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  1. Terre

    HAL paper or plastic straws

    And they are the ones protesting plastic straws, this and that....we recycled more in the '50s and '60s than we do now. We refilled our ink pens instead of throwing them away. Razors were not plastic. Everything came in bottles that you could return to the store and were reused, wooden crates, etc. Are we better off now?
  2. Terre

    HAL paper or plastic straws

    Probably the cellophane wrapper that some straws are packaged in.
  3. Terre

    HAL paper or plastic straws

    We only had paper straws when I grew up in the '50s and I don't remember any of them ever coming apart in any kind of drink.
  4. Terre

    Persian Garden advice.

    Are the lounges wiped down/cleaned after each use? I've seen people lie on them with no towel...just wondering.
  5. We will be on this ship in March, our first HAL cruise as well. Your review gave me a good idea of what to expect. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
  6. Terre

    First Time on HAL: K-dam

    Thank you, Neal!
  7. Terre

    Grits Anywhere?

    There is an art to making grits. They are best made with some cream/milk and yes, the ship's grits always need lots and lots of butter and salt. I personally don't like pepper in mine or cheese, but a lot of people do. They are also good with bacon bits. You have to find someone who really knows how to cook them properly. They should never be gloppy or thick, but smooth and creamy, not soupy. Stay away from the instant ones...those are not grits.
  8. Terre

    Grits Anywhere?

    I'm a southern girl, too. They have them in the MDR on every ship I've been on listed under cereals. They bring a huge bowl as an appetizer so you will need to tell them to bring a small bowl with your meal. The buffets also have grits. They don't know how to properly cook them so they may be a little thick. Carnival is the only line that can cook them properly in my opinion.
  9. Terre

    What do you do with your tiles?

    How do you make the serving trays and trivets?
  10. I always use a camera because I take around 500 photos on every cruise and there is no way my phone could handle that. If you have a good 35mm camera, why wouldn't you want to use it? You can adjust for more vivid colors, shoot landscapes more beautifully, get prettier sunsets, etc. So, yes, I would take a camera for shooting pictures. For snorkeling just be sure it's a water proof camera or sealed very well in a baggie. I do keep my camera in my purse or with me, not in luggage so I'm always ready for that unexpected perfect shot--you never know when that will be, but that may be when you could use your phone.
  11. Terre

    First Time on HAL: K-dam

    Thank you, everyone! Sounds like quite a lot of things not to miss! Can't wait to get on the ship!
  12. Terre

    What's Safe in Cozumel/Costa Maya?

    We stopped at both ports last November and have been to both many times. If you don't want to take a ship's excursion, we went to Maya Chan Beach Resort in Costa Maya and really liked it. It is very laid back, and they provide transportation there and back. In Cozumel we always go to Nachi Cocum. You have to take a cab there. It's bigger than Maya Chan but you dont feel crowded because it's so big. Has a pool and hot tub. They have paddle boarding and other things for an additional cost. Both places include lunch and all your drinks in your price. I mentioned both in my review with pics. Link is in my signature below. One time in Cozumel we rented a Jeep and drove to the back side of the island. It is beautiful and was not commercialized at that time. We went to Paradise Beach one time and have been to Chanaknaab. There is a lot to do in Cozumel. Check out the Ports of Call boards for more suggestions. I wouldn't say don't worry, but I wouldn't be terrified and miss two beautiful ports either. I would say take the same precautions you would when in an unfamiliar place. Be aware of your surroundings, don't wear expensive jewelery or flash a wad of cash. We just take just the amounts we need since we don't need souvenirs anymore. Don't wander away from the main area alone. It's hard to not stand out as a tourist, but be cautious and enjoy these two ports!
  13. Terre

    Waving of Napkins??

    People touch those?!
  14. Terre

    Waving of Napkins??

    Agree...we have never liked practice. Can't imagine what kind of germs are flying around and landing on your unfinished meal!
  15. Terre

    Kdam Question

    So Kdam is "assigning" boarding times or are they "suggested" times? Every cruise we've taken, and this one will make #42 for us, has given us a suggested time for boarding. We get there around 10:30-11:00 and have always gotten checked and on board before the buffet opens for lunch. I hope HAL is giving suggested times rather than an actual assignment. Your conversations have been interesting. Thank you, everyone!