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  1. I stayed with it thru the technical difficulties. They purposely never talked any cruise specifics. At the end Mr. Donald even acknowledged that this was not meant to be for cruise specific information/discussion, but just to get facts about COVID and some best practices in regards to COVID in general.
  2. I think it's smart. I'm sure they have protocols in draft, but let's face it, the more doctors learn about COVID19 those protocols will change. Why put out official protocols out until you know you're going to be sailing and you have the most up-to-date medical opinions. He's right about the temp checks. They don't mean squat. I could have COVID, be asymptomatic, and not running a fever, making me a super spreader without even knowing it. I think the biggest problem for the cruise lines is not what protocols they're putting in place, it's what happens if someone do
  3. I had this problem, are you filling in more than one item on the request? there are multiple things you can request -FCC/refund/already rebooked and wanting FCC/refund. I realized if I tried to enter more than one it wouldn't work, but I did just the FCC for a just cancelled cruise and it worked and then went back to do a FCC for already booked got cancelled again request. Hope that makes sense.
  4. I'm in the same boat (pun intended) final payment for my Sept cruise is June 29th. Hoping they announce something soon about sailing in Sept.
  5. Sadly the governors are only partially to blame. Look to all the people who didn't want their freedom taken away by needing to wear a mask or stay 6 feet apart for a few more weeks to cast the blame on also.
  6. John Heald posted over the weekend that Carnival has instituted capacity controls on upcoming sailings and once capacity is reached the cruise is removed from the website. He could not say what the lessened capacity for ships is. So now I'm curious what type of capacity they're instituting. I'm scheduled for Sept 12th on Panorama and I definitely would not mind a not so full ship.
  7. Most DFW school Spring breaks are the week of March 9th. So you missed the kiddie chaos.
  8. Just know that on some ships the meal is not in the actual kitchen it's just in a room, usually the steakhouse. On the dream class it's in the kitchen, but not enclosed. It's still a spectacular meal, but very noisy.
  9. Now that I cannot confirm. Let me know if you use them, I'm using them for my Sept Panorama cruise.
  10. It's definitely worth the extra money. My boss returned from a trip to LAX 2 weeks ago. I, being the wonderfully perfect Executive Assistant, told him I'd get him a car service and explained the clusterf*&#k that is LAX-it to him. He being the I know what I'm doing man waived me off and said no, he'd use Uber/Lyft. On his return I got a very nice gift card and an obligatory "As usual, I should have listened to you." Took him over 20 minutes to get to the LAX-it area via the bus and another 35 to get a Lyft. He said it was like being at Six Flags waiting in line, but with luggage.
  11. Yes, using PrimeTime. They monitor your flight, so they’ll know if you’re early/late. First time using PrimeTime, but If they’re like other car services I’ve used they’ll be waiting just before or at luggage carousel area so if you already have luggage you go directly to car and if not you go to luggage carousel.
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