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  1. We also have to keep in mind the Brits who are chomping at the bit to get overseas at the very first chance possible yet show deep concern at other nations flying into the UK. Which tells me the tractor driving mutants are not as bad as first thought although the John Deere tractor variant could be a bit of a worry
  2. Good morning on this -2.c sunny morning that will rise to 13./14.c today. My thoughts go out to the royal family who prepare for the funeral of Philip and also to Graham and Jane who will be remembering their loved ones as well, my thoughts are with you. As Philip would say life has to go on ,so onwards we go ... I hope Pete enjoys his new "sometime home" nice name that isn't it and does realise how very addictive a caravan can be ,especially when it's yours. If you thought cruising was addictive get ready Th
  3. Brilliant ! Glad to hear your getting your jab ,the sooner the better for all of us as the UK stats are showing . India is a good example of what the virus will do when mainly left unchecked to run rampant through the population ,giving it chance to mutate . A stark reminder that we need the world vaccinating as well as ourselves if the vaccines are to outpace the variants.
  4. Yes it's good and even your parking attendant was in a good mood complimenting you leaving a little note telling you your a little late back but "parking fine" Stuck to the window. Whether your out jabbing or having a day off hope your day goes well, stay safe
  5. Good morning everyone What a lovey morning here, only 1.c but said to be going up to 12.c. I think people are a little more up beat as they get out even if it's just to their own back gardens. People are saying it's nice to do normal things again, like those two guys sat in a town centre who were eating a cooked breakfast at a pavement café in a snow/hail storm. I suppose it was normal to them, normal is a lot of things to lots of people. I will be happy when things are normal like walking in the bank with your mask on and the cashier hit's the panic button, that will be normal to me.
  6. Today after holding on to the Meadow-hell gift card the guys at work got me when I was laid up in hospital cardio unit 18 months ago, I have finally been out shopping ! Armed with my mask ,gift card and trusty Mrs at my side ,off we went to buy a tablet out of Currys ,with good reason as they are price matching other stores, so ended up buying one almost £50 cheaper than any other store .Downside is it was not in stock so I will have to wait until next week for delivery. The most weird thing about going out shopping was Mrs Kalos did not attempt to spend anyth
  7. I think the suit decision is to make the day about Philip and not spotlight Harry and Andy which lets be right our gutter press would have had a field day with them. As others have said a pity he could not have had the full military send off he deserved . Having said all that covid has cut back what can and cannot go ahead anyway.
  8. Maybe in time after your 2nd jab they could move you onto another vaccine as they say they work in different ways, nothing to say your 2nd jab may boost your immune up . Early days yet Sharon
  9. In your own time Gill, do what is right for you
  10. We have done several festive cruises this film of ours will give you a a rough Idea of what to expect
  11. Good morning everyone I hope everyone is ok on this bright blue sunny sky 'd morning. The only thing spoiling it for us is the -4 temperature this morning, the grass is white at the moment .Never mind I will sit in the corner of our room as it's always 90 degree's there as one of my teachers told me many years ago. This hairdressing malarkey for women is so different for you girls compared to us men ,Poor old Jane I read is having her hair done today and expects to be in there 3 hours . Expecting some highlights ! I should imagine the best highlight of all wo
  12. I think I would be as well but I think I would need to see some photo's to see how mortified I would have been before judging that poor lady .
  13. Wow I'm impressed a Socially distanced seagull ...How do you train them to do that ? Lets hope the humans do the same
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