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    For a port day, Rome in Limo does a great job. Car and driver. They can arrange guides if needed. If staying in Rome, Marisa of Rome with Marisa, is an excellent guide.
  2. Nikos Loukas of Private Greek Tours has a full day tour of Athens that includes either the National Archaeological Museum or the Acropolis Museum. We have done the tour twice and recommend it. Taxis are also plentiful at the port.
  3. Second Hotel Jazz. It is close to Placa Catalunya and Las Ramblas. Nice hotel and frequently mentioned by cruisers. There is a subway station very close to the hotel that you can take to La Sagrada Familia. Pre-book your timed tickets for La Sagrada Familia. We enjoy walking around the Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral of Barcelona which are close by.
  4. We have stayed at Olimpia and at the new AC Hotel by Marriott, across from the people mover on Piazalle Roma. AC is more modern than Olimpia and no bridge to cross, although the bridge to Olimpia is small. Would recommend both. For either book early as the prices tend to go up closer to arrival.
  5. Another option from Livorno is Lucca. Very nice walled town and much closer than Florence.
  6. Agree. We used her from Villefranche to Nice, St Paul and Eze. One of the best guides we have had.
  7. I must have visited a different Toulon than others. My wife and I and others traveling with us thought it was a dump. Many of the stores were permanently closed. Celebrity wanted $25pp for the boat shuttle from Le Seyne sur Mer to Toulon that only went once per hour. We used the nearby public ferry for around 2.50E pp. We spent about an hour in Toulon and returned to the ship. If you do Toulon, I would suggest a tour to Aix or Cassis. We would have gone to Aix, but had been there the year before from Marseilles, which is much more convenient. We've been to Monte Carlo several times, though tendered in Villefranche and took the train to Monte Carlo and Nice. The train works very well to go between them. I would also recommend a private tour to St Paul de Vence and Eze.
  8. I would recommend Pompeii over Herculaneum. Much more to see. Take an umbrella to shield the sun. I would also recommend using a guide there as they can make it much more interesting. We really like Sorrento. Nice place for lunch and views. There is a shop that sells inlaid wood music boxes that we visit each time. We would combine a trip to both, with Pompeii early to avoid the hottest part of the day.
  9. We did this on our visit to Tallinn. It worked very well.
  10. We enjoyed the Hotel Santa Maria Novella. Walking distance to train station and major sites. Very nice hotel.
  11. When we had an overnight on the ship in Venice there were reps for the taxi/limo companies outside the terminal taking reservations for the next day when we returned to the ship on the first day. Worked well for us. We have also used Eliteautonoleggi.it for transfers when we did not have an overnight. Great service.
  12. Yes, but the initial deposit was in 2017, so past the normal pre-existing condition waiver period. We have moved the initial bookings several times. We plan to take these in Aug. 2020 and Sept. 2021.
  13. I prefer pre-existing waivers and usually buy insurance close to booking, but our next 2 cruises to Europe were booked on-board as place holders so did not buy trip insurance at that time. Looking for coverage for these cruises in 2020 and 2021. If pre-existing waiver is available I would prefer it but we don't have any medical conditions that are not stable. Does the GeoBlue policy provide better medical coverage than the comprehensive plans.
  14. Ingrid with Kultours.fr is excellent.
  15. The online system won't apply the discount. You can do a courtesy hold online to hold the cabin you want and then call to have the discount applied.
  16. 1. 12 days. Max 30 days. 2. Yes 3. No, just looking at GeoBlue for more medical coverage. May still get a comprehensive single trip policy, but most do not have much medical coverage or require an add on to increase medical/evacuation. Thanks.
  17. Typically purchase comprehensive trip insurance for each trip. Never used GeoBlue before. Looked at quotes for a trekker choice annual policy VS a single trip policy. The single trip policy was significantly more expensive. Even if just do one cruise a year would the GeoBlue annual policy be the most cost effective? Both age 65 and live in Kansas. Typically cruise to Europe once a year for up to 30 days. Thanks for your help Steve. Rick
  18. Assuming Reflection's cabins are like Silhouette, the inside cabins forward of the middle elevators on decks 9 & 10 (we've stayed in 9256 & 1092 on Silhouette) are approximately 200 sq. ft. Very nice cabins. More square than rectangle. Looks like Reflection's cabins are numbered slightly different on deck 10. Silhouette 1092 = 1104 on Reflection.
  19. Have used Rome Cabs several times. More expensive than the train, but they pick you up at the ship and drop off at hotel. There's a long thread about them a few threads below.
  20. This was a United flight a few of days after the cruise. It was the only United flight to Washington Dulles that day as the other flight had been cancelled. We were at the airport three hours ahead and arrived at the gate after scheduled take off. The plane was half empty when we boarded and the flight attendant said the flight would be full. We took off two hours late. With no other flight available I think United decided it was best to delay takeoff rather than strand so many.
  21. I wouldn't chance less than three hours at the airport ahead of flight. Our experience flying out of Barcelona this June was a disaster. Over two hours to check in and another hour to get through security. Only thing that saved us was so many people on the flight were held up checking in they delayed the flight two hours to let everyone get to the plane.
  22. Thanks Kevin's Girl. I originally booked a room at the Royal Horseguards and switched to the Conrad for the lounge access. I'll keep watching both and may let the price decide. I don't think I could go wrong with either. Rick
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