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  1. At least when you finally get that appointment in NJ the sites seem to function efficiently. We were in and out in 1/2 hour. Back in February DD had an appointment at a NYC run site on Staten Island. Had to stand on line outdoors in cold for 4 hours. No seating available and most on line were seniors.
  2. In early Feb. I constantly searched for appts in north Jersey with no success. Then a friend told me that the Hackensack University hospital system opens up an additional day of appts for their locations throughout NJ every night at midnight. Went online at midnight and sure enough, lots of available appts across the state. Easily booked my family and told all my friends.
  3. RCG is a foreign company employing mostly foreign workers and paying no US income taxes. Last spring they showed little concern for their US customers, continuing to sail in the face of the pandemic. Why should the US government put pressure on the CDC to support them?
  4. Agree, Tor was very reassuring. We're rooting for him. Having all 6 VO vessels back in service soon is great news. Only wish there was good news for VR as well.
  5. Seems to me Port Authority should be more concerned about risk posed by international air travelers arriving at JFK and EWR. They may have tested negative when leaving home yesterday but today??? Meanwhile many (most?) NY/NJ cruise passengers come from tri-state area so present no added risk.
  6. Both governors Cuomo and Murphy have been very cautious. Perhaps understandably so after what the NYC area went through last spring. Hopefully they will soften their positions this summer as vaccination rates rise and cases fall. Travel and tourism are very important to NYC economy.
  7. On the 1q '20 conference call with analysts Jason Liberty (RCG CFO) estimated that break-even EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciaton & amortizaton) for newer ships required 30% load factor and for older ones 50%. This is just to cover costs of operating the ship so excludes impact of corporate overhead.
  8. DeSantis would do a lot more good allowing cruise lines and other businesses to require proof of vaccination.
  9. This Miami Herald article actually contains some not negative comments from a named CDC official. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cdc-says-passengers-could-be-boarding-cruise-ships-in-us-ports-as-soon-as-july/ar-BB1fmKVu?ocid=msedgntp
  10. I saw the refrigerator cars full of bodies lined up in Brooklyn last spring. Very sobering. Definitely not like flu season.
  11. Article in today's WSJ on NCLH. They can afford to sail without kids because 1/3 of their berths are on premium lines Oceania and Regent where average age is 65. Even NCL average age is a surprisingly old 52. Also if they will be sailing at reduced capacity why not leave off kids sailing at reduced 3rd or 4th in cabin fares.
  12. For the past year I've been firmly in the CDC's corner. Recently however I'm not so sure. If it's safe for vaccinated people to resume normal use of other modes of travel (although with a mask), why continue to draw such a hard line with cruising? Doesn't a company requirement that all passengers and crew be vaccinated obviate the need for test cruises? And why the bureaucratic application process and 60 day wait? With expanded medical facilities on board and the presence of Lilly and Regeneron antibody treatments even if a couple of cases occurred they shouldn't be serious. So why not
  13. DelRio was on CNBC tonight with Jim Cramer. Two bulls in china shop. Made most of his points but doesn't explain well. Should leave conversations with CDC to Michael Leavitt or Scott Gottlieb
  14. Since 11 of their 28 ships are Oceania and Regent they are less dependent on families with children than RCG or CCL
  15. Here's a couple. There are many more. https://www.medpagetoday.com/primarycare/obesity/90142 https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-statistics/overweight-obesity
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