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  1. Not due to fires, but current itinerary (6JAN20) skipped Oban due to rough sea conditions. We went north after Milford Sound to take the Cook Straight between the Islands (rather than continue our counter-clockwise circumnavigation of the Islands), resulting in one extra day and sea, to reach Timaru, the next scheduled port-of-call. We were successful in landing on Norfolk Island. I was told, but cannot vouch for the veracity of the claim, that the prior six attempts from previous voyages failed. They now use locally-provided tenders which are heavy duty and made of metal, rather than fiberglass. Both of the above unrelated to Australian fires, so apologies for going off topic, but figure may be of interest to some with future cruises planned in the region.
  2. I have a haircut in the salon scheduled for 12:30p embarkation day. Safe to assume they’ll allow boarding slightly prior for that appointment? I don’t want to imposition, but the only other time available for Day 1 was too late in the evening for my preferences.
  3. Thank you so much. I’m feeling rather dense as I had seen those photos but completely forgotten. I greatly appreciate the reminder 🙂.
  4. Still scouring the internet for any images of the premium / penthouse suites at the forward or aft corners.
  5. Apologies if this was previously mentioned, but from a recent YouTube video (see attached), a couple details noted about Sky: • no open-air gap on port side Lido deck bump out (as deck plans indicate - assuming starboard also has no gap - but SeaWalk glass appears present) • struts for outdoor canopy over al fresco dining area on promenade deck
  6. Found this sneak preview of some of Sky’s staterooms on Instagram. I realize taste/style/decor is subjective, but to me, looks like a nice and more modern interpretation of Princess’ long-standing design.
  7. Ah, I interpreted your statement “they had to be to bed by 2 am” to mean they had from 1:15am until 2am when it was their bedtime. Hence, not a couple hours, but rather, 45 minutes. Sounds like that tender operation was doomed for failure for many folks from the start! 🙂
  8. I think 45 minutes to take a tender to shore, go to a bar / club for a drink, and tender back (I assume that’s what you mean by “dressed up to go out”) is a VERY optimistic timeline, even for the most seasoned crew! 🙂
  9. Many thanks! Great photo of the northern lights. I hope to see them some day myself. Curious to hear from subsequent Sky cruisers with regard to state of the ship, but that’s for another thread. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks so much. And thank you, @johneb2 for your review. We have sailed Sky before and are scheduled for her at the end of May. Been following the Sky threads with great interest.
  11. Hi, do you have a link to your review? I couldn’t find it. Thanks!
  12. I believe Cheng discussed this prior (as you alluded to): I’ll defer to the experts on whether Viking’s design is uniform or why there isn’t some sort of “failsafe”.
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