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  1. sdonlon13....bread that tastes good without toasting? I will definitely try it. Thanks. Just hate paying $9-$10 for a loaf of bread/rolls and not liking it. That’s why I ask for recommendations.
  2. Thanks. It’s nice to know I won’t have to eat salad for four days 😄. The last time I was in Sydney was in 2008 prior to diagnosis and having to go gluten free. The FS hotel was great and location was perfect. I have been on many Princess ships traveling GF. I have had good and not so good experiences. I have never been glutened on a Princess ship (RCCL is another story). Mostly issue is with head waiter you end up with to handle your order. Some are very good and some leave you sitting forever to get next day menu. Funny on one ship they would not serve me caesar salad (minus croutons) as they said dressing not GF but all other ships would. Crown Grill made the onion soup for me with GF bread and Ultimate Balcony Dinner accommodated me without an issue. Special GF dessert each night was good....some better than others but still nice. I have read that some had to order GF pizza a day ahead but this has never been my case. I would suggest taking some rolls...for burgers, hotdogs. In the past I have taken on bakery that I made at home by flying with it frozen. But will not be an option this time as Australia is strict about bring non commercial food into country so trying to buy some locally. Going to try and buy rolls and breakfast pastries as well as some snack bars for tours. Chris
  3. Thanks. I have done that but am not familiar with the locals brands and local restaurants
  4. Margo I am aware of ships arrangements as I have used it many times. My concern is being in Sydney pre cruise and not knowing availability
  5. Thanks sippican. I will have some food with me but mainly for the flight to Sydney. Ordering a GF meal on flights is not always successful and I don’t get a meal 50% of the time. In Sydney I just wanted to pick up some rolls and snack items to take on ship as same toasted bread every meal for 29 days will get monotonous. BTW....Love be your location....We are originally from NH and now live on east coast of Fl.
  6. Thanks. As I said I hope not to carry from the states.
  7. I am searching for information regarding purchasing gluten free products to take onboard the Ruby Princess . I had planned on flying with rolls and snacks but wonder if this is necessary. I know as long as they are commercially produced and in an unopened package I would just need to declare them on arrival in Sydney. But from what I am reading on other threads it seems like I may be able to purchase GF products when I arrive. Can anyone who is GF recommend local brands as I am sure it is like in the states...not all GF products are the same. I also have have a question regarding restaurants. I have been researching on Trip Advisor for places to eat. A lot say they have GF but it seems many have salad and grilled meats. This will get old after a few days so looking for variety. We are staying at the Four Seasons so if anyone would share their favorite restaurants and dishes I would really appreciate it. TIA Chris
  8. Yes to gluten free pasta dishes in dining room. Not in buffet or Alfredo’s...only pizza there.
  9. I have done gluten free on both ships and used anytime dining. It went smoother on the Royal than it did on the Emerald. I think this is head waiter dependent. On the Emerald I would wait forever for head waiter to let the waiter know my pre selected meal (from night before) . Then waiting for next night’s menu took forever. This is important if you are trying to make a show. On the Royal it went much smoother and I was given next night’s menu after everyone had ordered and during wait for first course. Then we were free to leave as soon as dessert was over and not have to wait for head waiter. Both ships had mystery desserts every night. Chef’s gluten free special. They were mostly good although a few were bland. One suggestion I would make is bring some rolls/muffins with you. While Princess does an excellent job with gluten free diets, they serve the same bread toasted every meal. It gets old after seven days but it is really old on any longer trip. I want a change. So I bring Schars rolls (use for dinner rolls or burgers) and also muffins for a change at breakfast. I was not impressed with options at IC.
  10. Try the Melbourne airport. On the east coast. A lot less crowded than Orlando/FLL/MIA. The port is a straight shot down I95 and will take about 2-1/2 to 3 hours.
  11. I noticed side dishes posted on the bottom of the menu and they changed daily. How. does this work since all entrees list the accompanying sides? Are these substitutions you can order or extra dishes?
  12. That’s right spread the germs. Just like the dining room encouraging everyone to wave their napkins after they have wiped their mouths, coughed or sneezed on them. Fastest way to spread droplets. And then people complain how sick they a few days after getting home.
  13. I think those are the emergency doors...water tight/fire doors (?). They are open at all times except during an emergency or a drill. Not an issue being opened and closed all the time.
  14. A couple of weeks ago on the Regal they showed The Green Book, Crazy Rich Asians, Bohemin Rapsody, There were also a couple of others but my brain is cooperating right night.
  15. bac alabama....As for class of ship we much prefer the Crown, Emerald or Ruby. Our all time favorite was Diamond and Sapphire Princess but have not been on them since their remodel for Asian cruises so I am not sure we would like the changes. Next would be the Grand, Star, and Caribbean Princess. Not a fan of Sea Princess. But back to Royal/Regal....we love the buffet area . We do not like theater layout not the Atrium. The atrium seems to have too many noises/sounds coming from the three different floors that it makes it less than enjoyable. We also miss Skywalkers. The layout of Club 6 just doesn’t work for us. But this is why Princess has different type ships....something for everyone.
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