am-3:30 pm: Oasis Snack Shack and Water Park Snack Shack 11:00 am- 4:00 pm: Captain Jack's- Wings and Fries 11:30 am-3:00 pm: Chill Grill and Skipper's Grill 11:30 am-3:30 pm: Windjammer Marketplace on the ship
  11. We were at Coco Cay at the end of June with our extended family and visited the waterpark. If you do a google search, you will find a You Tube video called "Perfect Day at Coco Cay Complete Waterpark Tour/ Review, All Slides, POV's + More" (approx. 45 minute video). At around the 32 minute mark, you can see a video of the Wave Pool, which should give you a better sense of if you will be able to cool off in this pool. You may be able to enjoy the shallow end; however if you have any balance issues, you may have difficulty when you go as deep as waist height. My husband found parts of the wave pool to be quite rough. My husband and I really enjoyed the lagoon pool. The water was not deep until you got into the middle of the pool, so there was plenty of area to walk around waist or chest deep. The swim up bar with stools was shaded and there were plenty of lounge chairs with umbrellas around the pool. You may want to spend some time at the water park and some time at the lagoon pool. I wish you well with your treatments and hope that your family has a great day at Coco Cay!
  12. Also check out Freedom class and Voyager class ships. Their itineraries usually offer more variety in the ports that they are able to visit.
  13. It's been reported that the price varies depending upon the ship and sailing date. The price will be listed on your cruise planner pages on RCCL's website and sometimes goes on sale.
  14. Yes, free lockers. No, you must pay to enter the water park, even if you don't plan to ride the slides.
  15. We were at Coco Cay last week. Yes, there are free lockers in the water park.
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