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  1. Every cruiseline will being asking people to wear them, not just Royal. Until a vaccine is found, I'll wear them in order to NOT get the virus. You could be aysmptomatic without even knowing it. What would you do if the cruiselines request proof of vaccine in the future?
  2. Umm, there were still many in the US, where they are still trying to get them home, many that got home were in that part of the world. I am talking about a typhoon is happening there, iit may have passed by now. As I said, many countries closed their borders, how are they going to get them home if they are working on ships that were sailing the Caribbean? They had to wait it out on the ship, got better idea? Why didn't you present them to the cruise lines. As far as the US Embassy helping Americans, all they are doing is getting charter airlines willing to go there, people are paying the the nose for those flights more than their return ticket was on an airline. So they either purchase a ticket at exhorbant prices or stay in that country. That is as far as the Embassy is doing for Americans, alerting you about it, nothing more. If you don't have the funds to get home? You stay there.
  3. I am sure those with years of service will come back. It also depends on their job situation back home, is there work for them?
  4. I saw this posted yesterday at the Facebook page and thought wow, you would have thought they were the only ones out there trying to get home. Grown adults acting like little children, someone is going to pay dearly for destroying property. Trying to get 10 of thousands home while typhoons in the Philippines are going on and airport closures to international flights has to be a logistical nightmare. Anyway, their ship is headed to Coco Cay, they should give them all inside cabins, just for their enjoyment. 😏
  5. OK, it's because they can't do it themselves?
  6. I have had to back away from that area when I see that.
  7. If this cuts down spreads of viruses, why complain? Many wrote that people fill up their plates and don't eat half of what they put on their plates. Let the servers put the food on the plate, if it's not enough for you, just tell them you want a little extra if you desire. Eat it and then return if you desire more, but I bet many won't because they had their fill.
  8. There's a Facebook page @Seaman's Adventure that has loads of videos from Royal's ships. The have the one where Harmony dropped off crew to Anthem and the sail away was very boisterous. They have Quantum repatriate them via life boats.
  9. I just read that he doesn't expect to sail until 2020 according to People magazine website.
  10. If you want to see the photos, and have twitter, his twitter name is @JamesVanFleet, he is the Chief Meteorologist for Royal Caribbean.
  11. That would stop all Europeans from traveling to the US and Caribbean, which wouldn't make them happy.
  12. Bring a pencil with an eraser and use the eraser to press your floor.
  13. The future, it will no longer be self serve or buffet. There's a chain of buffets in California call Souplantation. The just announced that they are closing all of their buffets. “The FDA had previously put out recommendations that included discontinuing self-serve stations, like self-serve beverages in fast food, but they specifically talked about salad bars and buffets,” said John Haywood, CEO of Garden Fresh. “The regulations are understandable, but unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to reopen. And I’m not sure the health departments are ever going to allow it. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-07/souplantations-buffet-style-restaurants-closing-for-good-due-to-the-coronvirus
  14. Why do you assume that they weren't working with the CDC? I posted an update from USA Today in which they are working with them. Just because the Miami Herald quoted someone, doesn't mean that they didn't work with them without his knowledge. yeah, I am sure you think I too am one of those people. Royal Caribbean CEO outlines plan to get crew members home, calling it 'incredibly complex' Royal Caribbean, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has made a plan to repatriate its crew members back to their respective home countries – including those from the U.S. – as the coronavirus pandemic lingers.
