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  1. And that's per cabin, not per person, even if more than passenger owns at least 100 shares.
  2. Here's the link on how much the OBC is and how to claim it: 2020ShareholderBenefit.pdf
  3. Not sure if they can cruise for 14 days without refueling. Plus, a ship sailing from the US must stop in at least 1 port in another country which is the only reason cruises to Hawaii spend a few hours in Ensenada on the way back.
  4. Have your daughter book the cabin for you.
  5. This applies at all serenity areas on all Carnival ships.
  6. It wouldn't make sense for the SHIP to go to a port if passengers aren't able to disembark. The cruise line pays for the actual time the ship is in port, so if the port is closed due to weather or disease, you will be notified and either go to a different port or have another sea day.
  7. We've seen it on other ships and we don't care for it either for breakfast. Going later and trying it for lunch on our next cruise.
  8. What if you're transgender or neutral?
  9. Say "Rum and cola" or "Rum and Pepsi". Or just drink the rum straight.
  10. Looks like they might be working on the website. I see where you can enter credit or debit card or gift cards so I would try later or tomorrow.
  11. I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" since the OBC is probably per person, but you should probably call.
  12. Everything goes through a security scanner, so there's a good chance it will be spotted.
  13. So it might be a problem if you like to sleep late.
  14. Carnival is the largest cruise company in the world. It is well diversified in destinations, ships and price levels. Like everything else that affects the markets the news about the virus will eventually improve, as will the price of all cruise line stocks.
  15. Zero. If the CD is good we enjoy it. If the CD is bad we ignore it. Lee Mason and Steven Schwartz were the best. Dr E. was the worst.
  16. No one, not even Warren Buffet, can accurately predict when any stock will hit rock bottom. If you buy 100 shares of Carnival at $40 per share it will pay you $200 in dividends this year. If you also go on a 14 day Carnival cruise this year you will receive $200 of on board credit. That's a 10% return on your investment, and the OBC is not taxable.
  17. A Journeys cruise is longer than 7 or 8 days.
  18. The new level begins at embarkation. If you turn platinum any time on the cruise you will receive priority boarding.
  19. I have never received an upsell offer that I found to be worth taking.
  20. Your statement that most restaurants no longer take reservations is incorrect.
  21. The port information has been available since last year, through December 2021.
  22. I surprised my better half by telling her to pack for a week in warm weather and to bring a couple of fancy dresses. Handed her the boarding passes while we were waiting for the shuttle to the ship in front of our hotel the next morning.
  23. There is no way to accurately predict. It is based on supply and demand in every port. Depending on what time you board the shuttle, they may wait until it's full, or leave sooner if there are a lot of passengers waiting at the port. If you don't like to wait there are other shuttle services, taxis and ride sharing.
  24. There are always 2 on a 7 night cruise, and they are never held the first or last night.
  25. So don't waste a minute of your cruise waiting in line at Shore Excursions or using the painfully slow internet hub. If you find a good deal before you sail, book it and you will have something to look forward to when you come home.
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