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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Your're correct about the cost of hotel rooms, but my husband decided it was most important that we get a hotel close to the pier. We have booked Pinnacle Harbourfront. It seemed like the hotels were filling up fast and we didn't want to take a chance. Thanks again!
  2. We're arriving the day before our cruise in September and can't figure out a reasonably priced hotel. Saw some unusual items such as "shared bathroom." Lol. Also security deposits of $200? Would love to have a recommendation from someone who has stayed there before or after a cruise. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I'm not sure what constitutes a keeper. I imagine it has to do with size.
  4. Yes you did great. Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you! Sorry about your luggage.
  6. Solstice is offering a 5 and a half hour salmon fishing excursion in Ketchikan. Has anyone done it? We can't find any reviews so we are hesitant to book without knowing what we are getting into. Is it worth the cost? Catch anything? Food? Restrooms? Helpful crew? Our cruise is in a week. Thx.
  7. That would be wonderful! Hope you find your luggage promptly!
  8. Thank you! That is very helpful. Do you by chance have any of the Main Dining room menus? We're taking this cruise in 2 and a half weeks.
  9. Can you post the dinner menus? We will be on the June 21st sailing. Thanks!
  10. I hope this "classic beverage" info is incorrect. We're sailing the Solstice in a month and have the Classic package. It was told to us that the wine by the glass limit was $11, not 9 which is on the above card. I see almost no wines by the glass for $9 or under. Wine is our drink of choice.
  11. We tried. We went online and every single time slot for my time dining was taken. It happened with the Oasis too and we didn't book last minute on that one.
  12. We're doing the same cruise a week from now. We booked about 3 weeks ahead for basically the same reason and tried to get MDR reservations, but all slots for all nights were filled. We do have 2 nights in specialty restaurants, but we would have loved to get the 6:15 reservations. Our sailing must be more crowded. We are frustrated since we had a similar problem on the Oasis. We've gotten some suggestions of how to fix once we get on board, but it my be our last Royal Caribbean cruise. Never had this problem on any other cruise lines.
  13. We tried going online, but every single "My Time Dining" slot for every night was filled.
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