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  1. Not sure of the cost, but it is 4 beers. The last time I did the math, the biggest bang for the buck for ABV is Sam Adams Rebel IPA.
  2. I just let my wife lead since she is always right. I then go the other way since she is right at going the wrong way!
  3. If I remember correctly, it was about 4 - 5 hours.
  4. Here is his email. Give him your ship and day you will be in port and the tour you would like. Sometimes it may take him a few days to get back with you. roystontours@hotmail.com
  5. Yes very weird, but sometimes things change. It is a very beautiful spot and off the beaten path. Our driver took us there and hired a guide to guide us through the falls. We will definitely go back.
  6. I am not sure where you found these times, but other sites have Blue Hole open every day. I can only go by what I have done in the past, so I would contact a private tour company and see if they would take you to Blue Hole on the day your ship is in port. I used Erroll of Travel Jamaica Tours, but I am sure other private drivers or tour guides will take you there and can give you information if it is open.
  7. We used Erroll at Travel Jamaica Tours. We got him to take us to Blue hole and then tubing. I would highly recommend going to Blue Hole instead of Dunns River Falls. Google Blue Hole in Jamaica and look at some of the videos. There are very few people that go up there so it is much more relaxing and away from the crowds.
  8. We will be there on Thanksgiving as well, the Magic sailing. I have found the same thing,; that most things and private tours aren't operating. We may just walk the streets and grab lunch if possible.
  9. Yes! It's been a slow process, but they are back!
  10. No his van is not airconditioned but he has every window taken out of the van. My wife was very hesitant when I booked this tour the first time because she felt it would be too hot for her. With the winds and constant moving of the van with the windows out, I enjoyed it much better than a van with air, jmo. My wife enjoyed it so much that when we took our kids to St. Kitts, a few years later, she wanted to do it again.
  11. Yes Royston will add people to your group. Usually he will take around 8 people. We have used him twice and he has added people each time. We were a group of 4 one time. We adore Royston and his island. This should be perfect for your mother as he drives his van everywhere for you to see things. The steps to Brimstone may be too much for her though.
  12. OK. Misunderstood. I was referring to the Carnival Mastercard, so I am not sure you could use it in combination. I believe you can because I don't think Barclay's would have any idea you were booking it reduced. They just administer the card and give the discount based on the charge being from Carnival Excursions.
  13. I agree with you most of the time, but with this discount and another 10% off with the way I paid, it was actually lower than the excursion that I was going to book on my own. Exact same excursion. I know mine is probably the exception to what you stated, but sometimes it does work out better. For the record, this is the first Carnival excursion I have booked in my last 9 cruises with them.
  14. What price did they quote you? I am trying to do the same as you are. I can't get any of the tour guides to book it for me. They say the cruise line controls it on the days they have ships. If they have slots at 12 that are not associated with the cruise lines, I will try and book it and get a taxi over as well.
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