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  1. Finally someone says what I have suspected about this place all along. Sandy Bay has a good bit of shallows between the beach and the reef. If there is a pier, one may be able to get some fair distance from the beach and closer to deeper water. When I stayed in Sandy Bay I took a kayak from the beach out to deeper water.
  2. Tabyana is part of West Bay Beach, one cannot acess the section of West Bay indepenatly but there are plenty of beach clubs to choose from. In you are only interestwd in the beach I reccommned you choose a day pass option with transport included.. this way you can come and go as you please. With all that said ~ If I had friends visiting Roatan I would suggest they hire a private driver to drop them in West End, to wander about and maybe snorkle a bit in Half Moon Bay, then take the water taxi to West Bay for bathing in the sun, lunch and a bit more snorkeling. Their driver could collect them in West Bay. Indeed the towel option is a possibility if there is enough space to find some sand, all food, potties and showers are payable. Beware, the bugs are much worse if one is on the sand. Oh and there are only two ways to acess West Bay Beach for free if you don't pay for a day pass, one is the road between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club and the other is via water taxi from West End. Enjoy your trip!
  3. Guest 2000

    excursion help

    Do tell me more about the local wild life you saw.. cause very few animals are natural to the island. Lizards, snakes, those rats things I can never remember the name of... a few birds, bats. Lands End had deer at onme point but I have no idea where they came from.
  4. Gumbalimba has a beach right on the water and the taxi guys are hungry enough they will stop anyplace... then again along with time being a problem...one would haven to get in the water taxi from the sand not a pier. Anywho, the OP has Bodden all lined out... good plan there.
  5. I must be missing something.... you are saying West End and West Bay are not connected via road? You really gotta explan this to me cause back in the day I walked the road between West End and West Bay. Maybe the OP could choose the park like Gumbalimba, Manawakie the website says it is open to the public as well as cruise ships visitors. Depending on time you might could get to the Chocolate Factory in West End as well.... you would see a fair amount of the island while doing so. :0) http://www.manawakieecopark.com/ Time is a worry with cruise visitors... one could take the ship excursion to Gumbalimba, Water Taxi to West End then take a land taxi back to the ship.... but time is a worry and I am not sure I could stand the pressure.
  6. Guest 2000

    excursion help

    Roatan was put on the map due to the world class diving... I believe everyone should get in the water, snorkeling will always be available. Side note ~ While I am an animal person, I am NOT a zoo person. :0)
  7. I am not good with distance but as a guess it would take me maybe four mins to swim from Infinity to the 75ft drop. I know nothing about the "starfish area".. I do know that starfish move.. one year there were heaps and heaps in the sandy bottom space shore side of the 20ft mark on the map. Visibilty has several factors.. one being sunlight another being weather. What time of year is your cruise?
  8. If snorkling West Bay is the goal... choose a day pass with one of the hotels which offer transport included. If you get bored snorkling from shore, (easy to the to the drop off) hire one of the many locals offering snorkle tours. This map shows the easy acess to reef snorkling in West Bay. The green flags are in front of Infinity Bay. The drop off is where the 75ft label is.
  9. The water taxi guys got themselves sorted out, perhaps the land taxi guys will follow suit.
  10. I would think getting sick or not would be more about how the food was prepared and how clean the people doing the work are. Also your immuine system comes into play. I doubt anyone here can tell you if you can eat the food offered or not. What I can tell you is I have been visiting the island for over 20 years, in that time I was only sick once in 2003. I believe it was food posioning because I was very very sick and then I was fine. On a related note ~ I only drink bottled water when on the island.
  11. Holy Hannah, if that was 15us round trip for a random taxi. That is an unheard of price. Now then if it was per person from Coxen Hole.. that makes more sense. If it was sorted though Henry Morgan.. maybe but still. I had a cabbie tell me it was going to cost 7 dollars to get from West Bay Mall to Foster's. Yes, a distance I could walk in a matter of 15 mins.. and that guy wanted 7 dollars. He could clearly see I was limping and in pain, yet he still wanted to fleese me.
  12. I agree whole heartedlly, if you take a random taxi sort out round trip cost and pay when you are back at the ship.
  13. West Bay is the name of the whole of the beach. If you do not need a lounger, potties or showers no need to pay a day pass. The sand, other than that which the resorts have claimbed, is public and free. If you decide NOT to pay a day pass there are only two public acess points, one is via water taxi from West End, they will drop you anywhere you like along the beach. Or you could have your driver drop you at West Bay Mall and walk the road between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club. This seems a fair choice if you have a private driver.. if not I truly believe the better choice is to sort a day pass with transport included.
  14. If ya notice the 20ft sign then the odd shape above it that is deeper inside the dotted lines. One year I was down that whole space was covered in starfish and sea urchins. I stopped counting at 200. Definitely worth going back. :0)
  15. This map shows where the channel though the 1st reef is directly in front of Infinity Bay Resort. Note the green flags in front of Infinity. I believ I saw a post the otehr day which said there is a rope in the water to help guide people out.
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