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  1. jacmo24

    Private tour to St. John from St. Thomas

    We've used In Theory Charters. Enjoyed it very much.
  2. Looking forward to all the details. Our first RCCL cruise is on the Oasis in a few weeks!
  3. We've reserved 1718 too. Really looking forward to it. The cabin looks amazing.
  4. jacmo24


    On the Escape in July we had no issue getting whatever we wanted in whatever quantity we wanted. The bartenders would say "just give me one card". On the Sky with the AI though, it was one drink at a time.
  5. jacmo24

    Escape - Live 7/22

    Nap goals.
  6. jacmo24

    Escape - Live 7/22

    Thank you, Doug!
  7. jacmo24

    Escape - Live 7/22

    Can you just do a B2B please? I look forward so much to reading your updates every night after work. My family keeps on asking what I'm laughing about. And I'm not laughing AT you but with. Sincerely.
  8. jacmo24

    WiFi - Escape - Internet speeds

    We were just on the Escape and bought premium. We streamed quite a bit without issue. I was able to work a bit and it was damn fine Internet. Best I've experienced on a ship to-date but I have not been on RCCL so there's that.
  9. jacmo24

    Escape - Live 7/22

    We just got off the Escape a week ago - and we went because of your initial live review. It was our 13th cruise and the best one to-date. Can't thank you enough for these live reviews!
  10. jacmo24

    JVD excursion NCL

    How people do they put on the Rebel Yell excursion? It sounds great but I hate over packed boats. Thanks!
  11. This is a great tip. Our first Haven experience in a few days and I hate carrying cash. Honestly, I'd lean to tipping a bit more if I could do it on my account than worrying about having enough at the end of a cruise. Can the Haven concierge do this or is it a trip to guest services?
  12. jacmo24

    NCL or Carnival

    I don't know about the Dawn but I'm Plat on Carnival. I've done the SJU route 3 times. It's our favorite. However we won't even consider it on the Fascination.
  13. What time did you reserve the return car for? We're looking to do the same thing but I know they have limited wait times. Thanks!
  14. I love your review! What a pretty ship. I love all the special touches NCL does like coffee as you leave. How nice is that? Love the cool towels when coming back on ship. We had them too.
  15. jacmo24

    Ncl sky all-inclusive bar menu

    So no Guiness? What a shame. This is a pretty limited menu! But hey - included!