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  1. Has anyone booked any of the Penthouse cabins at the aft elevators on Deck 6 of the Splendor? We were able to get one of the last Penthouse cabins for our Dec 23, 2022 cruise but it was on Deck 6 just above the restrooms on Deck 5. Since Deck 5 doesn't have cabins but has lounges, cafes, etc. we were wondering if any noise from Deck 5 filtered up. Any replies would be helpful.
  2. I understand the RCL not only requires testing and restrictions onboard but also requires passengers to show proof of insurance that they have medical coverage and evacuation back home if they are restricted from re-boarding at a port because of infection with Covid-19. However, if you can show you have been vaccinated, you don't have to show insurance, be tested, have the run of the ship, etc.
  3. I started a roll call for the 2024 world cruise in the Regent Mariner roll calls board. Here is a link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2790542-2024-world-cruise-mariner/
  4. We are also interested in the 2024 Regent World Cruise. Please post if you find out any information, we will do the same.
  5. We recently reserved and paid in advance for several excursions for an upcoming cruise. We are currently having some second thoughts about one or two of those excursions. Does anyone know how late before the cruise we can cancel those excursions and receive a refund?
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