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  1. We have done 1 short cruise and I wasn't a fan. It was pretty much a booze cruise for many, not your typical X crowd - I've never seen people so far gone on a Celebrity cruise before or since. One guy kept sliding down the wall in the Martini Bar, would crawl back up and down he'd slide. Very entertaining but not our cup of tea.
  2. I'm following along as I will need ideas for 9/22/21. I have never been to Boston so will fly in 2 days prior. We will plan to grab a cab from the airport to the hotel. I'd like to be in the heart of site seeing and will take a cab to port the morning of the cruise. Sounds like hotels are crazy expensive but when in Rome .... so I'll spring for location, I'd love to be out walking the city. I don't need the Ritz but something fun and nice close to good restaurants. 2 people. Is it possible for around $350 a night?
  3. I'd appreciate some help please. I'm in an area where getting a connection is spotty at best (so reading through all pages is near impossible) and I'm needing to know when the Canadian fall itineraries are due to drop? Last I heard was 11/26 - is that correct? Also if anyone has done that one and would tell me if they have a preference for port or starboard, that would be great. Thanks so much.
  4. We haven't had a Sky in a while - we do have one booked for next year - can you explain how the experience is being downgraded? We love the Celebrity suites but thought to save a little $ as we want a Royal for the cruise after. You have me thinking that maybe we should upgrade now.
  5. The worst that I have seen was in the buffet on embarkation day. So many people with food trays and no place to sit, packed to the max and there were the card players with several tables in a group. None were eating but there were a few half full glasses, they were unconcerned about the lack of table space for those wanting to eat. Me, if I'm in a restaurant and there are people waiting for a table, when I'm finished eating - I move along. We need more common courtesy not I got here first so I own it.
  6. I always bring my own, dh always uses the small bottles, gone now I guess. I would be very leery of of these refillable, pump bottles. Someone's idea of a joke might make the contents .... interesting. No thank you. As for the paper straws that are taking over in the U.S. - they turn to mush in under 5 minutes - maybe I need to drink faster but it drives me crazy as the beverage was served in a big plastic cup and plastic lid.
  7. Booked my first cruise as a non drinker and while I received a premium drink package with my cabin - I'm wondering if those of you with experience can give me some tips on what is available on the ship that is non alcoholic. I enjoy Martinelli's Sparkling Cider when I want that feeling of a glass of wine - does X have anything along those lines? Would I be allowed in place of bringing a bottle of wine aboard to bring one with me? Are the bartenders accommodating to concoct non alcoholic drinks? Could I swap out the welcome bottle of champagne in our cabin to something non alcoholic? I was blessed to survive open heart surgery to repair a congenital defect - so I'm now living caffeine and alcohol free but there is a learning curve. If anyone has any favorite mocktails to share - I'd appreciate it.
  8. Sorry for a dumb question but I cannot locate the deck plans. The only way I can see them is by doing a booking 😞 there has to be an easier way.
  9. A very foolish action by a grandfather, whom I sure loved that little girl - and the result is the devastating loss of a beautiful baby. I cannot imagine the anguish of this family - so I would suggest that we pray for them.
  10. We ran into Steve Doocy (from Fox News) in the elevator on a X cruise once. We smiled, he and his wife smiled and that was it. Clearly he was on vacation and we weren't going to intrude.
  11. Can someone who has taken this Canadian Fall cruise comment if there is an advantage to being port or starboard. Sometimes it doesn't matter but on my Panama Canal cruise it did make a tiny difference (FL to CA in a Celebrity suite - I felt the view from the actual canal passage on other side was better although we roamed about the ship) - so any opinions?
  12. Been to resort that had a towel fee. If you couldn't return your towel at the end of the day $20. All this did was turn people into towel thieves. They'd be partying all day long and before they knew it - couldn't find their towel - so they'd just walk up to a chair with a towel and off the went. It was a total pain and nothing I'd encourage.
  13. It's been two years since our Panama cruise and probably about that long since I've been on CC. Life has played out lately like a sad country song - Mom passed, I had open heart surgery and now our beloved dog died. Can't make this stuff up - LOL. I'm slowly recovering and would LOVE to get back on a ship soon - and have been poking around a bit the last two days. It seems so much has changed with Celebrity and I'm wondering if someone would spare me hours of reading and give me a short update. Obviously Edge - which I have no interest in - didn't like the new "balcony" in concept and like it even less in actual photos. I see they are redoing the other ships - I love Micheals as a suite perk and wonder if that is being kept on the M class or changed out? Loved our last Micheals Club concierge - still have those I hope. Any changes in the Captain's Club? Anything else that you can share? New restaurants? Thanks
  14. Did you mean 2021? Those will most likely be December.
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