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  1. This is what I've done for my last 3 cruises and it works like a charm.
  2. 14 days until my Jewel TA - 9 days until I fly to Milan!
  3. Benefits of cruising solo - no one to share your Diamond drinks with 🙂 and I'm a drinker so I'd be hesitant to share even if I had company LOL
  4. Yay I found it! Looking forward to following along as I countdown to my Jewel TA. I always look forward to seeing a smiling Owen picture! 🙂
  5. Virtopia

    Roll Calls are Back

    I've been active in my roll call since yesterday afternoon - thank for sharing Andrew and I hope you are doing a LIVE report! It will help me get closer to my sailing 🙂
  6. Virtopia

    Why travel solo?

    And this is it 🙂 Before I did my first cruise, I did a couple solo trips to NYC. My first cruise was with my sister - a 7 night sailing on Liberty. By the 3rd day, I was tired of going everywhere with her so we switched it up. In port, we left the ship together, but when we got back, she'd do her own thing and I'd do mines until dinner. If it was a sea day, breakfast together but then we'd enjoy the day our own way until dinner. She still talks about it to this day but I don't care - I live alone and need my space. I'm doing my first solo TA in just under 3 weeks and I can't wait for all the free time I'll have. I'm participating in a lot of events with my roll call but there will be plenty of alone time. I'm bringing 4 books with me so plenty of time to read and reset!
  7. Virtopia

    3 night dining package

    From what I've heard and read on this board, Izumi can be included and you'd get a set amount to spend on the a la carte items. I believe it's $30 or $35. If you go over that amount, then you pay the extra. I have the 3 night dining package for my upcoming sailing as well so looking forward to using it for the first time. My first seating is the 2nd night.
  8. Virtopia

    Book private tour before flight.

    Thank you for this review - looking to do this exact type of tour after disembarking my TA on Nov 17th. I'm assuming this can't be booked in advance?
  9. I tried looking up this criuse but I couldn't find it. I already have cruises booked for next November from Miami so was considering a switch but I'm sure the pricing I have for my 13 night Navigator/Explorer B2B wouldn't even get me on an inside cabin for this sailing.
  10. I agree with the room upgrade - a suite would definitely be special.
  11. 29 days until Jewel TA ... 24 days until flight to Milan! Cruising on my mind ...
  12. That last photo is breathtaking! Cruising on my mind ...
  13. I probably spent too long looking at the boxer shot - sue me. I was trying to figure out it's "knock out" effect. Have a great second week!
  14. Virtopia

    Mike's solo Norway adventure!

    Still following along - really enjoying the pictures. Sent from my iPad using Forums