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  1. kalos

    Decaf Diet Coke ????

    They sell both https://www.pocruises.com/Global/ships/All Ships PDFS/Bar_Menu_2018.pdf
  2. kalos

    TA from Barbados - help pls

    Think we were back both times 2.30 ish to 3 pm that included a 45 minute services break , so average journey was around the 4 hour mark .
  3. kalos

    TA from Barbados - help pls

    Both times we flew from T2 Manchester to Barbados for our Azura TA cruises and on return to Southampton we were dropped off back at the terminal so we could catch our shuttle buses back to collect our cars from the car parks. Anyone who has booked T2 long stay car park should expect an E-mail or contact from Manchester Airport. That car park is now closed or closing and the New T2 multi car park is now open and they are relocating bookings to this one . I got the Email last week changing a booking we had in the old T2 car park . Hope this helps .
  4. kalos

    Decaf Diet Coke ????

    You should have no problem taking a few bottles onboard or when you get back on board when visiting the ports you berth at. Even on our latest cruise when in Hamburg, we bought a few bottles of Pepsi -Max for our cabin use. The UK version of Pepsi Max is safe for diabetics to drink because it contains artificial sweeteners, rather than sugar. But be aware that some drinks bought outside the UK can contain sugar as they are sold reduced sugar rather than sugar free. So just a little heads up when buying sugar/caffine free drinks in abroad ports, check the label on the drink. As for the ship security ,not a problem taking these drinks onboard , I even presented the till receipt to show it was genuine . Hope that helps
  5. kalos

    P and O tip policy

    "It's back ! Tips on Tips, Tips about Tips. All aboard the Magic Roundabout, you can even bring your PG Tips." Said Zebedee.
  6. If you were to decide to book the N Y Cruise then the pool should be open . As I said in my other post on one of our cruises we had a cruise to nowhere due to choppy seas and the pool was as choppy as the sea so they netted and drained it . I'm not saying it will happen but it could dependant on the sea state. Hope this does not deter your Mrs . We tend to book early as possible as we book a mid ship cabin and these have less movement and can sell out or the price can go up a fair bit later in the year. Just our preference but we book inside cabins due to outside tempratures and save our money for the Balcony cabins on our warmer weather cruises . Mrs Kalos has been known to turn a little green in stormy waters and if she feels the slightest bit queasy , she takes a tablet called Kwells and gets her head down for half an hour , then shes good to go for the rest of the day even the next morning she was ordering the full english without the aid of any more tablets . Hope that reassures Mrs Sidekick. Your wife should like the Azura and will find it easy to get around as it's the sister ship of the Ventura .You will find yourself maybe sat in the Blue Bar , thinking this is just like the Red Bar on the Ventura and this happens with lots of onboard venues . The main difference you should notice notice on the Azura is no roof over the pool as the large TV screen replaces the retractable roof . So I hope you both enjoy your cruise and possibly more cruises to look forward to as well.  
  7. VENTURA (N938) 29 Dec 2019 - 03 Jan 2020 Cruise itinerary : 2 ports Southampton Hamburg Bruges Southampton   ARCADIA (J921) 29 Dec 2019 - 03 Jan 2020 Cruise itinerary : 2 ports Southampton Amsterdam Bruges Southampton ( Red is your New Year Port)   We have done New Year cruises for a few years now and look forward to them each year,we have even booked this years New Year before we'd even stepped foot on the Oceana for our cruise just gone as we enjoy them so much. Over the years we have been to Brugges many times and do our own thing ,shops and Bar hopping was one of our past times. My advice would be keep out of the Bars in the Market square with landmark medieval bell tower, they were much cheaper a few streets away. We used to head for the T-Zand square , nice places to eat and drink along that square. Getting to the stage where if the weather is not to our liking we are just as content to stay onboard as quite a few passengers do. Although both ships go to Brugges one will go to Amsterdam whilst the other ship heads for Hamburg and again this is a nice port to visit which we hope to explore even more this year. It's worth noting that both ships dock on NewYears eve and so any exploring is best done early as the shops and public transport tend to close down early due to the locals wanting enjoy the New year as well as the Fireworks that they have . The fire works look well viewed from the ship again dependant on the weather and a word of warning would be that,be very happy if you do see them . A few years ago we had a cruise to nowhere on the Ventura . We just roamed the North Sea as the winds were too strong to dock at any of our intended ports . Some people were gutted but we knew this could happen but we enjoy the ships. A cruise we booked and cruise was what we got.. just no stops. New year eve is Black Tie Night and New Year Gala meal and the ship is in party mode balloon's, hats and streamers etc everywhere not even the buffet escapes and on the night it just happened to be Indian night ... Just happened to be our favourite food . You just knew it was going to be good when the show team turned up for a quick curry before they went to perform around the ship and it was a very good meal , finished off with Indian ice cream . In short they must be doing something right or we would not keep booking them. Not saying they are the best you can do, we would love to do Madeira New Year again (another location /time and cruise) but for a short cruise we opt for P&O. Remember to chill out or party ..It's your cruise ..Enjoy! I made a short film that shows the ships decoration and I note that someone filmed us sailing away during the fireworks . https://youtu.be/YBun7VeWx5k and https://youtu.be/W8iz_Ai9PYI?t=38
  8. kalos

