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  1. Not sure but I seem to remember Harry was waiting for some medical treatment .
  2. Our local council have just voted to fund and help the local businesses who are supporting these kids. No kid in our area will go hungry during the school breaks said our council .
  3. Josy & Pete thanks for your updates and look forward to reading all about your progress in the vaccine trials .
  4. I like to read each day on here as I always find something to lift my spirit with the things you do like the vaccine trials or just a few words of comfort or support to each other and long may it last . Sometimes we have to turn away from the gutter press that only want to give out a headline to sell their papers and wonder if we will ever see something good. Reading our local papers online I am happy to read how warmth & kindness does extend beyond the pages of C-Critic into real life out in the streets where we live . Within a few miles of where we live ,we have a couple of sandwich shops who like the rest of us will have found things tough over the last few months. Through social media and a flyer through the letterbox, I find they are trying to feed kids from struggling families . Here's what they have to say :- "We would like to help anybody struggling to feed their children in the school holidays. "If you or anybody you may know is struggling to feed your children please please do not hesitate to contact us. "You can contact with no questions asked. Don't worry you do not have to buy anything ,we are only trying to support you. "Don’t feel embarrassed we are here to help, it will go no further and we don’t need to know your details. Let’s just keep those little people smiling." They want to give each kid a lunch bag with a sandwich,crisp and drink each day of the holiday ! This led me to Google other areas only to find they are doing the same . Not a charity,not a sales pitch ,just a load of kind caring people looking out for others . That to me makes happy reading in these tough times .
  5. Enjoy it Wowzz, it looks lovely over there today ,https://youtu.be/doqBgKIBBh8 We like Lanzarote too . A thank you to Moley for his info. Lets hope it turns from planned info into actual cruises again.
  6. Watch this space folks I have a new one to amuse you waiting in the wings I plan to start it at the end of this month .
  7. That's exactly how we feel The one thing you never have to give up is your memories
  8. I don't know Wowzz I have lost the will to live , maybe she's right . She did say people her age should have been more protected ,take that to mean she wanted locking up . Then she goes on to say she's not being locked up by anyone they can sod off . But she's not bothered or paying for it anyway as she's going to be dead . I think she was only out shopping for King Arthur anyway . Nice Barnsley lass !
  9. Say no more Woman in T3 Best send Avril round to sort her out
  10. If it is, I still have a luxury ship & caravan for sale and some shares in a Greek yoghurt company .. Should he wish to invest
  11. My wife told me I was immature and needed to grow up ! Guess who's not allowed in my tree house anymore and shes put all my toys in the bin
  12. Wow ! Whilst you are on a roll ,maybe buy a happy meal to keep yourself in a good place . If you only got 2 numbers then you will have to make the price up. Nice one on the swift refund as well
  13. Dear Mrs Wowzz, When walking through Cleethorpes don't you ever get the urge to jump on one of those trains to London . There you could catch the Caledonian sleeper train and wake up in the Scottish Highlands or maybe catch the Riviera Sleeper over to Cornwall. I'm sure you would have a nice time and your Wowzz would like it too as he watched the world go by whilst drinking a few beers from the exorbitant priced menu onboard the train . You would get to use the train stations first class lounge where you can help yourself to Nescafe and a packet of Twiglets. Kind regards Kalos (Not sure the above will work but it's worth a try )
  14. Mmm ?? Knowing my luck I'd get told off for telling you off Happy to say the readings you are giving off are good ! ...
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