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  1. Greetings, I'm wondering why a cabin annotating "* Stateroom has third Pullman bed available" is a little less expensive than the same cabin category without one. For example, two cabins next to each other are priced different, 8566 with * and 8568 without. I believe the cabins an balconies are the same size. Thanks, Monica
  2. Thanks for everyone's comments. I decided on a port side cabin under the solarium (and not under the whirlpool). Monica
  3. Thanks for your comments. I don't think I'll be bothered by the window washing equipment since it's two cabins down. I'm more concerned about any whirlpool noise. I may just stay put or select a cabin on the port side. 🙂 Monica
  4. Greetings, I'm currently booked in an A2 cabin for a 2022 cruise (on the Solstice). I'm looking to switch to an A1 cabin for complete shade with the large overhang. I wanted to find out if the cabins under the solarium are noisy, specifically those that are under the whirlpool? One cabin that looks to be right under is 1560. 1558 is available. Of course, the deck plans may not be 100% perfect. Thank you, Monica
  5. Are these three new cabins (and placement of the bathrooms across from them) going to be done on all M-Class ships? I have friends going on the Infinity in 2020 and 3112 is currently available. They are concerned about noise from the bathrooms (if there are no new cabins next to 3112. Thanks, Monica
  6. Could you please tell me what month you took these photos? I'll be in Reykjavik in September. Wondering if that's a good time to see the puffins. Also, we arrive at 2pm with an overnight. I have a day trip the next day so I hope I can get this in in the afternoon of our arrival. Did you book via a tour company? Thanks, Monica
  7. I was in 3142 on the Constellation. The room was very not - hardly any air flow. There's a square plate that covers the a/c. The air flows how along the ceiling, rather than downwards, making it difficult to cool the room. Engineers came to the room but couldn't do anything. I ended up with a fan in the room and had to keep the drapes closed, as the large port hole window contributed to heating the room. I bought a small fan that I bring with me on my trips now. Not sure if all M-Class ships have this problem. No noise issues in my cabin; my friends stayed in 3144 a
  8. I made my move. I decided to move aft onto deck 8 (cabins above/below me). Thanks, Monica
  9. I do look at the deck plans in advance of selecting a cabin. I picked 6098 because my friends stayed there and liked the location. On my most recent cruise (on the Reflection), while sitting at Café al Bacio, I noticed the staff constantly slamming the door going in/out of the kitchen area.
  10. Greetings, I'm booked on the Infinity and booked cabin 6098. I see it's above Cafe al Bacio. I'm wondering if I will hear noise from Bacio and its kitchen area. There are cabins above the shops (such as 6080), which might be less noisy at night. Would appreciate your comments, as I am a light sleeper. Thanks, Monica
  11. I would appreciate the tour company contact information. Thank you. Monica Mjpileggi@gmail.com
  12. John, Yes, those steak knives in Tuscan for the steaks were huge! And the filet mignon was excellent. Tony got the dry aged prime NY strip. Also excellent. Glad they found your luggage!! Alejandro is on vacation now. I'm not sure how often a CD changes ships. Monica
  13. Even though the Constellation is an older ship, you will like it. I think the staff does a great job and the entertainment, overall, was very good. Monica
  14. Ship: Constellation (3-22 September 2019 Back-to-Back cruise) Revolution (2019 onwards) - No Cabin: 3142 Deck: 3 Class: , OV Area/Location: Aft ,Starboard, near the aft elevators and stairs. Bed Location: Wall-facing forward Quiet? Yes, for the most part. Balcony/Porthole View: Good Balcony/Porthole Size: Over-sized. Wind a Problem? N/A Soot a Problem? N/A Comments: Great location being near the after elevators/stairs and getting down to the gangway. The hallways are quiet with the exception of people constantly slamming their doors.
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