  15. This was hard to read, you might want to edit and take out the links, js.
  16. Here's an update on Repatriation Plans in USA TODAY Royal Caribbean CEO outlines plan to get crew members home, calling it 'incredibly complex' Royal Caribbean, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has made a plan to repatriate its crew members back to their respective home countries – including those from the U.S. – as the coronavirus pandemic lingers. While the cruise industry has managed to disembark passengers from ships, it has struggled with how to remove thousands of crew members. Across 26 cruise ships, 25,000 Royal Caribbean crew members have completed 14 days of in-room quarantine and are now practicing social distancing, according to an internal letter to crew from Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean president and CEO, and obtained by USA TODAY. Five crew members are being treated in isolation with flu-like symptoms, which are similar to those of COVID-19. Nearly 9,100 crew members have returned home, including 398 Americans, by commercial flights and private transport. Royal Caribbean crew members come from 60 countries, and returning them home means following 60 sets of rules. "What we’ve learned over the past month is that one simple question – how do we get you home? – turns out to be incredibly complex to answer," Bayley wrote in the letter. Here's the breakdown of when remaining American crew members aboard the Royal Caribbean fleet can return home. Bayley noted that plans are subject to change: Beginning May 6, American crew on ships near the U.S. will receive private transportation home. American crew in Asia will fly home from the Philippines pending the reopening of the Manila airport. Crew at Perfect Day, the line's private island in the Bahamas, and off the Barbados coast will sail to Miami and then be sent home via private transport. They should return home by May 14. U.S. crew now in the Mediterranean should fly home by May 20. The letter also indicated that one employee had died this month after being hospitalized for several weeks and that the company was mourning "the loss of several of our colleagues over the past two months." It did not say whether they had COVID-19. USA TODAY has reached out to Royal Caribbean for more information. "Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues, including his two brothers, who also work for the Royal Caribbean family," Bayley wrote in the letter of the recently deceased employee "We have all been traumatized by this terrible time and it is our shared commitment to each other that will help us journey to better times." The CDC will only allow the line to disembark crew if company executives guarantee crew members won't use public transportation, public airport terminals or interact with rental car companies or restaurants on their trips home, among other stipulations. The cruise line and company executives are subject to criminal penalties such as imprisonment if crew members break those rules. Still, Bayley said the line would agree to the terms to get crew off the ships. "Over the past several days we have discussed our concern with the CDC on the criminal penalties associated with guaranteeing future events that we had little to no control over," Bayley wrote in the letter. "We remain hopeful that this language will eventually be adjusted." Those who don't want to leave ships don't have to, Bayley wrote, and added that more than 1,000 have requested to remain aboard. As for when the ships might cruise again? Royal Caribbean spokesperson Jonathon Fishman told USA TODAY: "We have not yet determined our return to service date. Right now, we are focused on developing additional measures to further protect our guests and crew. We look forward to providing great service to our guests when we return, we and can’t wait to set sail again." Carnival Cruise Line announced Monday it plans to resume some of its North American cruise service this summer starting Aug. 1
  17. I seriously doubt that Royal would not send another ship up there for the winter months. That's a key market for them. I seriously doubt that Royal would just abandon the winter months in the NY area by not sending another ship there.
  18. Oasis was to going up to NJ when Anthem was heading to Europe then return in November.
  19. If Anthem moves to Galveston, what would they place in Bayonne as a replacement other than the Oasis ship in the summer?
  20. How?? They signed the waiver to go on the excursion.
  21. OMG, how will cruising fanatics carry on without Molly there? I mean, the world just stopped.🙄 Maybe it's time to streamline operations across the board with Royal Caribbean's brands. They cut 25% of unnecessary waste, if you call C&A, you won't get her, you would have gotten a staff member working for Royal, besides they have people on the ships that can take care of your problems while on board. Life moves on, I am sure Molly has been looking for a job, seeing as they let go people a week ago. Maybe some of you all will see her on another cruise line, since you're interesting in booking your future cruise with them. It's where she started with Royal.
  22. There was a news report yesterday that stated that this virus was in Florida longer than what is known. Early February there was a big uptick in pneuomnia cases there. There was no covid-19 tests available, so they were marked as pneumonia.
  23. Top ten counties in Florida with the most cases of Coronavirus. Nine out of the 10 are beach resort areas, with the exception of Orange County aka WDW aka Orlando. 1. Miami-Dade (Miami Beach) 2. Broward (Ft Lauderdale) 3. Palm Beach (West Palm Beach) 4. Orange (Orlando) 5. Hillsborough (Tampa) 6. Duval (Jacksonville) 7. Lee (Ft Myers/Cape Coral) 8. Pinellas (St Petersburg) 9. Collier (Naples) 10. Manatee (Bradenton) https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  24. I was under the assumption that is part of their job, to assist, help those at sea. What's next? Charge everyone that they help?Payable to the Government? Once on land, that is the ambulance service or Fired Department that transports you to the hospital, not the Coast Guard.
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