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  1. We were on the Fantasia in July The food not to our taste The customer base not to our taste Ship and Staff were good
  2. https://www.chillysbottles.com/uk/products/bottle-monochrome-black?sku=B500MOBLK&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4s7qBRCzARIsAImcAxaSVbjVgaSnt_SbLyH4KM3Da5aPlTNbEy_NUNqbsf75KBSlEMVW5M8aAj0cEALw_wcB Just thinking but are these going to be an issue in your luggage? Thinking they may contain ALCOHOL We only want them to carry water whilst on board Don't want our luggage held in the naughty boys room Or should we carry them on in the Hand Luggage?
  3. OK WE GET IT ! Its like calling all Vacuum Cleaners, Hoovers. WE KNOW THEY AREN'T BUT DOES IT REALLY MATTER?
  4. Just chill, I personally find there is no difference in Sound or security go ahead and enjoy the cruise you booked
  5. With 67 cruises I think your getting out enough
  6. Divide your current Cruise Critic Post count by the number of cruises you have done E.G. I have completed 10 Cruises of various lengths and this is my 889th Post Giving me a Cruise to post Ratio of 89 WHATS YOURS?
  7. I asked this question of the CEO in the dedicated forum and I am waiting on her response
  8. Isn't it just the Casino out of the US/Europe that's different to Celebrity
  9. The perfect Storm Scenario ...................... Ok you win
  10. I do get that but "stinking out the whole cabin" REALLY!
  11. We will have to agree to disagree Except for " I should not be subject to the smoke of others, period"
  12. We will disagree on the Balcony 😉 In respect of your NCL Cruise I would have rejected the Cabin if it stank there is no excuse for that As for my wife giving up Hell and freezing over springs to mind but appreciate your thoughts and wishes
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