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  1. Summit only in Bayonne from May to October so should have no problem parking in garage during winter months.
  2. This really makes me shake my head. Doubt most passengers would repeat either concept on a sailing. We have done Silk Harvest twice, but that's just us (and we had a great deal). Restaurant is never more than half full under either concept so why not alternate the formats nightly and see if revenue increases. It's also dumb that the space sits empty all afternoon. How about coming up with a lunch concept? For instance would be a better spot for gourmet burgers than the failed Mast Grill experiment.
  3. We've sailed from NJ in a couple of snowstorms including one that dropped 10" and closed EWR for a couple of days. Ship still sailed on time. Parking garage is covered except for roof level, otherwise there are a couple of nearby hotels that offer free parking and shuttle with an overnight stay (search for them on cc). We're 30 miles from port and feel much more confident driving to Cape Liberty than flying to Fl.
  4. One big difference vs '07 is Royal has since added 9 new ships totaling almost 40k berths, almost doubling their capacity. Plus Spectrum and the other 4 new builds on order will add another 25k berths. Every other line is expanding as well. That's a lot of capacity to absorb in a soft cruising market.
  5. Why don't they just overnight in Coco Cay, spending 2 days there and then one in Nassau. On several sailings on sister line X we overnight-ed at other Caribbean islands.
  6. So, it's ok to remove automatic grat charges to your cabin (not recommending) and tip steward and dr staff at your discretion, but can't remove grats from bev pkg and tip bt and servers per drink?
  7. Yes, but the 14 night sailings were only offered during winter months when younger folks are less likely to schedule vacation. Pricing for that itinerary was always respectable as there was little competition. The 7 night market is lower priced and puts them up against a glut of competition from Royal, MSC and others who offer newer ships with many more activity and entertainment options..
  8. Maybe the system is flawed, but just because the entitled star class have front of the line privileges doesn't mean they have to abuse them. The message he's sending his kids is to forget everything they told you in preschool about taking turns and sharing. He paid more than those hundred others waiting on line so can parade to the front and tie up four of twenty bumper cars all day if he wants. No consideration for others who have to wait an hour or more on line.
  9. On several cruises we've encountered an older woman who wears a different large bonnet to mdr each night. She always dresses formally and the hat complements her outfit. She looks very proper and other passengers compliment her. Can't imagine how much luggage she must bring.
  10. Timing of luggage delivery is a crap shoot. Early arriving bags can end up on bottom of pile while being sorted below decks. Cabin stewards need to finish their regular work before starting on luggage delivery. The only benefit we see in tipping (and we never tip more than a buck a bag) is greater confidence our luggage won't get left behind or damaged and our luggage tags remain intact.
  11. On your sailings was there one nightly performance or 2? Ours was a 15 night repo from NY to Miami via the ABC islands. It contained a half dozen sea days so shows may have been better attended than usual. The theater can only hold 1/2 - 3/4 of passengers, so with only one performance not everyone can fit. We always arrived before 9pm and got good seats.
  12. No real difference. Peninsula is walled off from rest of island leaving private compound for Royal. FREE sandy beaches, FREE beach chairs, FREE food. All within a short walk from ship. Peddlers are restricted to native market area. Easy to avoid. A bit persistent but recognize that their income for a year is likely less than we pay for a single cruise.
  13. Show times were our one disappointment on Star last Nov. There was just one show nightly at 9:15. Everyone wanted to attend but theater simply too small. Always a large line waiting for doors to open. Every night hotel director Leitner would personally carry in extra chairs and benches. Still lots of folks standing in rear or outside in corridor. Never understood why they didn't perform shows twice nightly like other lines.
  14. Been to Labadee over a dozen times and always enjoyed it. dd rented an over the water cabana six years ago on her honeymoon. Cost was $129 which included lunch in suite area (she wasn't sailing in a suite). Couple of years later we tried one and price had risen to $250. Current price is over $500 and no longer includes upgraded lunch. IMO no longer worth it. Lots of shady spots on or near beach available for free.
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