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  1. Can't compare Hurtigruten to VO. Their ships are much smaller. Many are just large car carrying ferries.
  2. Don't know what's worse, staying on wildly rocking ship or having to be winched up to helo one passenger at a time.
  3. Suggest you visit the Celebrity Expedition roll call forum. There is an ongoing conversation answering anything you could possibly want to know about the Galapagos sailings. It's now up to 3 parts totaling over 20,000 posts.
  4. Those who had a nice cruise just might take the time to write a review. Those who were unhappy will be sure to tell the whole world. In researching specific ships there will always be cheerleaders and complainers, so just look at the overall grades reflecting averages of hundreds of reviews.
  5. Some activities cost little for X to run. Spent some time with a couple who teach ballroom dancing. Not only don't they get paid, they don't even get a free cruise, just discounted fare. I'm sure X could find folks willing to run all sorts of activities under similar arrangement.
  6. Not too long ago X had a decent arts & crafts program. DW spent 14 days on Eclipse constructing a beautiful origami swan. Now, after they pretty much wiped out entertainment staff, all that's left of the art program is (seriously) coloring book pages and colored pencils.
  7. Really enjoy the mussels appetizer in saffron cream with crab meat. Ordered it 4 times in one sailing.
  8. We found that pool water levels (especially infinity pool) could vary by 6" or more from day to day. Made a big difference to dw who is only 5'2". Sometimes she could stand, sometimes she couldn't. Her favorite pool is the thallassotherapy pool in the spa where you can definitely try to swim against the current.
  9. The garage has 900 parking spots which is sufficient for Anthem. During summer months however Adventure and X's Summit also sail from Cape Liberty. This can cause the garage to fill with any overflow directed to nearby street level lots. Not a real problem, just something to be aware of.
  10. DW and I are also in our early 60's and had been cruising with Royal, X and Princess for 25 years prior to trying VO last November. We really enjoyed it, especially the lectures and the food which is a major step up from the mass market lines. DW loved the included excursions, wifi and wine with dinner. Her favorite activity was afternoon tea which we went to every day (and I'm a coffee guy). It was always well attended which allowed us to meet people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We did miss the big ship entertainment, but you can't expect broadway style productions on a ship with only 930 passengers. I'm currently hoping to talk her into a couple of segments of the world cruise this fall.
  11. Have sailed from Cape Liberty at least a dozen times. Parking at pier is ridiculously easy. Only issues we've encountered are sometimes slow moving queue on pier and occasional construction related closure of Bayonne bridge (almost completed and only affects traffic to/from Staten Island)
  12. If X was smart their default would be to keep on board bookings in-house unless we instruct them to transfer to ta. Could save them a lot in commissions.
  13. Those who have sailed Anthem know there is no shelf in front of the safe, so on disembarkation morning most folks empty safe contents onto the bed and then pack everything away in a carry-on. In the rush to exit it is all to easy for an item (like a box of jewelry) to fall to the floor or get covered up by rumpled bed covers. If there is real suspicion of theft believe hallway cameras allow security to identify every person who entered and exited the cabin during the cruise. Unsure how long they keep the tapes though.
  14. When booking, dw and I always request late traditional, table for 2. Confirm invariably states "small table". Too many times though we discovered we'd been assigned us to a large table. Now we always visit mdr at embarkation and verify seating. By coming early hw on duty usually has the flexibility to correct any problems.
  15. Might want to check if the cc you used for your onboard account carries price protection perc. Ours do.
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