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  1. I know I can find this online, but is early saver eligible for price adjustment?
  2. No. (I’m always curious why Americans think they don’t have the same rules/requirements?) Like someone else said.. if there’s an emergency, the embassy can help get you home. Ex: you become injured/hospitalized while in port and become stranded.
  3. I appreciate the info. I’m kind of leaning towards keeping it at YTD. I’m good with up to a 15 min wait, but much more than that might be difficult for one of my kiddos.
  4. Second question: if we are sailing with another family, how do we request a table with them for scheduled dining? Check with the maitre d’ after boarding? Or can we do that now? Can we get a table with just us (and not other people)? My kids are well behaved and I’d take them back to the room if they didn’t, but I also don’t want to subject other passengers to sitting at a table with kids at dinner time.
  5. Sorry for the very basic question, but I didn’t see the answer on Carnival’s site. We have never eaten in the MDR on previous cruises, but plan on eating there a few nights on our next cruise. If we choose scheduled (early) dining.. are we committed to that? Or can we skip nights to eat other places? We have two young kids, so it would be nice to not have to wait for a table with anytime dining, but I also don’t want to take someone’s spot or leave a hole if we don’t plan on eating there every night with scheduled dining. What is the “correct” way to do it?
  6. I swear I just saw something that said they’re now checking temperatures (and maybe O2 sat?) and if you’re denied boarding at the port due to these, then you can choose a refund or FCC. I’m almost positive it was Carnival, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it. I suppose it could’ve been another line? Sorry I’m not more helpful.
  7. We will (most likely) fly into LAX and out of LGB. Long Beach is just so much nicer to come in and out of, but we needed the extra flight options pre-cruise.
  8. Hmmm, I don’t have personal experience, but as was mentioned, most dishes would at least have butter (grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, etc). I’m sure they could accommodate with something like steamed veggies and rice, but it wouldn’t be worth the cost to me.
  9. I have been thinking about everyone all night! So happy it’s negative and you can get off, and the next group can get on! Hope you can still spend some time doing your extras in CA.
  10. I'm side-eyeing the thread hijack, but I know people are stressed. I was going to check in one more time before bed, but now I'm waiting for this "detailed email" that is/was supposed to be released! Sounds like you're getting a free night on the ship, @Saint Greg, and keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's not a free 2 weeks. I understand the caution, but some of this hysteria has gotten out of control. It feels like a cruise ship witch hunt. There many community acquired cases now. Where is the testing of all domestic airline passengers? (I don't mean that we should do that... I mean t
  11. Hey, at least you finally got a dang seat at Alchemy! But really, you're back in your room. You have your life jacket. JUMP! 😂
  12. What a cluster. Hoping the test comes back negative and you're able to get off soon. I feel really bad for the people waiting to board, as well. At least you guy scan get back to your room (and if you jump in line now, you might even get to have a second Guy's burger in the next 4 hours 😉)
  13. I mean, you're an experienced cruiser, you know where the life jackets are. Jump in and swim 😉 (KIDDING, of course. Do I really even have to say that?)
  14. Hopefully it’s just out of abundance of caution, given that they’re holding a Princess ship off shore, eek. If the people are sick with flu-like symptoms, a rapid flu swab will confirm (now, is anyone smart enough to actually do that? Who knows). Hopefully you get off soon!
  15. I get that maybe people aren’t up that early, but I wish the coffee shops opened at least at 6 or 6:30 at the latest.
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