    Advice on for parking for disembarking

    Most cruise car park companies in Southampton will have your car ready for your early disembarkation. We did a our own carry off and our pick up bus took us to our car and we were on our way home in just under 30 minutes of leaving the ship. Which company is best for you ? Depends on what you prefer, car nearer the ship/shuttle bus/price etc? A post last year gave a few posters choices, maybe this could help you choose ..... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2488533-cruise-parking-at-southampton/?tab=comments#comment-53619921
  9. kalos

    who will be our captain ?

    Chris Bourne was Captain for the New Year and we saw him most morningsas he walked through the ship . He always had a cheery hello if he passed you and the same for any of his crew members he passed by. Any messages he put through the ships PA was always down to earth and informative. He would broadcast things like .. "When heading for Zeebrugges , the ship nearly failed to make port due to a force 9 wind hitting the ship and thanks to his bridge crew who were on duty and thanks to their skills we made it into port .. A job well done " He would also give updates on the conditions to reassure anyone who was feeling the effects of the ships movements . On pushing off and heading home for Southampton again he broadcast that he was "letting the saftey officer take the ship out to sea ,under his watch ,keeping an eye on him to improve safety officers portfolio." To us he was a Captain Camby style minus the "thought for the day" Down to earth ,willing to help and let others know if others were doing a good job . I think you will be OK with him Malcolm .
  10. kalos

    Happy Christmas

    May I also wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2019 !
  11. kalos


    I was looking for P&O cruise video's on You Tube and came across an ex- P&O assistant cruise director who claims it's turning into Butlins. Sour grapes or axe to grind ? I don't know of him so how much is accurate I would not know. What I do know is that I hope he is wrong when he says P&O will continue going down hill when it comes to entertainment. What he has to say will have no effect on my cruise enjoyment. Not sure if it would be fair putting a link on this site so will leave you guys to seek it out, not that hard to find as its very recent, Should you wish to view it.
  12. kalos

    Will never book early again!

    Most people book on the cruise release date if they want a good price and with good reason such as they want a certain cabin ,maybe as they have mobility scooter. Maybe a cruise that is going to be in demand for kids places or NYE cruises, a lot of reasons why people book early . It is fair to say the persons you spoke to were not snapping up the above mentioned cabins as they would have sold out . We booked our upcoming cruise very early knowing it would soon rocket in price with demand and we have never regretted the price we paid as it has never been beaten . If we had booked the following cruise 3rd Jan then I doubt we would book early as there is no vast demand as kids are back at school and people just finished their Christmas holidays just like yours was just before so the prices tend to be fluid. The advice given by Selbourne is good advice you just need to research in future and ask yourself is your cruise at a popular time or do I need to book a certain cabin etc . If you had decided on our New Year cruise and wanted to book last minute ..You would not be going . As said above it has sold out . Think of it this way ... You were happy with your price when you booked and for almost 18 months ..better luck next time.
  13. kalos

    Cruise Personaliser down?

    Just signed into my cruise personaliser tonight (17.18pm). Get in there whilst it's still working
  14. kalos

    ventura carpet referb from 9th dec

    Like some have said go enjoy and stop worrying . Lots of others will be onboard who also have health issues and P&O are not going to risk anyone's health. We were on the Ventura , the first cruise out of dry dock and some workers and carpet fitters were still onboard. At no time did they do anything to spoil our cruise, yes they would cordon off one part of a stair well and one morning part of the buffet. No dust. No glue smells and no disruption. The worst thing we had was on things like gala night, due to static a few carpet fibers would stick to peoples suits or dress around your ankles. In a couple of weeks we will be on one of the P&O ships that will be taking down Christmas decorations. I will not worry about dust or disruption from the contractors who do this either as again in our experience ,no problems. I would advise go and enjoy your cruise and should you come across a health problem that is affecting your health then go to the medical centre who would take action on your behalf should it be needed.
  15. kalos

    Christmas Decorations on Ventura

    All our P&O festive cruises we have been on they have started packing the decorations away on the afternoon of 2nd January. The ship will be clear of decorations the next morning .