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  1. We were lucky to travel on a B2B cruise to Alaska. It was the first one of this destination and there were a few hiccups. Captain Magnus handled everything very professionally and kept a smile on his face. I remember the second half of the cruise we had a very small cruise critic gathering. Captain Magnus came and kept us amused. It was because of him and Ernest the cruise director we were hooked unfortunately COVID stepped in to ruin our chance of another cruise with Azamara in the near future. I don’t stop looking and will find the next perfect cruise to sail with them again soon.
  2. That’s a definite. Notification from Azamara by email today.
  3. We are going to cancel but had plans to before this happened. We are due to do the Black Sea cruise in June and we are sure we can’t travel from here. We cancelled our flights only yesterday before this announcement. So sad as booked onboard at a great price for a suite.
  4. Hopefully we will get our bathroom renovated. We are fitting out a walk in robe. Also helping my husband’s son with a deposit on a house. We have had 6 cruises cancelled so far.
  5. We are currently booked to do the Black Sea in June. I can’t see us doing that one. We have booked the Transpacific on the Ovation for September but realistically I can’t see that one going while there are bans in place in the US for cruises over 7 days. Our best bet is our Nov 2021 cruise on the Eclipse doing the GBR.🤞
  6. I haven't looked at the shops here in WA for Crays but we did get to enjoy two large freshly cooked crays that my boss had pulled out of his pots the day before. They were the best I had tasted for years.
  7. We are Elite Plus. That is probably why we got one.
  8. We have really missed our cruising this year. We managed a short one in January. I cried when we lost our April Solstice cruise. Cancelled 2 for next year but one bottle of wine makes us feel like we are a family. We will drink it when our daughter finally arrives back in Perth. I can’t wait until we are back onboard and hearing the wake waves.
  9. We would like to know about Australian cancellations. All cruises were already cancelled until Dec 31st. Our state of WA is currently closed to people from NSW and Vic. There is no way they will be able to cruise into Fremantle. We have a Sydney Fremantle cruise booked in Feb.
  10. We have been told by the West Australian premier that WA probably won’t be open until after our state election in March. Therefore Royal should at least cancel the Top and Bottom cruises as they can’t stop in Perth. We were looking forward to this cruise as we have never had the chance to disembark in our home port before. Our final payment is due early December so hopefully we know how things stand by then.
  11. If Celebrity and Azamara have done this I’m sure Royal Caribbean will be next. We always knew our Feb Serenade Sydney to Perth was in doubt. WA plans to stay closed until after the election in March. I hope they have some sense and realise that this decision is hurting loads of people.
  12. We only have a small deposit on the snow bird cruise. We will leave it there until closer to full payment. We have also put a deposit on a transpacific.
  13. In the West we can go to Christmas island or the Cocos Keeling Islands. We don't have to quarantine. The flights are a little expensive for the short time you would want to be there. Virgin are the only ones flying there. We are just sticking to road trips but at least we have a very large state to travel around.
  14. We are currently booked on the snowbird cruise. We haven’t cancelled yet but it’s getting closer to happening.
  15. I had walked downstairs to do some work as I did work from home in the evenings. I had put my 1 year old down to sleep. My husband was going to do the dishes and turned the tv over to watch lock stock and smoking barrels. He thought they had put on Die hard instead. It took a few minutes to realise what he was watching. He ran downstairs saying turn the tv on and then we saw the second plane fly in. I cried and was worried what sort of world we had bought our new daughter into.
  16. We have just cancelled our trip to Canberra from Perth. Fingers crossed our daughter can come home from ANU for Christmas. We have started looking at more road trips in WA just for feel like we are on holiday. I think our Serenade cruise in Feb is gone. Bucket list to arrive back home at our home port of Freo.
  17. We are in Perth and currently we are doubting if we can get our daughter home from Canberra for Christmas. It's her 21st in December which we don't think we have a chance of seeing her for. The latest I have heard for the opening of Fortress WA is March 2021(🤞 that's not true). That also kills our Feb cruise from Sydney to Perth.
  18. Road trip in the outback of Western Australia
  19. Only the cheapest seats don't get to move around.
  20. We were on the Constellation in 2011. We booked connecting cabins with my husband and 11 year old daughter in one and me in the other. They wouldn't book her in the cabin by herself. My husband paid for a 12 bottle wine package. When we got on board my husband swapped cabins into mine because of this our daughter couldn't have the wine package. They refunded the money. I went to guest relations twice to say this had happened and to charge our cabin. They didn't and when we were at dinner they still insisted that we had the package. We sent them off to check and they still said it was paid for. So we had 12 bottles of wine and all our money refunded. This was a great bonus
  21. There is loads of discussion about the Empress of the Seas. It is currently heading towards Crete. There is speculation that is will then head to Turkey to be scrapped. I hope not as we have a great cruise booked on it next October.
  22. My daughter is in Canberra studying at ANU. If this is correct we wont get to see her for Christmas. There worst part is not being able to see her for her 21st Birthday. When she went back from Perth we never expected to be banned from coming home. Currently she doesn't qualify for an exemption.
  23. Not empty stands if you live in Western Australia.
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