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  1. Been to resort that had a towel fee. If you couldn't return your towel at the end of the day $20. All this did was turn people into towel thieves. They'd be partying all day long and before they knew it - couldn't find their towel - so they'd just walk up to a chair with a towel and off the went. It was a total pain and nothing I'd encourage.
  2. It's been two years since our Panama cruise and probably about that long since I've been on CC. Life has played out lately like a sad country song - Mom passed, I had open heart surgery and now our beloved dog died. Can't make this stuff up - LOL. I'm slowly recovering and would LOVE to get back on a ship soon - and have been poking around a bit the last two days. It seems so much has changed with Celebrity and I'm wondering if someone would spare me hours of reading and give me a short update. Obviously Edge - which I have no interest in - didn't like the new "balcony" in concept and like it even less in actual photos. I see they are redoing the other ships - I love Micheals as a suite perk and wonder if that is being kept on the M class or changed out? Loved our last Micheals Club concierge - still have those I hope. Any changes in the Captain's Club? Anything else that you can share? New restaurants? Thanks
  3. Did you mean 2021? Those will most likely be December.
  4. This cruise has been on my bucket list for years but in 2017 I gave up my reservation in order to book Galapagos for this coming Feb. for my 25th anniversary. Sadly, I am having open heart surgery this November due to a congenital birth defect and that too was canceled. I am booking the NE/Canada cruise - it will give me something to look forward too!!!! Yes a long way off but I do like something on the horizon.
  5. I haven't been on in many a moon. Can anyone tell me when the dates open for NE/Canada 2020?
  6. My deepest condolences to you and your families. There are no words to express the sorrow that we all feel seeing this news.
  7. I've been MIA for a while and may have missed this (did a search, no luck) but I am wanting to know the release date for New England/ Canada for 2019. I think this is usually in Dec./Jan. if I recall. Thanks
  8. My wine opener that was in my carry on was confiscated going through security at the port. It had a tiny foil cutter on it, and that was all that it took. Gone. I was not happy but the butler brought us one to borrow. It was my fault and I won't make that mistake twice.
  9. I said that in reference to the fact I've never seen shorts in the dining room the first night and that I have been on ENOUGH cruises - meaning I'm not saying I haven't seen it once or twice. I haven't seen it in several cruises. If you have no carry on - then I would be wearing a passable outfit to fly in. I personally would never feel comfortable for either myself or my DH to wear shorts to the dining room. My personal preference and your milage may vary.
  10. I've cruised enough to be Elite and can honestly say that I have never seen shorts in the dining room on either the first or last night of a cruise. Surely you have a carryon bag. I always make sure that incase of delayed or lost luggage to have 1 appropriate dinner outfit, 1 set of underwear, pj's, and a bathing suite packed. There is no reason to wear shorts unless you are tying to make a statement.
  11. robtads2@hotmail.com This is the email contact for Roberto from Robtad's Any chance to tour with Roberto would be great. Just realize that only twice has he gotten groups into the control room but he is so knowledgeable and dedicated that you will have an unforgettable experience. brianrene18@hotmail.com This is the contact email for Brayan of Cartagena Explore. He also has a Facebook page under Cartagena Explore. A young, fast moving, highly educated young man. Loved our day with him! Our coffee experience was a private tour for two and worth the money!
  12. Swim diapers indicate to others that a child is not fully potty trained, if your child is fully potty trained then they should wear a bathing suit. I've seen people asked by security to remove their child from the pool. If you are concerned then perhaps the young one isn't ready yet and you should assess this honestly with yourself because if there were an accident, they will close the pool for a prolonged period of time.
  13. We sailed Infinity this year through the Panama Canal and had a Celebrity Suite. Having had a Sky Suite once before the Suite Life Perks - we weren't prepared for the level of spoiling that we received. Micheal's Club - spent tons of time there and the Concierge spoiled us rotten. Food in Luminae was very good. Cabin was certainly large enough and loved the walk in closet/dressing area. While the FV will have the better view - if money is not the object - go for the suite!
  14. I second CHEZMARYLOU. We did the 6 night up to Fairbanks land portion and it was amazing and stress free. Highly recommend. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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