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  1. Zenith was nice, Horizon & Zenith are ex Celebrity and Sovereign & Monarch ex Royal . ( Although RCI owns Celebrity).
  2. I sailed on Zenith in 2016, it was only a mini cruise but I really enjoyed it. All staff spoke English but the ship was geared up for Spanish/French . It’s now just Spanish. Most entertainment didn’t start until 11:45pm. Late dining was 10:30pm. The ship is 3 star and the all inclusive drinks was adequate. Service and food was very good but not HAL standard. Empress OTS was with the Pulmantur fleet then but Royal Caribbean took her back to their fleet- so even though they are older, it’s not because they are not up the standard of Royal. All entertainment in theatre was in Spanish, no English announcements by cruise director but there was essential announcements in English around the ship. I’d book with Pulmantur again for a cheap getaway.
  3. I know it is? Apparently someone on board now saying that people have been taking drinks in theatre on Meraviglia- so I don’t know now!
  4. I’ve just asked on a Facebook group and it seems that it’s only Meraviglia that enforces this rule. Lots of people saying they took drinks into theatre on other ships . I did every night on Seaside and all Fantasia class ships and Lirica class ( I’ve not done Musica class).
  5. So one person has an accident and 985 people have their privileges removed? I love to sit and have a drink watching a show, I know it’s only 45 mins long but I’ve always taken a drink and never spilt a drop. I’m not convinced MSC would stop people taking drinks in. The bar waiter was serving drinks in the theatre on Seaview.
  6. I’m shocked to read no beverage allowed in theatre? I’ve always taken a drink in with me .
  7. Yeah we’ve tried that code but they keep saying NO! I’ve emailed again just now but auto response told me to expect a reply in 7 days!!!
  8. Was that issues in the TSL or around the ship? I don’t want to upgrade if I’m going to have hassle at every bar etc.
  9. You’re lucky in UK they refuse to allow us to upgrade , I’ve tried many times but MSC UK keep saying it can only be done onboard for UK guests! 😥
  10. Thanks re upgrade will be interested to know the policy.
  11. Bea do you know if you can upgrade drinks package part way through cruise or does it have to be done on 1st day?
  12. One of my friends did ask the butler about pre tipping and he said he found it insulting , like he was being bribed to do a good job. ( Europeans have a different mind set to some Americans, just a different culture ) The MSC butlers take pride in their service and of course an extra thank you in the form of a tip is welcome at the end, but not before they have even done anything for you. They would rather you mention their name on feedback forms as they get bonuses and promotions etc. Sometimes some people forget that people in the service industry are actually humans! I’ve seen some guests really shout at staff and treat them as personal slaves because they have more money than them. I always go over to those staff afterwards and tell them what a great job they are doing and how appreciated they are.
  13. Apparently on Bellissima it’s not being honoured, they have been told if they want minibar replenished they have to pay . They are given a free 750ml bottle of alcohol of choice but not sure if it will be replaced free of charge if used.
  14. We normally order a a starter each and one to share and same with mains. Although as this next cruise is 13 nights I might try and watch the calories or I’ll need a crane to hoist me off the ship in Miami.
  15. Hi, one week? Yikes I’d better think about packing ( I usually end up doing it night before ).
  16. What do you mean butlers not allowed to touch bags? I thought we had to take our cases to the yacht club stand and hand over there , not give to porters?
  17. What is your butler’s name ? We are on 16 so wondering if we will get same one. Could you have champagne whilst in port or just wine?
  18. Be interested to see if minibar is still stocked with miniatures and is free for YC- just read on Facebook someone on Bellissima has been told today no more miniatures , you get one free bottle now and one free snacks , then it’s chargeable. I can’t keep up with all the changes lol.
  19. I read that Horizon bar aft of ship turns into a nightclub ? We always have late dinner so usually evening goes quickly.
  20. You will get the old deluxe which is similar to Premium but you will get drinks up to $13 whereas the Premium is drinks up to $12, the old deluxe includes Nicholas Feuillatte champagne too.
  21. With Premium Plus, can you get better wines in YC restaurant? I read that one passenger was able to but only after creating a fuss.
  22. I’m boarding on 28th so can you please let me know what’s included for Premium Plus?
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