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  1. Carol Cabezas interview: Talk's cheap. What else is she going to say? She has to promote optimism to do her job. Actions speak louder than words. How about providing some guarantees to those of us who have cruises booked.
  2. It's not a question of you losing your money. It's a question of not getting the quality of cruise that many of us have come to expect. Who says the PE firm wants to increase value? More likely RCL is forced to manage it's cash flow during the pandemic so it's taking the opportunity to focus on where the future revenue is highest, in the mega size ships like Oasis. Being taken over by a company with no previous experience is a crapshoot for the customer. We'll still get the cruises we booked, but with no upside and big potential for down. The best outcome is probably that
  3. Not surprising, this line was the best moderate lines around for a long time. Ships not too big, not too small, great service and itineraries for the right price. Obviously RCL want to maximize revenue with large low end and some high end cruise lines. Hate to be negative but the new owners can only make Azamara worse. Being a part of a large conglomerate gave not only benefits to us the customers, but also the leverage in buying the food, supplies, food, along with the maintenance subcontractors, the employment services, harbor administration around the world. Let's just hope th
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