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  1. "Come From Away" is currently playing in London at the Phoenix; see it there.
  2. Sign up for the TulipsinHolland.com newsletter for yearly up-to-date information. But as gnome12 said, May is very late for seeing much of anything.
  3. The OP is asking about Honolulu, Hawaii.
  4. You are posting this on the wrong board.
  5. You are not going to be in Athens on a cruise ship, but in Piraeus, about 5 miles away. There is a subway, and also an express bus. You don't need a tour, but you do need to get off the ship and travel to Athens, which is indeed wonderful.
  6. There are numerous hotels there, but without knowing how much you want to spend it's difficult to know what to recommend. The Danieli, for instance, is about $800 USD per night right now, but there are certainly cheaper options.
  7. Viator had (and may still have) a 6-hour tour from Berlin to the camp for about $20. But if you're trying to do this on a stop in Warnemunde, you may find that the timing won't work; it might be easier to rent a car and drive directly there, skipping Berlin entirely.
  8. I wish you the best of luck. This is as close as we could get on our last trip in 2015:
  9. The beaches are all on Miami Beach/South Beach or Key Biscayne; there are no beaches in Miami itself. The only free cruise parking that I'm aware of is at the hotels near the airport, which is miles from the nearest beach.
  10. One place where you can find stone crab claws is the Oyster Bar Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal.
  11. One American thing is to place the knife and fork from 3 to 9 as a signal to the waiter.
  12. That's on the "secret" menu...I think you have to have a British passport and know the secret handshake.... The first time I ever had a pasty was in Penzance, and managed to completely mispronounce pasty, much to the amusement of the proprietor...the second time was in Sarasota, and I told a friend who had retired there from Croydon about this place; she gave it her seal of approval.
  13. You also need to be aware that Cusco is at 11,152 feet. Altitude sickness generally starts affecting people at 8,000 feet or higher, so Machu Picchu isn’t really the potential problem since it's significantly lower, but Cusco can knock people for a loop (some of the hotels actually pump oxygen into their rooms to help travelers).
  14. Her performing schedule is a little complicated, and so is that of Hadden-Paton: Laura Benanti will star as Eliza Doolittle through 7/7/19. Kerstin Anderson will play the role of Eliza at Tuesday evening performances, however Laura Benanti will perform on Tuesday 3/19, 4/23 and 6/4. Laura Benanti will not perform on 3/9, 3/10, 3/24-28, 4/27-28, 6/5, 6/28-30 or 7/6. The role of Henry Higgins will be performed by Michael Halling on Wednesday evenings.
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