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  1. kalos

    Christmas Decorations on Ventura

    All our P&O festive cruises we have been on they have started packing the decorations away on the afternoon of 2nd January. The ship will be clear of decorations the next morning .
  2. kalos

    Ventura MDR breakfast menu

    My thoughts as well as with my job I'm up at 4am and always had my breakfast well before 5am and due to this routine even on weekends off or on holiday 6am to me is a good lay in . I love early mornings on the ships as it's so peaceful ,even the buffet at 5-30 to 6.30 is a nice venue I doubt that, I same as you, I will ever alter myself to being a late riser, nor would I want to as I like the sail in's and sunrises
  3. kalos

    Ventura MDR breakfast menu

    Here is a link to the P&O site with the breakfast menu and a few others besides you can look at . https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/example_menu
  4. kalos

    New Autumn deals

    I have just booked next Years New Year cruise and was also asked by my cruise agent . ." Would we like any other P&O Cruise sorting as they are releasing the autumn deals this Monday the 29th."
  5. Has anyone found how you add/delete or adjust the Countdown clock feature on this "new improved " site ?
  6. kalos

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    I'll drink to that
  7. kalos

    Best time to book Christmas Cruise?

    (Part 2 ..kept getting thrown out .. site still going offline ) Maybe it is different with the festive cruises over the Atlantic but the Europe cruises at New Year sell quite well. When you do book , have a great cruise.
  8. kalos

    Best time to book Christmas Cruise?

    For the New Year cruise I have found the opposite and at the moment .I have just checked ours and it would cost us well over £200 each more to book today also some cabin grades are showing sold out. We have booked New Year cruises for a number of years now and upon checking have always found this to be the case. Also the price will drop but that seems to happen 5 -4 weeks away but very little choice of cabin left by then . Not long after the price jumps up again before the ship sells out . Maybe the Christmas cruise is different but the New Year Cruise I have always booked early as possible and cash wise glad I did .
  9. kalos

    Just testing it works......

    Welcome back Text a little darker would be nice but not as bold as this There is a few new emoji's on the the block as well 👻
  10. kalos

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    We have had two airlifts both on different ships, one early hours of the morning, which we were woken up but soon settled back down to sleep. The other was a day time one which they isolated part of the ship whilst the helicopter did the airlift in a matter of minutes . At no time did it ever spoil my cruise or have me wishing I had not booked the cruise. I was just glad that unfortunate person was getting the help they needed and their family took comfort from the fact they were in good hands or if they were solo then they would not feel alone. Away from cruising we have some OAP bungalows opposite our house and a few times we have been woken to flashing blue lights and an ambulance radio blaring away. Just like cruising , we are thankful by the grace of God ,it is not us in urgent medical need . I'm just thankful that land air and sea rescue is there for us all should we ever need them and to be woken now and again is better than being the one who needs them .
  11. kalos

    Cruise Personaliser & Peninsular Club

    No problem ,sorry I could not help you more. If it doesn't like your Peninsula Club number then maybe back to plan A and ring up P&O and tell them that although you are following what they told you , still no joy at your end. A while back I had a problem like yours and was advised to re register with a new e-mail. I think a few people did this when you had to register to stay in the peninsular club , but I rang P&O up first to check my Peninsula Club number was correct. I hope someone at P&O can help you or maybe a poster on here , Hope you get it sorted Waju good luck .
  12. kalos

    Cruise Personaliser & Peninsular Club

    I could be wrong but are you mixing your cruise personaliser , https://cp.pocruises.com/login Which helps you sort out your new booking .You would log into this with ,name .D.O.B and the reference number (eg FX1975H) you got with your new boking confirmation . Just looked into mine and it only deals with that booking . When I log into P&O my account https://www.pocruises.com/myaccount/ This is where I find all my past cruises and it shows my upcoming one as well. This site you enter by using your e-mail you used to register your account with and then your own personal password . Hope this is the case and you get sorted .
  13. kalos

    Cancelling Cruise due to ill health

    Nice to see that the TA and P&O have both been kind to you in the long term . Not often you read people singing their praises at the same time Helen . I hope your getting the same support with your family health issues as well . Nice to hear from you but on a happier note , take care .:D
  14. kalos

    Cancelling Cruise due to ill health

    Great news, best wishes to you and your family.:):):)
  15. kalos

    Car parking Southampton

    Welcome to Cruise Critic, just a shame it has to be on such a sad note about your car. If as you say you will go to court, then it would be advisable not to post on any media until the case is resolved. Having said that we hope you do come back and post your outcome that could help others. Paying a little extra may not have saved your car from damage under terms and conditions that some parking firms use, such as these two ... As with all parking establishments, all cars parked are done so at your own risk. You must understand when you leave and collect your car from our front ‘reception’ area that is effectively a public area and outside our direct control. Other passengers may hit your vehicle with their doors leaving or entering their own vehicle. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused, including, but not limited to windscreens, windows, wheels, tyres, mechanical, electrical or bodywork, including vandalism and theft / attempted theft. Inspect your vehicle and report any damage you believe is new to our staff before you leave. Should we be liable for repairs to your vehicle from our own actions we reserve the right to have the work undertaken by our own contractors. another company .... Vehicles and Contents are left at Owners risk whilst the vehicle is parked. Claims for damage will not be considered unless reported to Representatives immediately on the return of the vehicle. Claims for damage will not be considered once the car has left our care and control. We accept no liability for mechanical, structural or electrical failure of any part of your vehicle including windscreens, stone chips to light clusters, alarms, immobilisers, glass, flat batteries, tyres and wheels howsoever caused. accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused unless proved to be caused by the negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty of the employees of ****. Have you thought of contacting your car insurance ? My car would be covered for damage and as the TV advert says I would not lose my no claims. Maybe some posters can advise you more and maybe even give us advice on parking that has better terms & conditions than the two posted above. I wish you a happy outcome and a post from you confirming this . Good luck.