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  1. Thank You, I was confusd by post #2. I should have thought harder about it. :0)
  2. This thread on Trip Advisor may be of interest before you make a choice to support Little French Key. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g292019-i4482-k12918755-Little_French_key_and_sloths-Roatan_Bay_Islands.html Depending on traffic it maybe 30mins from Coxen Hole to the Little Frech Key pier, then ya take a boat to the key.
  3. Is Maya Key truly only 5mins from Mahogany Bay? I know it is very close the the Coxen Hole Port but thought it is a far bit farther from Mahogany Bay. Of couse via water maybe a much different proposition than via the road.
  4. I don't know what your version of AI means and depending on your entertainment needs....maybe Paya Bay Resort would offer day passes to 30 people. .
  5. Before you do.. this threadon Trip Adviosr may be of interest. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g292019-i4482-k12918755-Little_French_key_and_sloths-Roatan_Bay_Islands.html
  6. Guest 2000

    sol y mar

    Yes please, do report back on your visit to Sol Y Mar.
  7. Guest 2000

    sol y mar

    What has you attracted to one place or the other?
  8. Daniel's is very well respected and if I remember correctly this only one which is a true rescue. I know nothing of Manawakie.
  9. The problem with Sandy Bay is the shallow mucky water for some distance from the shore so one would need a kayak or pier to get farther out. I have done both in Sandy Bay. I am not sure if Anthony's key is a good choice.. they may not offer day passes and they have a fleet of dive boats coming and going.. ahh but maybe they would do a snorkle trip via boat for you. I would suggest getting in touch with Blue Bahia in Sandy Bay, spending the day with them buying food / drink and using their pier to acess the swimmable water to the reef. It is possible Sol y Mar offers a snorkel boat as well, or maybe kayaks. It is a new place and I have not been there as yet. Fantasy Island offers day passes and one could swim the channel to CocoView's front yard. Most of the remainder of the island the reef is to far out to access without a boat. On another note ~ The sand is sandy bay is mostly hard packed and not at all nice. West Bay is the premier beach on the island for several reasons, the white fluffy sand would be one of them :0)
  10. Most of the locals do their shopping in Coxen Hole or take the ferry to LaCebia and their eating at home, though there are plenty of eateries in Coxen Hole. There is nothing off the beaten path about Coxen Hole. Do you one one of your party speak Spanish? There are out of the way places (mostly remote resorts) but dang near all of the island is privately owned. Eveything else is there to entertain visitors.
  11. While such things are subjective, many believe the snorkeling to be the best in the Caribbean. It has been several years since my last visit. My family, knowing my schedule for the past couple of years, has pretty much demanded I go to the beach. So, I am returning for my 17th visit in Jan. I don't get to stay as long this trip but that's okay I still have a chance to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Cheers!
  12. Allen, You have the right of it, well done. I used mineral oil one year, it works but not only does it suffocate them they get stuck in the oil. I was forever picking little black dots off of my legs. Granted I may have chosen the wrong kind of oil to use. I went back to Deepwoods off wipes. Enjoy you holiday!
  13. One need to keep in mind such things are subjective and are based on past experince of an individual. I would have thought the reef to far out to swim to at Pristne Bay... if you hire a boat it may well be worth while. I have snorkeled a fair amount of the island and I believe the best snorklng to be within the Roatan Marine Park which runs Sandy Bay West Bay, this area is protected. The remainder of the island seems to have been over fished by the locals.
  14. Ya might want to have a look at this before supporting Little French Key. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g292019-i4482-k12918755-Little_French_key_and_sloths-Roatan_Bay_Islands.html
  15. Free Access doesn't give you loungers or potties. The easy access to boat free reef snorkeling is directly in front of Infinity Bay, they also have a pool. Mayan Princess is father along on the beach, perhaps a 7 min walk to Infinity, they also have a pool. Bananarama is closer to Infinity and does not have a pool. I don't understand the last one. I would choose Paradise Beach Club, it is two property lines from Infinity, they have more shoreline and if I get tired of the crazy on the beach I can retire to a hidden pool. If I had children who wanted to snorkel I would choose Infinity, this way parents could trade off who was in the water and the whole family could still see each other.
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