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  1. I like to get the cheese plate to go and snack on it later.
  2. Some of the ones that are a Class with Dinner are $59/person.
  3. Most DFW school Spring breaks are the week of March 9th. So you missed the kiddie chaos.
  4. Just know that on some ships the meal is not in the actual kitchen it's just in a room, usually the steakhouse. On the dream class it's in the kitchen, but not enclosed. It's still a spectacular meal, but very noisy.
  5. Now that I cannot confirm. Let me know if you use them, I'm using them for my Sept Panorama cruise.
  6. It's definitely worth the extra money. My boss returned from a trip to LAX 2 weeks ago. I, being the wonderfully perfect Executive Assistant, told him I'd get him a car service and explained the clusterf*&#k that is LAX-it to him. He being the I know what I'm doing man waived me off and said no, he'd use Uber/Lyft. On his return I got a very nice gift card and an obligatory "As usual, I should have listened to you." Took him over 20 minutes to get to the LAX-it area via the bus and another 35 to get a Lyft. He said it was like being at Six Flags waiting in line, but with luggage.
  7. Yes, using PrimeTime. They monitor your flight, so they’ll know if you’re early/late. First time using PrimeTime, but If they’re like other car services I’ve used they’ll be waiting just before or at luggage carousel area so if you already have luggage you go directly to car and if not you go to luggage carousel.
  8. And be sure to be prepared for LAXit if you're using Uber/Lift. I booked a private car for my upcoming LA trip since they can pick up at the terminal.
  9. If you don't get "approved" for YTD prior to cruise, just go to the designated YTD check in area and they'll get you all set up. And be sure to use the Carnival HUB app and you can use that to request your table each night. I never waited more than 5 minutes for the message that my table was ready.
  10. You can check in on the app, then when you get to MDR let them know you want a specific waiter/waitress and they’ll let you know if they can get you in that section or they’ll give you a time to come back. That’s how we did it on Vista.
  11. Vista you can use the app. It's great, we would use the app while in the room and never waited more than 5 minutes for a message that our table was ready.
  12. I'm looking forward to booking Allure when she arrives in Galveston in 2021.
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