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  1. If I am reading this right , then the clue was in it was a one day deal. Eg :- £10 off a shop order if you spend £30 or more on the 1st Dec only . The goods you ordered on that day should have that offer even if you booked a later date slot. When you go to edit the order it will not show as that offer is no more , it has expired . We get similar things happen with our orders .We may see today as we put a order in today, two of our favourite butter on offer .."Buy 2 for one" offer expires on 3rd Dec we click on the offer and get a delivery slot before
  2. We will have our Christmas alone. Those who have family members that live alone and are having them around for Christmas I can understand that but as none of our family members will be alone ,we think it's not worth the risk . Anyone having family around I hope it goes well and they all stay safe . Our family stance is "Take Care Not Chances " . Yes we will miss not being together but being this close to the vaccine it will be one Christmas not the rest of our lives.
  3. Awww bless If you get stuck Anne please feel free to use this one .. By a little known poet called Kalos ..... There once was a site called cruise critic, where most of the posters were arthritic, Most never did moan cos they're not on there own and for that reason I think they're terrific .
  4. Cheers John I will pass on yours Avril/ Grahams thoughts to Mrs Kalos . One of her sisters sent it to her this morning .
  5. As Avril said our areas were going through the roof and only a few weeks back just stay in where possible and be extra careful where possible . Stay safe , it will come back down .
  6. T’was a month before Christmas, And all through the town, People wore masks, That covered their frown. The frown had begun Way back in the Spring, When a global pandemic Changed everything. They called it corona, But unlike the beer, It didn’t bring good times, It didn’t bring cheer. Contagious and deadly, This virus spread fast, Like a wildfire that starts When fuelled by gas. Airplanes were grounded, Travel was banned. Borders were closed Across air, sea and land. As the world entered lockdown To flatten the curve, The economy halted, A
  7. kalos

    *** Lets Smile ***

    A simple covid test Stay safe
  8. Our loss celebrity's gain maybe
  9. Zapp I feel your pain mate , it's no fun being in pain ,having things stuck into you . Not nice is it ? I think it's the fear of the unknown .. So , should you find you ever have the need for a Covid drive through test (God forbid ) I hope this short film puts your mind at ease
  10. So sorry for your family's problems Damian, some things in life we cannot change and just like a bad storm we just cling to the hope ,things will get better over time. Congrats on getting a job which is a sign of better things and I'm sure you will cope with what life flings at you , hang on in there mate . Best wishes for your family's future .
  11. 🎶That's another month gone ..another one bites the dust ! 🎶 Tomorrows December ! Lovely tree Graham , yep they do lift your spirits I would love to get my hands on one of these remote control one's ..
  12. Yep it's not a nice feeling ... My dentist reminded me about my wife’s sensitive gag reflex… We laughed about it for a while..... Then I suddenly remembered me and my wife have different dentists !
  13. Would that be with a Daffodil stuck out of your rear , so they can spot you more easily
  14. I bet you used to watch the old Come Dancing though ,when we were kids . My mam used to give me two options ..Sit quiet and watch TV with her or go to bed . I don't know why but I always opted for the little black and white telly . I remember they were like football teams as they trotted out onto the Blackpool Tower dance floor . Then some guy dressed like he was on a P&O formal night would introduce the teams who represented their county teams . It went something like .. "Ladies and Gentlemen , welcome to the North vs South Come Dancing quarter final
  15. Why do anti vaxxers Have to write war and peace and copy & paste half of Google Would it not be better to post the truth ,which is they are scared of injections and for some weird reason they don't want you to have one . Which has no health risk to them whatsoever even if you do have one . Just saying ...
  16. Same here Andy , everyone has a choice ,that is a personal choice . I am coming up now to 14 months with my life on hold . Given half a chance to get my life back to even half of what it was , via a vaccine then I will grasp it with both hands at the first chance I get of having it . I am same as Michelle ,the vaccine can only help in our situation ,we will still be left with our medical problems. Unless people walk in our shoes .. Good luck and I wish you and Michelle all the very best with it .
  17. Thank you Izzy as you say they have been fun and have been a diversion for some during what for some have been stressful times and if they have helped then Damian and I have hit our target in what we set out to do. We now have Christmas just around the corner and a vaccine roll out very soon . So I will wish you all the very best for your Christmas ,New Year and the brighter future that lies ahead for us all . Take Care & stay safe everybody .. Best Wishes Kalos
  18. They are going to have a field day naming there kids can you imagine .. She gives birth to Mary ,Angel and Carol but are so desperate for a son they have one more try, resulting in the first boy born .. The first Noel !
  19. Strange but true , There was a girl in my school called Mary Christmas
  20. Lads if you are bored! Phone up some women's rights group... And ask to speak to the man in charge.
  21. Oh yea I forgot about tinned sausages and cheesy stuff out of a tooth paste tube . I used to get scared to go near them cocktail sticks . They used to stack them up high on a paper plate . Trying to get one off without a lump of cheese falling off the stick was a nightmare . It was like a game of Kerplunk , one false move and it was game over . Better to let others go first , that way I never got the blame .
  22. Oh yes I can ,if you shook the tin you got bubbles , and you are allowed things like that if you are dependant on them within your bubble 🍻🍺
  23. Not to mention the two cubes of cheddar and a silver skin onion impaled on a cocktail stick , balanced on a Ritz cracker , with a bowl of ready salted crisp We really knew how to party back then
  24. I dunno I was far too busy with those few tins of Watneys Seven we had in
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