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  1. I am an optimist....I have a 13 week b2b. Board Liberty on August 22 and don't get off til November 21. Making up for all my cancelled cruises, and when I get off I will be Pinnacle.
  2. I signed up, but pretty sure they will not take me because of my age....oh well, it is worth a shot.
  3. I was on track to make pinnacle by the end of 2021. Then Covid came and I watched 12 of my cruises get cancelled. Now with the double points, I will make pinnacle by mid 2021. Thank you Royal, I am a happy camper. Brenda
  4. I have my rhinestone mask ready for formal nights....lol
  5. Could this be the first glimmer of light at the end of this long, long tunnel?
  6. The taste of Royal includes wine pairings and is a lovely experience.
  7. I am booked on a world cruise round trip out of Los Angeles on Crystal in 2022. Would have loved to do it on Royal since it would have made me Pinnacle.
  8. Longer voyages. Ship on the west coast. A 2 week round trip from the west coast to Hawaii like Princess has would be great.
  9. I am booked on the 2022 World cruise, I picked this one because the only flying involved is a one hour hop from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Looking forward to meeting you. Brenda
  10. Just point me towards the gang plank....I am under a mandate to wear a mask at all times unless I am in my house or my car....I would much rather be on board a ship, than trapped in my home.
  11. I am waiting for 4 refunds that are over the 30 day mark. I must be one of the lucky ones.....looks like we could make the 100 right here on this thread.
  12. I am totally depressed. Just called my travel agent and cancelled 10 of the 15 cruises I had booked this year. I had already had 5 others cancelled. Now I have nothing until Nov 22, not sure I can survive that long. I would have made Pinnacle in February, but now who knows....I hate this damn virus. Brenda
  13. Totally depressed, I just called my travel agent and cancelled 10 of my 15 cruises I had booked for this year....Now my next cruise is not until November 22.....hope I can survive...lol. Would have made Pinnacle in Feb, but who knows when I will make it now. Brenda
  14. way beyond a simple color and cut stage.....I am at the "I need a miracle stage" fingers and toes too. I guess I am higher maintenance than I thought.
  15. Exactly, I will be 80 years old in July. I walk 2 to 3 miles a day, do yoga, and work with a trainer 3 times a week. My BMI is 26, blood pressure 110 over 74. I have no underlying illnesses. My Doctor does want to sign any stupid letter that covers Royal's liability. I would be more than willing to sign a letter taking responsibility for my own health. I am sure that I am at less risk than a 400 lb 40 year old riding around in a scooter. Picking an arbitrary number like 70 should bring lawyers out of the woodwork, filing age discrimination suits. Brenda
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