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  1. Things are better then yesterday. It was horrible being left behind as we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to our new found friends. Also we didn’t have a chance to thank all the great crew we had. We are back on again in January but won’t be flying out for another 5 days so won’t have the worry about the flight times.
  2. Ok I promised to tell you how my experience of my disembarkation for an early flight in Sydney. Well I won’t be able to as we were left in Picton NZ. My husband had a medical issue that meant we couldn’t continue. Hopefully someone will let you know how they went. We now fly out of Blenheim on Monday.
  3. A couple from Bora Bora and Tahiti.
  4. Flying into Sydney this morning. Our first leg of our trip to Hawaii. Boarding the Ovation of the seas on Monday to sail back to Sydney.
  5. I'll post our experience when we get back at the end of October.
  6. I would like to change flights but currently it would cost anything between $700 to $1000 for the two of us for a later flight. I think we will risk it this time. We can check in online the night before and hopefully have time to drop our bags off. At least it’s a Sunday.
  7. Coming in on the Ovation from Hawaii. We are capable of carrying our bags off.
  8. Do you think a 10.25 Qantas flight is going to be hard to make? We are willing to get off as early as possible to make it.
  9. Yes that’s why my husband was so shocked. Usually they are ultra friendly and happy in their jobs.
  10. We were on the Navigator last year and my husband did a music quiz. You had to name song and artist of 15 songs. He worked by himself and the only one that got 100%. The activity staff member said well done but you get ‘F____ All’. Her exact words. The prize wasn’t really what he wanted but it was her terrible attitude that upset him. Maybe we should have reported this.
  11. We arrive back in Sydney on the Ovation, October 20th.
  12. Hi David, Can you please add the following cruises for Benjoon. 30 Sep 2019 - Benjoon … Ovation of the Seas … Honolulu to Sydney 15 Feb 2021 - Benjoon - Serenade of the Seas - Sydney to Fremantle Thanks Anita
  13. We did the first Alaskan cruise and there wasn’t any tours offered for Hubbard glacier. It didn’t matter as Captain Magnus got us in really close. It was so foggy in the morning we didn’t think we would see anything. Captain Magnus changed our arrival time once the fog had disappeared. We saw plenty of calving and it was one of the highlights of the cruise.
  14. That might be the case for the new land packages but wasn’t mentioned when we booked over a year ago. If they cancelled we would have had to deal with flights and would have been disappointed.
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